1. MiniWash Plus
MiniWash - Portable Electric Washing Machine
MiniWash - Portable Electric Washing Machine

MiniWash Plus

A Lightweight And Portable Washing Machine. Electric Powered With Computer Controls.
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A great option for compact living quarters, or people that rarely wash large loads. This powerful washing machine features a completely automatic cycle, and it runs on electricity by plugging into any standard outlet. Instead of dumping water in, or tipping it over to pour out the dirty stuff, high quality intake hoses attach to a sink faucet to make the process effortless. Included adapters ensure a proper fit, and a superior design makes them easy to take on and off. Simply load with clothing, add some detergent, set the computer controls to the desired setting and you are good to go. It even has an automatic rinse cycle to remove soap, and leave your clothing super clean, and free of residues and irritants. It's great for anyone that lives where larger machines aren't possible, but also nice for other folks that would prefer to wash certain things separately. Use occasionally for cloth baby diapers, delicate undergarments, silks and other fine fabrics, or use all the time to avoid trips to the laundromat. It's also the perfect portable solution for RV travel or camping, and will allow you to have clean clothes while traveling without breaking the bank, or wasting time searching for a coin operated machine.

Plus or Basic?

This machine comes in two different versions. The Plus model is the one featured here, but we also carry the Basic model for those that want to spend less. What's the difference? This one has a computer control panel that allows you to set your own cycle, and it will automatically run a rinse cycle without you doing anything. Just press start and it will run through a full wash and rinse to clean your clothes. With the basic model, there is no button to push, and no automatic rinse cycle. It has a timer knob to allow you to determine how long it will run, and you will wash and rinse separately. They both clean in the same way, and they both have the same capacity. They only difference will be the computer control panel.

Why It's Good

  • Eco-friendly. This machine uses far less water, soap and electricity when compared to larger appliances.
  • Large Capacity. Ample, 4.4 lb capacity is big enough for several items at once, and will even accommodate larger garments like jeans or bed sheets.
  • Automatic. Computer controls allow for easy operation. Set and forget the optional rinse cycle.
  • Effortless Filling. Features intake hoses that hook to your faucet. No need to pour in water manually like other options require, but you can fill without hoses if you need to.
  • Compact and lightweight. Only weighs 14 lbs. and the small size makes it easy to place on a counter, or take with you while traveling.
  • Compatible. Use it almost anywhere. It hooks up to any regular, 110V outlet.
  • Compact. It fits on a counter top for easy draining, but it also has a pump that you can use if necessary.

How To Use It

  1. To prepare for washing, connect the inlet hose to your faucet.
  2. Turn on the faucet, and set to desired temp.
  3. Plug in the power cord. Any standard outlet will do.
  4. Direct the drain hose down and into a sink or bucket.
  5. Load clothes into the drum, and make sure to spread evenly and not overload.
  6. Add detergent. 1 tablespoon or less is normally sufficient, but you can vary amount depending upon clothes and amount of soil.
  7. Press the on/off button to turn the power on. The power and auto indicator light will illuminate.
  8. Close the washer lid, and make sure it clicks shut securely.
  9. Press the start/pause button to begin washing. The default setting is the "auto" setting, and that will automatically start. If you press the program button, you can cycle through the other settings to choose something different. Then press start to begin.
  10. When finished, the machine will buzz to let you know. Unplug the washing machine and turn off the water.
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Product Specifications

Includes: (1) mini washing machine
Dimensions 14" x 14" x 21"
Uses Wash small loads with little to no effort. Perfect for apartments, dorms, RV's, camping and more. Wash clothes with less electricity. 
Computer Controls Yes - Automatic washing and rinsing.
Power 120V/60HZ
Color White
Compatibility Plugs into any regular power 110V outlet. Works with any clothing that fits.
Power Usage 150W
Rinse Cycle Yes - Automatic or manual
Faucet Adapters Included and easy to use
Quiet Operation Yes < 62 dB
Efficiency 100 times more energy efficient than conventional units.
Capacity 4.4 lbs. 
Warranty Yes - 1 year manufacturer warranty
Shipping Weight 14 lbs

A powerful tool in a compact package. Get your clothes incredibly clean without using a large machine, or running to the laundromat.  Order Yours Today.

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