Handheld Rubber Brush

A compact tool for sweeping, scrubbing, drying, grooming and more. A powerful rubber bristle cleaning and grooming brush with added squeegee blade.
Rubber Bristle Hand-Held Brush
Rubber Bristle Hand-Held Brush
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Perfect for pet lovers, but ideal for anyone else too. This Handheld Rubber Brush is like a mini version of the popular rubber broom, and it provides incredible power and versatility in a compact package. Use this combo cleaning and grooming brush to gently brush any animal, remove fur and grime from furniture, sweep small areas, scrub surfaces, eliminate moisture, clean pet hair from carpeted stairs, and so much more. It's made from one solid piece of molded rubber, and it has a hidden metal core to make it more rigid and durable. There's a large patch of flexible rubber bristles that do most of the work, but a full rubber squeegee blade along the side adds additional functionality.

The integrated handle provides a comfortable grip, and the tapered top allows you to get into corners easily. When you sweep or scrub using this powerful handheld tool, the bristles will conform to any surface, and they will form a solid wall so fine particles don't get left behind. As you work with the brush dry, a slight charge will build to ease the collection process, and pull debris from deep down. It's safe for use on any material, and it's not affected by harsh chemicals like bleach. When the natural rubber bristles get dirty, simply rinse, hand wash, or place the whole brush into the dishwasher to clean it.

Why This Product Is Good

Powerful Performance

Incredible cleaning ability in a compact package. Other hand-held sweeping tools glide over the dirt, or spread it around. This one effectively collects every last bit with far less effort. Thanks to the design and materials, you'll do a better job cleaning without even trying.

Versatile Cleaning Ability

Use it as a regular sweeper alone, or take advantage of it's full potential to tackle other jobs too. Scrub floors, wash windows, groom your dog, clean your car and more. It's great for cleaning and collecting hair, but it also works with regular dirt and dust too. Use it in place of any mini broom or hand-held sweeper you have now, and it will work better and last longer. With added features, and versatile use options, this tool easily outperforms other options.

Easily Washable

Unlike other tools that can be difficult to clean, this Handheld Rubber Brush washes easily. The rubber bristles can be cleaned with soap and water or anything else to remove yucky build up and rejuvenate the tool. Dirt and other stuff won't get stuck as easily, but when it does get dirty, you'll be able to get it totally clean with little effort.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Practically indestructible, you'll never have to worry about this tool falling apart. It will provide long lasting performance, and it will work like new for years. Nylon bristles wear out with just a few uses, and tools with plastic parts will often break or lose effectiveness quickly. The bristles on this brush will not wear out, lose shape, or fall out, so it'll deliver like-new performance time and time again.

Use it Indoors or Out

Other brushes can't be used outside due to the materials used, or the overall quality. Not only are the bristles adaptable for outdoor cleaning, they are also durable enough to hold up to commercial style cleaning of any surface outside.

Added Squeegee Blade

An added bonus, the flexible squeegee blade can sweep up fine, dusty particles, eliminate moisture from windows, or dry floors after you scrub them. This brush works great for washing windows, or as a scrub brush. Use the flexible rubber brush to clean the surface, then flip to the flexible rubber blade to eliminate all soap and moisture to leave the surface clean, and free of any spots or streaks.

Safe For Use Anywhere

Although the brush is tough enough to clean any grime, it's also gentle on any surface, so you never have to worry about scratches or other marks when cleaning with it. With other scrub brushes you may need to be careful on certain surfaces, but with this one, you don't. Use it on any surface or material with the same great results, and no risk of damage. When grooming your pet, they'll love the gentle massaging action when compared to other, more harsh grooming tools.

Long-Lasting Durability

Even with regular use, the bristles will never break or bend, and the brush will never lose shape or wear out. This handheld Rubber Brush was designed for commercial cleaners, so it is incredibly durable. Use it occasionally and it will last a lifetime. Use it everyday, and it will last for years. Unlike other tools that require replacement after a short period of time, this one can be used over and over again, and it will still look and function like new.

Added Static Charge

As you work with this brush dry, a slight charge will build to pull up hair and other light particles, and prevent them from flying around. The debris will pull in and collect around the rubber bristles, and as you move, it will remain next to the brush instead of flying up, or floating away. You'll never leave behind tiny stuff, or glide over light particles. Every bit of grime encountered will be sucked in and collected by the natural rubber bristles.

Naturally Flexible

Totally bendable, this brush will conform to uneven surfaces, and get down into grout lines to clean every piece of dirt without trouble. You can pull hair out of the cracks of car seats and couches, or you can scrub into the corner of your bathtub. Clean effectively on uneven surfaces, or eliminate dirt in tight corners or hard-to-reach places. Other scrub brushes leave behind dirt in cracks and crevices, but the flexible head on this one will dip down to clean it with ease.

Gentle Cleaning Action

For cleaning delicate surfaces, or for grooming sensitive pets, this is important. It actually massages as you groom, so pets that have problems with other tools often prefer this brush. When using for cleaning, you never have to worry about any harm to the object or surface you are working with.

When To Use It

Grooming & Cleaning:

You can’t stop your pet from shedding, but you can clean up hair instantly with this Handheld Rubber Brush. Keep your furniture, carpets and pets looking good with less effort. It's the ultimate fur remover and cleaning accessory, and nothing works better to clean pet hair from furniture and upholstery. Use it on pets to brush away loose hair, or scrub away stubborn dirt. Use it to clean up after them by scrubbing dirty paw prints from floors, removing fur from stairs, or giving a quick clean up to their bed or yours.


Wash bugs off your car, clean muddy floors, give your pet a thorough bath, clean your boat, eliminate grime from vinyl siding and so much more. As a scrubbing tool, this brush is pretty amazing. It can handle any type of soap you want to use, and the flexible material offers plenty of power without any risk to the surface you're cleaning.

Drying Surfaces:

Once you finish washing something, flip the brush and use the blade to dry the area completely. The rubber edge works just like a professional squeegee to eliminate moisture and leave no spots or streaks. It's perfect for windows and mirrors, but you can also use it to move water from flooded surfaces like counters and floors. Use a single pass to remove all water.


Use it to clean small areas of flooring, or for isolated messes. It's also nice for moving debris swept up by a larger broom, and collecting it in a dust pan. Other tools require multiple passes to collect the same amount of debris, and most will leave behind particles no matter how hard you try. When sweeping with this tool, every last spec is picked up with a single pass in most cases.

Lint & Fur Removal:

Use this Handheld Rubber Brush on your clothing, or use it on the seats of your car. This tool makes one of the best lint and hair removers available because it allows for fast and thorough results. The pliable bristles dig deep into the upholstery, and the angled head allows you to reach into the cracks. Quickly collect fuzzy stuff into a neat pile, and then eliminate it without effort.

pet hair brush

Stop buying a new scrub brush year after year, and get one that lasts. This powerful tool will outperform the competition when compared for cleaning ability, and it will last way longer too. It makes everyday cleaning so much easier, plus it allows you to do other jobs that nylon brushes and regular pet combs can't handle. The natural rubber bristles will never scratch, but they will flex to form a wall in order to collect fine dust particles, and leave surfaces spotless. It has a total of 175 rubber bristles that are attracted to pet hair and other tough-to-clean dirt. Unlike other tools, the static charge built by this brush actually pulls hair and other debris toward you, making it easy to clean. Thanks to high quality materials and a superior design, the Sweepa Handheld Rubber Brush will work incredibly well, and remain useful for many years, even with regular use.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Handheld Rubber Brush
Dimensions 10" x 2" x 1.25"
Head Size 5.5" x 1.5" x 1.25"
Handle Length 4.5"
Bristle Length 1"
Bristle Width 3 mm
Number Bristles 175
Squeegee Length 5.4"
Uses A dual purpose tool for cleaning and grooming. Sweep debris, groom fur, scrub surfaces, bathe a pet, dry windows, clean upholstery and more. Safe for all surfaces, and effective in cleaning up almost any type of dirt.
Color Varies. For specific choices please use the comments box at checkout.
Handle Material Natural Rubber
Brush Material Natural Rubber
Inner Core Yes. Added metal core for shape and durability.
Washable Yes
Ergonomic Yes
Compatibility Safe for any surface or object.
Shipping Weight .6 lbs

A powerful cleaning tool with a multitude of uses. Add this Handheld Rubber Brush to your cleaning arsenal to improve the end result, and make your life easier. Pets with sensitive skin love it for grooming, pet owners love how it eliminates fur, and those without pets enjoy the convenience and effectiveness it offers when cleaning up all sorts of messes. Order Yours Today!

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