1. FURemover Mitt
FURemover Mitt - Pet hair removal tool
FURemover Mitt - Pet hair removal tool

FURemover Mitt

A Pet Hair Removal Glove With Natural Rubber Bristles.
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This product is no longer available. Check out the new and improved version here: Multi-Use Pet Mitt.

Keep your furniture, clothing and stairs free of unwanted pet hair. The natural rubber bristles on this convenient glove will act like a magnet to lift up hair and remove it from virtually any surface. It works great in your car or the couch in your living room. You can use it on your clothes or even right on your dog or cat. It wears just like a glove, so it is easy to use and almost like using nothing at all. Simply swipe your hand over the hair covered surface to completely clean it in very little time. Using short deliberate strokes will build up a static charge thanks to the rubber bristles attached to the palm. This action will pull dust, lint and pet hair into the mitt, and will also prevent it from flying into the air as you clean. Any pet hair that is lifted off the area you are cleaning will be locked into the bristles until you are ready to dispose of it. When you de-fur an area with this mitt, the rubber bristles will form a solid wall of cleaning power, so one pass will completely clean anything you use it on. It doesn't matter if its the upholstery on a chair, the carpet on a staircase, or a tile entry way, this glove will thoroughly clean any surface of hair with the gentlest of actions.

We all love our pets, but the hair that they leave behind is less than desirable to say the least. Finding the perfect tool is key to easing the pain that a shedding pet brings on. Vacuums, brushes and brooms can only do so much, and many versions of these tools are worthless when it comes to pet hair. The FURemover Mitt is incredibly effective, and does not require a lot of effort to achieve good results. You will be able to clean any surface of your home, office or vehicle using this glove. The natural rubber is safe to touch any surface, and will never scratch anything it touches. If the mitt gets dirty it is totally washable which makes it a very hygienic option too. It is a one size fits all mitt, but has a velcro strap at the cuff to tighten it to your desired fit. Whether your dog or cat likes to sleep on the couch, your bed, or your favorite chair, this mitt will save the day. In a single pass you will be able to get rid of all that shedded hair for when it is your turn to use the furniture.

This pet hair glove is a quick and easy way to get all of that annoying hair off of whatever surface it has decided to settle upon. The FURemover works so well that you can actually use it right on your carpet to pull up hair even after just vacuuming. You can use it right on your pet as a brush, or even as a scrubbing tool to wash them while bathing in the tub. Cats and dogs both love this mitt because when you brush them with it, they think you are just petting them. It is far less traumatic than metal bristled grooming brushes and allows pets to stay calm while you are brushing. The FURemover Mitt will allow you to keep your home free of pet hair, and spend less time doing it. This glove is a must have for any pet lover because it is an easy way to keep things clean, and will eliminate all of that allergy causing pet hair. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Set Includes: (1) pet hair removal mitt
Uses removing lint & pet hair from furniture, carpet and more. Also used as grooming tool to wash or brush cats and dogs.
Dimensions 10" x 7"
Size One size fits all with velcro adjustment
Orientation Right Handed
Color Varies
Mitt Material Cloth
Bristle Type 100% Natural Rubber
Wet or Dry Use wet or dry
Washable Yes - recommended hand wash only
Shipping Weight .3 lbs

FURemover Mitt - Easily remove pet hair from virtually any surface. Natural rubber bristles create a static charge that acts like a hair magnet. Tough enough to last forever, but gentle enough to be used right on your cat. Order Yours Today.

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