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Squigz 50 Piece Deluxe Set
Squigz 50 Piece Deluxe Set

Squigz Deluxe Set (50 pieces)

Fun Little Suckers! A Large Set Of Suction Construction Pieces.
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Suction-y fun for everyone! This large set of Squigz provides fifty little suckers in eight different shapes and colors. It's a bendable and flexible building toy that features pieces with suction power that combine to create incredible creations that no building block or brick can match. Stick them together or attach to other smooth materials and they will grip with amazing strength. The strong bond holds on tight, and when you pull them apart, a pleasant popping sound adds to the fun. Pile on on top of the other to build tall towers, or untie all over to build unique shapes, vehicles, necklaces, odd creatures and more. They defy gravity when stuck to any surface, so kids can build on walls, mirrors, glass doors and other surfaces to really push the boundaries. Ideal for use as a regular building toy, but also great for bath time because water doesn't affect them, and the surrounding surfaces are perfect for adhesion. 50 pieces.

Other Options

Want to spend less money? Prefer a smaller set? Check out the 24 piece Starter Set. It has all the same pieces, just less of them. To add specific pieces to this set, or one you already own, check out the Add On Packs. For compatible pieces with bendable centers that hold their shape, take a look at the Benders Set. For the same style fun in a more compact package, try Mini Squigz. They're just like the originals, but 40% smaller. How about a version for little kids? PipSquigz makes the perfect teething toy and interactive builder for children six months and older.

Why They're Good

  • Gratifying. From the large pieces made from pleasantly squishy material, to the happy little pop they make when separated, this toy is definitely a winner.
  • Unique. Everything else snaps together or locks in place. The pliable pieces in this set stick like glue when pressure is applied.
  • Smart. A clever design for intelligent kids. Your child will experiment and have fun as they develop new and unusual ways to use the pieces. Promotes thinking as it develops creativity.
  • Squishy. Soft and substantial at the same time, the flexible material is sturdy enough to stack, but also pliable enough to bend over.
  • Versatile. Use alone, or let a flat surface or larger smooth object join in the fun. Endless creatures can be made using the pieces alone, but they also stick to metal, glass and other materials too. Also water proof, so use outside or in the tub without worry.
  • Fun For Everyone. The large, goofy shapes are irresistible at any age, and boys and girls alike can't put them down. Easy connection and safe, durable materials allow young and old to play with ease.
  • Safe. Superior materials make them safe to play with, and overall softness protects against collateral damage. Kids can throw them, you can step on them, and nobody gets hurt. Super sticky, but they never harm surfaces, or leave any residue.

What Are They

To make this toy, a colorful ball of high quality silicone gets a funky twist when one or more suction cups are attached. Eight unique pieces each have their own personality, and this results in crazy creations and hours of enjoyment. Some are long, and some are short. Some have a single cup, and some have them all over. Each little fellow has its own name, and when combined, they create remarkable contraptions that cubes and blocks could never duplicate. The squishy material smashes and bends, and the parts stick together easily, just by pressing. This large set includes 50 pieces with eight different shapes and colors, so kids will have a nice variety to work with. The soft material creates a strong bond that makes building easy, but it also results in a pop when pulled apart, and that makes them even more fun. The cups will adhere to one another and any smooth surface.

How To Use Them

It's hard not to have fun when these little suckers are around. The manufacturer recommends use by kids older than three, but pretty much anyone will enjoy building with this suction construction toy. A PhD is not required to learn how to use them, but an IQ increase may result from prolonged usage. Mash together, pop apart, and combine pieces in any manner you like, but note the tips below for guaranteed fun.
  1. To unite with a suction point, or stick to smooth materials, apply pressure and press. Air will press out as the bond forms.
  2. To separate, just pull directly out or apart until pieces disconnect.
  3. Attach all parts to one another, or stick to any smooth, flat surface. Will not stick to porous surfaces.
  4. As with any suction product, adding moisture can improve adhesion in some instances.
  5. Washable by hand or dishwasher when dirty.
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Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 50 Piece Set of Squigz
Dimensions n/a - All pieces are different sizes and shapes. Overall dimensions will be dependent upon design and construction.
Uses Stick, bend, build or pop apart. Suction cups stick to each other or other smooth materials. 
Color Multiple - White, blue, red, yellow, purple, green and orange pieces will be mixed into the set.
Material High quality silicone (tested safe)
# Pieces 50 Total. 
Piece Type 8 Different types. Zorbit, Wonkity, Gobnob, Skootch, Yoink, Grippity, Doodle and Pip
Compatibility Stick to one another or adhere to smooth surfaces like windows, tables and desk tops.
Ages 3 years and up
Awards "Best in Play" International Toyfair 2013, Parenting Magazine
Best Toys for Kids Award Winner 2013 - ASTRA
Parents' Choice Approved Award 2013
Major Fun Award 2013 - Toys, Family, Creative
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2013
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

Creative building fun that doesn't suck. Or does it? These little guys use suction power to combine and stack for unlimited creations. Order Yours Today!

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