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Car Wash Kit

Professional Quality Supplies For Cleaning Your Car.
Car Washing Cloth Pack
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Product Description

Discover a better way to wash your car. Constructed of the highest quality fabrics, this kit will allow you to wash your car faster, easier, and with better results. These detailing cloths will never scratch, cause swirl marks, or leave behind lint, and they will produce outstanding results with each and every use. They are designed for professional detailers, car fanatics, or anyone else that wants to achieve professional results when cleaning their car. Our car wash kit has everything you need to clean your entire vehicle, inside and out. From washing and drying, to polishing and windows. Each piece is specially designed for a certain part of your car or truck. Remove dust, dirt, grease, dried on stains, road grime, fingerprints, mud and more without harming the surface. Get everything you need in one convenient package. Save time and money when you clean your vehicle this this car washing set.

Car Wash Kit Includes: (1) Microfiber Sponge, (1) 16" x 16" Miracle Cloth, (1) 16" x 16" Polishing Cloth, (1) 16" x 16" Dusting Cloth, (1) Car Wash Mitt, & (1) 20" x 27" Large Super Shammy

All of the pieces in our car washing kit are made from high quality microfiber or 100% viscose rayon(super shammy). They will more than outperform cotton rags and cloths, but even when compared to similar looking microfiber or shammy cloths, these just work better and last longer. You will be amazed at how easy they are to use, and the outstanding results that you are able to achieve. The cloths that come in this package are commercial quality cleaning, drying and polishing cloths that are made from dense, high quality fabric. Each one features superior materials and craftsmanship, and are able to cut through dried-in stains and/or dry to a streak-free shine, while remaining soft and gentle on surfaces which is why they will never leave a scratch. The microfiber cloths will actually polish as they clean, so the surfaces of your car or truck will not only be washed, they will be looking better than ever, and in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional cleaning methods. The Super Shammy will allow you to dry your car after washing without leaving spots because it can absorb tons of liquid without dripping, streaking or spotting. Our Car Wash Kit will allow you to clean and polish your car like a professional. It will produce better results, with less effort, and you will be prepared with a specifically designed cloth for each surface of your vehicle. Stop using old cotton rags and sponges. Clean faster, easier and safer with this set.

These cloths are not treated with chemicals, and they clean so well, you can actually achieve professional looking results without any additional soaps, waxes or cleansers when you use them. You are able to use whichever of these products you want to, but due to the quality of these cloths, you don't have to . The unique weave makes them clean better than anything else available, and all you need is water to clean your car or truck - inside and out. The super fine fibers that comprise each cloth will follow surfaces, lift up dirt, and trap the particles inside the fabric. This allows you to be quick and efficient while dusting, washing or waxing, and all but eliminates the need for harmful cleansers. Our Car Wash Kit is the ultimate combination of detailing cloths, and it will allow anyone to clean their vehicle fast and easy. The best part is that with little effort you can have a sparkling clean surface because you have the perfect tool for each area, and you are eliminating dangerous and annoying factors like linting fabrics, plugging in power tools, using harmful cleansers, substandard cloths that ware or don't work, and everything else. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: 6 microfiber cleaning tools
Cloth Dimensions 16" x 16" - 20" x 27"
Kit Includes: (1) Microfiber Sponge, (1) 16" x 16" Miracle Cloth, (1) 16" x 16" Polishing Cloth, (1) 16" x 16" Dusting Cloth, (1) Car Wash Mitt, & (1) 20" x 27" Large Super Shammy
Color varies
Shape square/rectangle
Microfiber Type suede (polishing)
Microfiber Weave 80/20
Washable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front & Back
Shipping Weight .7 lbs.

Microfiber Car Wash Kit - Everything you need to detail your car, inside and out. A specially designed cloth for every surface of your vehicle. Save money when you buy this package. Wash your car faster and easier with microfiber. Won't Scratch any Surface! Machine washable hundreds of times. Order Yours Today!

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