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A Fun Way to Learn About Math & Measurements.
Inchimals - math and counting game
Inchimals - math and counting game
Fun characters make counting and mathematics fun.
Easy to follow game boards help children learn.
Bright colors, varying sizes, and animal pictures add to the appeal of this math game.
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Product Description

What can you learn from a rabbit that is exactly four inches tall? If you are a child, plenty! This great math manipulative set will make it easy to teach kids basic addition, subtraction and measurement skills while reinforcing their ability to count. The fun animal shapes, and bright colors grab kids attention so they are learning without even realizing it. Younger kids will instinctively retain math skills, while older children will open up the book of 100 puzzles to really make the most of this set. Each Inchimals box includes 12 wooden blocks that each have a different length, and different animal pictured. At one end of each block, there is a number, and at the other there are a corresponding number of dots to count. Along the back side of each block, there are increments measured out in one inch segments. THe ladybug is the smallest block at just a single square, and they go all the way up to the large 12 inch giraffe. The set also includes a spiral bound dry erase book with 100 puzzles and a marker to use with it. Each puzzle is basically a different math problem where children can visually see how the problem works. They notice that rabbit plus bear equals some other animal, and they are able to write the actual numeric value below each animal picture to show the whole equation with the numbers filled in.

This toy is ideal for many ages of children because it can be played with and interacted with on a number of different levels. Younger kids can line the blocks up from smallest to largest, discuss about each animal picture, stack them like regular blocks, learn vocabulary like shorter and taller, and begin to count and recognize numbers. Older kids will reinforce already strong counting skills, and begin to learn to add and subtract using the numbers 1-12. When ready, children can open the puzzle book, uncap the write-on/wipe-off marker and with a very brief demonstration from an adult bring the concepts they’ve learned from mind to page. Soon children will be writing numbers with ease as they practice the puzzles. Even better, they will have an understanding of the beginning operations of mathematics. Since each piece also has inches marked out on it, your kids will also learn about measurements with this toy too. They can use the animal blocks to discover that their toy box is 5 bears wide and so much more. The animals get kids involved and learning, and before you know it the actual numbers can easily replace the animal names as children develop a more firm grasp on all of the subjects being taught.

Combining a childhood favorite - block play, with the irresistible charm of friendly and colorful animals, Inchimals introduces and reinforces math concepts in an inviting format. At an early age, children instinctually start to think mathematically through play with Inchimals. Children gravitate toward the adorable, easily recognized animals on Inchimal blocks. They stack, sequence, sort and explore with the blocks. Soon play naturally extends to numeral recognition, an understanding of number value and concept of measurement. Without pretense or drill, math becomes real and applicable in a child's thinking. Although created by a teacher, the true merits of Inchimals as a learning tool are perhaps best noted by parents and children who have discovered the intrinsic value of the toy. Recognized by early childhood educators and parents of children with special needs, Inchimals is a multipurpose toy that encourages creativity, logic and interaction.

To play with your children, just start with simple questions like: Can you measure your shoe using Inchimals? or Can you find the total of Ladybug + Tree Frog? Then let the kids discover the answer. They will stack the Ladybug and Tree Frog on top of each other, and then search for a block that matches the combined height of the two. Why, it’s Mouse, of course! It's a fun visual way to learn the meaning of 1 + 2 = 3. Ages 3 and up. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Set
Dimensions (l x w) n/a
Uses Teaching counting, measurement and basic math skills
Pieces 12 Inchimals blocks, 1 dry erase marker, & 100 puzzles in spiral bound dry erase book.
Inchimals Material Wood
Ages 3+
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

Inchimals - Perfect for any child three or older, this set will make it easy for kids to learn addition, subtraction and measurement skills. The fun animal shapes get children involved and hold their attention. Over 100 puzzles to explore. Order Yours Today!

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