Washable Lint Roller

A powerful hair and lint remover! Super sticky and totally reusable. Just rinse to reuse over and over again.
Washabe Lint Roller - Standard Size
Washabe Lint Roller - Standard Size
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A quality tool to help you in your war against pet fur, or the ideal way to quickly clean clothes of lint before you leave the house. Get hundreds of uses without buying refills because this super sticky roller is totally washable, and doesn't require you to change rolls, or buy anything new for continued use. Our Washable Lint Roller is just as sticky as more expensive options and traditional tools, so it'll easily pick up lint, hair, dust and fine dirt particles from nearly any surface. Once you finish cleaning, just rinse it under warm water to prepare for it later use. The stickiness never goes away, so the roller will always be super tacky when it's clean and dry. This standard size tool even comes complete with a handy storage cover to keep it protected inside a drawer or closet. The handheld size is perfect for use on clothing you're wearing, but it also works great on furniture, upholstery and other similar surfaces.

Stop wasting money on disposable lint rollers, but avoid the frustration that results from low quality reusable versions too. Our Washable Sticky Roller will outperform any other similar product, and it'll be just as effective as any traditional version you've used previously. The roller is more sticky and lonbger-lasting when compared to other washable tools, and it will save you tons of money, time and effort when compared to using a regular lint roller. When you use our Washable Lnt Roller to clean lint and fur, your results are guaranteed.

Product Features

  • Totally Washable and Reusable.
  • Standard, Handheld Size.
  • 4 Inch Wide Roll.
  • Slide-On Storage Cover.
  • Hangs From Handle For Storage.

Why This Product Is Good

Superior Quality.

Why waste money and guess with similar looking pictures on the internet? The exact material makes all the difference, not just the color, and other options are known to be flimsy and ineffective. Years of happy customers have proven that our Washable Lint Roller works incredibly well, and it lasts for the long haul. Order with confidence for years of guaranteed cleaning power.

Super Sticky Roller.

Other washable tools don't work that well. Don't get stuck with a roller that doesn't pick up the lint and fur you're trying to clean. This high quality lint roller has a roller that's extremely sticky and long-lasting. You won't have to try hard, or use a ton of effort, but you will be able to quickly eliminate lint, dust and hair on a wide range of surfaces.

Storage Cover.

A thick, plastic sheath slides on and off to keep the roller clean and undamaged when not in use. You can guarantee this tool will be ready to use when you need it. The plastic cover not only prevents dirt from sticking while you store the tool, it'll also help to prevent damage in more crowded storage areas like drawers.

Totally Reusable.

Eco-friendly and wallet friendly at the same time. It's silly to waste money on all of those tape refills when you could get the same results at a fraction of the cost. Because you won't throw away the tool, or the spent rolls, you will eliminate unnecessary trash.

Long Lasting.

The quality material and sturdy handle will allow for tons of use with out wearing out, or becoming ineffective. Just rinse under warm water to release the stuff you collect, or give it a thorough cleaning to completely rejuvenate the roller.

Where To Use It

Because this Washable Lint Roller is safe for any surface, you can use it to clean almost anywhere. Simply roll forward with slight pressure, and you can easily lift up all sorts of grime. The reusable sticky material will not harm anything you use it on, and this tool is generally effective on any light dirt, but use the list below to get any idea of what it can handle.
  • Clothing - Eliminate hair and lint in a single pass.
  • Vehicle - Get dog fur off your seats or dust off your dashboard.
  • Furniture - Remove fur from sofas and chairs.
  • Pet Beds - Quickly clean where your dog or cat spends most of their time.
  • Bed Spreads - Not easy to toss in the wash, quickly lift debris to clean without laundering.
  • Curtains - Remove dust, hair and other stuff without moving them, or taking them down.
  • Sewing Rooms - Lift up yarn, thread, fuzzy stuff and other small scraps with ease.

How To Use It

No special technique is required, and you use this washable roller just like any traditional alternative. Rolling back and forth will get the job done, but following the unique maintenance instructions will help to ensure longevity, and make sure it's always sticky when needed.
  1. Prior to cleaning, inspect the roller to ensure it is free of moisture and dirt. Invisible residues and fine particles can affect performance, but a clean dry tool will guarantee good results.
  2. To remove dust, lint, fur or anything similar, simply use the roller to go over the top with a back and forth motion. Minimal pressure is required to prevent multiple passes.
  3. Once coated, or once the surface is clean, rinse under warm water to release the stuff you picked up. Warm water expands the material to release the debris.
  4. Allow to completely dry for later use. If getting back to work right away, use a non-linting cloth to dry and keep working.
  5. A storage sheath is included. Remove for use, and replace for storage. A groove on the top side will align with a long tab on the tool, so it stays on securely.
  6. Throw in a drawer, glove box or closet and the cover keeps it clean. Use the hanging hole to keep it within sight, and off the ground.
  7. The stickiness may reduce over time, but this will only be due to a coating that you can't see. Invisible residues and fine particles can cover the material, but washing with soap and water will remove them to bring the sticky back.

Other Options

If you're looking for a smaller sized roller that's more portable, then check out our travel size roller. We also carry a Large Lint Roller with an extension pole, or a Large Handheld Sticky Roller if you need one that covers a larger area. Get our 2 Piece Washable Sticky Roller Set or 3 Piece Washable Sticky Roller Set to save money when purchasing multiple rollers together.

Stop wasting money on expensive lint removal tools and tape refills. Get our washable alternative, and never buy one of those disposable products again. This Washable Lint Roller will outperform traditional versions in level of stickiness, and in ability to pick up lint, dirt and hair. Add to that the fact that it'll last more than 10 times as long thanks to the re-usability factor, and you have one valuable cleaning tool.

Keep surfaces free of dust, lint, fuzz, dirt, and pet hair without wasting time or money. This standard size lint roller can be used all over, and it's useful for many applications around the home, office or vehicle. Because it's perfect for taking pet hair off furniture, or removing lint from your clothes, anyone could benefit from this remarkable tool. It offers one of the quickest ways to remove light debris, and a single pass will take unsightly hair and lint off your clothes before work or school. Give it a quick rinse, and you can do it all over again.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Washable Lint Roller
Overall Dimensions 4.5" x 2.25" x 7"
Roller Dimensions 4" x 2.25"
Handle Color White
Roller Color Pink
Handle Material Plastic
Uses Use it for any cleaning job where you would normally use a regular lint roller: removing lint, dust, pet hair, etc.
Reusable Yes
Washable Yes
Storage Cover Included Yes.
Hangs For Storage Yes
Shipping Weight .4 lbs

Safe for any surface, and powerful enough to pick up all kinds of debris. Never buy replacements or refills because you can rinse it clean to reuse over and over again. Stop wasting money when you choose a better tool. Order Yours Today!

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