Cord Clipper

Large Cord Clamp. A Quick & Easy Way To Keep Cords Organized.
Cord Clipper - Cord organization clamp
Cord Clipper - Cord organization clamp
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A quick and easy way to organize the corded appliances in your home, office, garage or tool shed. This sturdy plastic clamp holds tightly to bundled cords in order to keep them neat and organized when not in use. You can also use it to secure a portion of a cord in order to shorten it for safety or convenience. It's perfect for the kitchen or bathroom to keep your mess of small appliances organized, or out in the garage to guarantee that power tools and extension cords don't get tangled or damaged. Use one or more in your office, and you'll quickly improve the unsightly disaster behind your desk while making your computer and printer easier to access. It features a unique design that allows for one handed operation, and it's incredibly sturdy and secure once you have it in place. Better than a one-size-fits-all solution, this one allows you to select the perfect level of tightness for each bundle you place it on. Thanks to the flat bottom, it can easily sit upright on shelves, work benches, and tables while maintaining a reliable grip. This handy little device is one of the best ways to ensure that all of your cords will be neat, untangled, and ready to go when you need them.

Why It's Good

  • Strong. A powerful grip, and a sturdy clip combine to create a durable tool that will hold strong and last for many years. Once in place, it clicks shut to lock in place and create a long lasting hold.
  • Adjustable. Several notches allow you to tighten the grip when necessary, or allow for more room when needed. Simply press in and you will hear the clicking sound as it moves from one position to the next. Once in place, it will remain without slipping.
  • Spring Loaded. A spring at the center eases use by automatically closing the clip. Squeeze the bottom to open it up, then let go, and it will close down to secure the cords inside.
  • High Quality. Thick plastic, ergonomic shaping, and a clever design allow for flawless operation, and long lasting performance. It will not wear out when in place, and it will not break with use, or by accidental mishandling. This durable device will perform like new for many years.
  • Versatile. Designed for cords, but useful for anything else that fits. Clip and clamp stuff all over your home to improve the space and make things easier to use.

Where To Use It

Lock down cords and wires all over the place to eliminate clutter, or tidy up for storage. Although it's perfect for computer cables and extension cords, there are many other situations where it can help to combine cables and cords to prevent tangling. Use them all over your home as a quick and simple way to improve messy areas.
  • In The Garage - Keep the cords for power tools neat and organized, store extension cords without worry of tangling, or coil hoses, ropes, twine and other stuff when not in use. Prevent damage, and get the job done sooner because every tool or supply you clamp will be ready to go at a moments notice.
  • In The Bathroom - Curling irons, blow dryers, razors and other personal care appliances are only used occasionally. Keep your cupboards looking their best, and make sure everything is accessible by bundling cords when not in use. Each item will remain separated from the others, so each will be effortless to retrieve.
  • In The Kitchen - Wind the cords for your blender, food processor, mixer or espresso maker when you're not using them. Prevent tangles, free up space, and make sure your appliances are easy to take in and out of storage.
  • In The Living Room - Eliminate some of the clutter behind your TV, shorten long lamp cords, or organize video game equipment. Simply clip in place to sort and organize your entertainment system, or clip to a portion of a cord to make areas safer when one is too long.
  • In The Office - Clean up the area behind your computer, and make better sense of which wire goes where by separating them, or clipping them together. Quickly bundle printer cables that are too long, or use to store extra wire and cables you don't need right now.
  • In The Basement - Thanks to the flat bottom, they work well on shelving for long term storage in your basement. Place extension cords, Christmas lights and other bundles on a shelf downstairs, and never worry about them rolling off.

How To Use It

Just bundle up a cord and then clamp on a Cord Clipper to keep it from unraveling or making a mess. Use several to tidy up behind your entertainment center, or use just a single one to keep the cord on your hair dryer wound neatly for storage. You can even use a single clip to keep bundles of Christmas lights and other similar items organized for storage too. It's great for saving space, but it can also be used to improve safety when working with power tools, or when living with cords that are too long for the space.
  1. Coil or wind wire, hose, rope or cords to create a compact bundle.
  2. To use the clip to hold it tight, simply squeeze open with one hand.
  3. Once open clamp down over the item to be organized and release.
  4. Squeeze the top side to lock in place with a click.
  5. If loose, continue pressing until you hear another click. It has several notches to adjust for tightness. If still loose, press in to set at the next notch, and continue until tight.
  6. To release, press up on the underside of the lip at the top.
  7. Once up and over the notches, it will spring open to release your cord.
  8. To shorten any cord, wind it just at the middle to leave a certain length at each end depending on your needs. Place the clip over the center coil to permanently secure it at that length.

Stop dealing with a twisted mess, but don't use inferior products, or short term solutions either. This long lasting clip will provide the perfect tool for organizing all sorts of stuff in your home. It's large enough to accommodate a variety of items, and it's fully adjustable to provide a tight grip on anything you use it on. Once you lock it in place, your bundle or coil will not unravel, so storage will be easy, and the item being organized will be ready to use at any time. This simple storage clip would make a great addition to any home. Get several for a specific task, or get one to place in the junk drawer for the day you inevitably need it.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) cord clip
Dimensions 3.25" x 2.25" x 2.625"
Uses keeps cords secure and organized
Color Varies (Request specific colors at checkout if desired.)
Material super sturdy plastic
One Hand Operation Yes
Sits upright on flat surface Yes
Spring Loaded Yes
Adjustable Yes ( Three notches allow you to adjust tension on the cord enclosed.)
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

An easy way to keep all of your cords organized. This quick release clamp will securely hold all kinds of cords to keep small appliances and other devices neat while being stored. Order Yours Today!

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