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30 LED Landscape Rock Light
30 LED Landscape Rock Light

Real Rock LED Landscape Light

Add colorful ambiance anywhere. Use indoors, outdoors, even under water!
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Crafted from a real piece of stone, this high end light fixture is sure to impress friends and family members as it blends flawlessly with existing decor and landscaping. It's made from a hollowed out chunk of granite, so it has an authentic look that will compliment edging, water features and other decor you already have. Arrange with other stones to make it unnoticeable when turned off, or place it front and center to illuminate a statue or fountain. It works well when mixed with bordering, or when placed among plants and foliage in your garden. Once you turn it on, it will instantly add colorful mood lighting to improve the nighttime ambiance in your yard.

It comes complete with an all-weather AC adapter, and thanks to the 33 ft. long cord, you'll be able to position it right where you want it. Use one to bring attention to an outdoor fountain, or use several to light a path. You can place a few at the base of a pond to make it glow with color, or you can submerge some in your pool to make hot summer nights way more enjoyable. Thanks to the large number of LED's you'll get bright, vibrant colors without using very much power. With high quality construction, and components that can handle any outdoor conditions, this light is sure to work well and last for years to come.

Why It's Good

  • Natural Stone. The body of this light is made from a single piece of yellow granite. It's slightly finished on the exterior, and then hollowed at the center to make room for the light. When placed on the ground, it mixes right in with other rocks and stonework.
  • Multiple LED's. Other options only have a single LED, and those with multiple often just have a few. With 30 high quality LED's, this light will be brighter and more colorful than the competition.
  • Energy Saving. Unlike other colored lighting options, the LED's on this one use very little power. Easily leave it on all night long without inflating your power bill.
  • Submersible. Use it in any weather conditions, or place it right in the water. The light is fully rated for underwater use.
  • Color Changing. A combination of red, yellow and blue lights will fade in and out to show a changing rainbow of colored light. The bright light will enhance surrounding foliage, or accent surrounding decor.
  • Easy Install. No complicated steps necessary, and nothing to put together. Just plug it in to make it work, and thanks to the long cord, placement will be no problem.
  • Versatile. Use it almost anywhere to add colorful lighting that continuously changes.
  • High Quality. Durable materials and top quality electronics ensure a superior product that will last for years with continuous use.

Product Features

  • 30 LEDs.
  • 33 ft. cord.
  • Color changing.
  • AC adapter included.
  • Rated for indoor, outdoor or underwater use.

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