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Robot Arm Grabber

The fun way to pick stuff up! A high quality design makes it easy-to-use for kids as young as 5.
Robot Arm Grabber Toy
Robot Arm Grabber Toy
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BEEP, BLOP, BLORP... MUST....GRAB....STUFF. There's something about having a robotic arm that's so appealing to children they end up with an uncontrollable need to pick everything up by using it. Selecting a book to be read before bedtime, getting clothes from a dresser drawer, picking up toys off the floor, and many other tasks will be happily performed by your child once they're outfitted with their new bionic arm. The grabbing hand provides flawless operation to prevent frustration, and the trigger is easy to pull, even for small hands on young children. A simple squeeze will activate the claw. It defaults to open, but as you squeeze the trigger on the handle, the claw will close down to grab and lift a wide range of objects. It shuts tight with very little effort, and rubber grips help to prevent slipping and dropping. As an added bonus, this Robot Arm Grabber Toy also features realistic ratcheting noises as the claw opens and closes.

Thanks to a wide grasp, and rubber tipped "fingers", this toy will pick up just about anything. It has a large handle with an easy-to-squeeze mechanism to control the grabbing. Kids of all ages can use it with ease, and the long length can be a real benefit because it'll help them grab things that are beyond their reach. All of a sudden that toy that dropped behind the shelf, or that ball that rolled under the couch is a situation that can be handled by the child that created it.

It's boring to pick up stuff with regular hands and fingers, so get this robot claw instead, and everything will be way more fun. It's perfect for imaginative play, or grabbing stuff that's hard to reach, but your kids will find all sorts of other uses for it too. It's extremely effective, and the grabbing action works perfectly with each pull, so playtime will never be halted due to difficulties or failure. Other options may not work as well, but this high quality version offers guaranteed performance.

Product Features

  • Long 20" Length.
  • Non-Slip Design.
  • Ratcheting Sound Effects.
  • For Kids 5 and Up.

Why It's Good

  • Easy Operation. It's so easy-to-use that children as young as three can have good results. It doesn't require excess strength, or any sort of technique, so any child can immediately use it like a pro, and pick stuff up without trouble.
  • Drop Prevention. Thanks to rubberized fingertips, objects will be easy to pick up, and difficult to drop accidentally. Avoid frustration and ensure that your child can easily make it work thanks to the added grip on the grabber hand.
  • Fun Sound Effects. As the hand opens and closes, it makes an authentic ratcheting sound to add to the fun. Kids will add their own sound effects too, but this integrated feature guarantees instant fun.
  • Long Reach. With a long, 20.5" length, this toy will really increase their reach. kids will be able to get stuff from high shelves, retrieve stuff from under couches, or just grab stuff without getting close to it. This toy puts the fun in functionality, and will allow kids to reach all sorts of stuff they never could before.
  • Highly Effective. A simple squeeze makes it operate, and even little kids can get a strong grip on objects when they use it. Stuff will be easy to grab and hold onto with this toy, so children will have fun playing with it. You may even find that it motivates them to find lost stuff, or clean their rooms more often.
  • Top Quality. Similar toys may feature low quality parts, so they'll be more flimsy and frustrating when compared to this one. Our robot grabber toy features sturdy construction and a grabbing mechanism that doesn't fail, so kids will find that it's effortless to use, and because it's so sturdy, it'll last a long time.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Robot Arm Grabber Toy
Dimensions 20.5" x 5.5" x 1.75"
Uses Grabbing and picking things up. The easy operation allows kids to lift and move a wide variety of objects.
Reach Provided Up to 19".
Color Multiple: Red, Gray, Yellow, Black.
Material Sturdy ABS Plastic with stainless steel internal mechanisms.
Operation Squeeze Handle - easy to pull handle clamps down the grabbers
Real Ratcheting Noises Yes.
Rubber Grip Tips Yes.
Ages 5 Years+
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

So fun your child will want to pick everything up using this super duper grabber. Simple operation allows children of all ages to enjoy using it. Order Yours Today!

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