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Ultimate Water Blaster - High Pressure Extension Nozzle
Ultimate Water Blaster - High Pressure Extension Nozzle

Ultimate Water Blaster

Powerful Extension Nozzle With Dual Rotating heads.
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You may have seen similar, single head versions at a local hardware, auto, or home store, but this model trumps all others which is why we carry it, and why it is simply good. Dual rotating spray heads deliver more cleaning power by covering a larger surface, and will allow you to do more in less time. With almost double the power of the single nozzle versions, this long reach spray wand will allow you to clean and water anything, no matter how high, or out of reach it is. When set to full blast, The Ultimate Water Blaster will power through dirt and debris in order to clear gutters, wash driveways, or spray off vehicles. Use the integrated thumb lever to turn down the flow for more delicate jobs like watering hanging plants or filling bird baths and fountains. Since the double head is able to fully rotate all the way around, you not only get a super long handle, you also gain the ability to aim water in any direction you need. This tool produces a powerful spray, which makes it extremely useful for yard maintenance and other cleaning jobs around your property. It hooks up to a standard garden hose, and is surprisingly lightweight, so anyone can use it.

Clean your gutters, spray down pathways, sidewalks and driveways, or simply use it water your plants. The extendable pole and powerful spray heads that can adjust to any angle will ensure that no job is impossible, and no object is out of reach. Because you can aim the nozzle in a downward direction, this wand will allow you to clean clogged gutters and downspouts in just minutes without ever taking out a ladder or step stool. If you have a large vehicle, boat or RV, you will love the Ultimate Water Blaster. It makes it easy to hand wash large vehicles, and will increase speed and effectiveness too. No stretching, straining or ladders are necessary to rinse high roofs or reach under and around your boat, truck or van. Use it in the back yard for patios, furniture and decks because it can easily clean everything to get you ready for the season, or keep stuff clean all summer long. Bring it around to every side of your house to power grime of vinyl siding, remove debris from window screens and doors, or clean your outside windows. Got a utility trailer, lawn tractor or other equipment? Then use the Ultimate Water Blaster to quickly spray clean after use, and keep them looking good without wasting effort.

It is not a pressure washer, but it will increase the pressure of your water. The double nozzle will force water out in a powerful and accurate fan-like pattern that will wash and remove stubborn debris, and give you the power you need to clean almost any mess. Thanks to the fact that there are two heads instead of one, you will be able to cover more surface area in order to clean with less effort and in a shorter amount of time.

When collapsed the wand is already pretty long at about 38", but use the simple telescoping action, and you can extend it to a full six feet. Sturdy anodized aluminum construction ensures a tough tool that will last for years, but also makes it lightweight and easy to hold for long periods of time. Three soft and squishy grips increase comfort, and allow you to handle it differently depending upon current length, the job you are doing, and who is using it. The dual nozzles on the water blaster are made of metal, but they are encased in sturdy rubber to add durability and protect any surface you are cleaning. Due to this design, there is no way for you to scrape or scratch accidentally. The heads are able to spin all the way around, and will click into position, so once you set them to a certain angle, they will remain there until you adjust them again. An integrated thumb control allows you to adjust water pressure on the fly without going back to the spigot, so you can clean the eves of your house one moment, and then switch right over and deliver a gentle stream to that plant way back in your garden. Year after year, and all day long, the Ultimate Water Blaster will deliver tons of cleaning and watering power, while remaining easy and comfortable to use. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) long reach nozzle and water blaster with dual rotating heads
Dimensions 1.25" x 2.75" x 40.5"
Wand Length 38" - 72" (telescoping)
Uses reach spray and clean just about anything
Compatibility Use with any standard garden hose
Color Black/silver
# Nozzles 2
Rotating Nozzles Yes - full 360 degree rotation
Spray Patterns 1
Material Anodized aluminum, santoprene rubber, plastic
Adjustment Valve Yes - thumb switch to adjust flow
Fitting Size 3/4"
Max Pressure 80 psi
Manufacturer Bonaire/HISC
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Shipping Weight 1.3 lbs

Ultimate Water Blaster - A high quality outdoor tool that allows you to reach just about anything to spray it with water. Adjust the spray from low to high to switch from watering flowers to washing your driveway. Deliver a powerful blast, or just a trickle. Order Yours Today!

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