MagicHose Expanding Garden Hose

Lightweight, Compact and Tangle-Proof. A High Quality Hose That Doesn't Kink.
Magic Expanding Garden Hose
Magic Expanding Garden Hose
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This incredible garden hose practically puts itself away. Stop struggling with heavy, twisted and cumbersome hoses, and forget about bulky hose reels, but never worry about kinks or knots again. This amazing hose makes watering easy, and clean-up a snap. Once you turn on the faucet, it will stretch and expand to triple in size, and once you turn it off, it quickly shrinks and contracts to recoil back into a compact pile. A flexible rubber tube is surrounded by a durable webbing, and water pressure causes it to grow bigger in both length and width. The thick inner core expands to accommodate the flowing water, but it remains tight to provide a higher pressure spray when compared to traditional options. Thanks to the compact sizing, lightweight material and ability to extend in an instant, this hose will make any number of outdoor chores easier. It's incredibly easy to handle, it never kinks or tangles, and it simplifies storage when not in use. It's easily one of the best tools to use when watering your lawn, caring for your plants, washing your car, or cleaning your driveway. Higher quality materials ensure that it will work better, and last longer than others available, and the durable fittings are compatible with any standard faucet. It comes complete with a shut off valve installed right on the coupling, and it's available in your choice of a 25' or 50' length.

Why It's Good

  • High Quality. Tougher and longer lasting than the alternatives, ours has a thicker outer shell, core that's more flexible, and metal couplings instead of plastic. Get the one that lives up to the claims.
  • Durable. A thick inner core is covered by a durable webbing, and each fitting is attached with a metal coupling. When compared to other options it will work better and last longer.
  • Lightweight. Much lighter than traditional hoses, and other bulky, non-kinking alternatives. The material makes it effortless for anyone to use it, but it doesn't reduce durability or longevity.
  • Expands. Once filled with water it will triple is size to extend across your yard or driveway.
  • Contracts. Once you turn the water off, the hose will quickly shrink down and become small again. It practically puts itself away, and the compact size allows for easy storage almost anywhere.
  • Kink Proof. With no chance of twisting or tangling, you never have to worry about loss of water flow like you do with other options.
  • Powerful. The thick rubber inner hose results in increased pressure, and a powerful spray.
  • On/Off Valve. A quick flip of the switch will turn the water flow on or off. Easily pause to prevent damage, move locations, or complete another task.

Gardeners, home owners, boaters and RV enthusiasts love this product because it's easy to use, and it compacts for storage in small extremely small spaces. It's incredibly flexible and lightweight so they it's much easier to use than than an ordinary garden hoses that can weigh as much as 20-30 pounds. Made from durable rubber that's surrounded by a thick webbed covering, it comes in a delightful blue color and is available in your choice of size. Twenty five or fifty feet is usually enough length for most any chore, and you can even attach two of them together to double the size without compromising pressure, or making it too bulky to handle. It's rated at 100 psi, and that's much stronger water pressure than traditional hoses, which come in at at only 60-80 psi. Suitable for jobs around the house, watering your garden, hosing out your garage, spraying down your boat, bathing horses and other animals, cleaning a stable, watering your lawn, traveling in an RV, taking with you while backpacking or camping, or any other situation where a lightweight, and compact hose would make things easier. It stores in a 8" x 3" compact space, and weighs less than one pound when not full of water.

How To Use It

  1. Prior to hooking it up, check the female fitting, and make sure the rubber washer is inside, and firmly pressed all the way in. This will ensure a good seal, and prevent any leaks.
  2. Attach the female end to a faucet by twisting it in place. Make sure to turn the plastic part, and not the metal part.
  3. It works without a nozzle attached to the end, but your results may improve with the addition of a quality spray nozzle. If desired, attach to the male end of the hose.
  4. Turn the on/off valve to the off position.
  5. Don't stretch out the hose when empty. Turn on the faucet and it will expand automatically. Gradually increase water pressure by twisting the faucet open, and it will extend to three times it's length in a short amount of time.
  6. Once it is fully extended, turn the on/off valve to the on position, and water like you would with any other type.
  7. When you finish using it, turn off water at the source.
  8. Once off, make sure the valve is open, and the hose will contract and shrink automatically. If you were using a nozzle, make sure it is open, or squeeze the trigger to release any remaining water.
  9. Once contracted, store in any location that's convenient.
  10. Do not leave water on when not in use, and always drain when finished.
  11. Take care of the outer webbing. It protects the rubber core, so tears or punctures may cause problems.
  12. Do not use with hot water.
  13. For maximum longevity, do not store in direct sunlight.
  14. In winter, empty and store inside to prevent freezing and breakage.

The MagicHose will put out the same amount of water as a traditional hose, but at a much higher pressure. This makes it great for washing cars, watering plants, filling your pool, spraying down a driveway, washing your boat and more. You can adjust the amount of pressure at the faucet, or by using the built in valve on the hose. When you're done using it, you don't have to wind it back up, or drag it across your yard. Just turn off the water, and let go, and it will shrink down as it travels back toward the faucet to wind into a compact pile. This not only makes your job easier and less time consuming, it also prevents knots and tangles, which are one of the most annoying things about regular garden hoses. Despite the compact size, the materials and design of this product allow it to remain kink-free so you never have to worry about the stream stopping, or the pressure lowering as you water. It's perfect for virtually any application, but people that live in apartments, or those with small yards love the compact size and easy ability to store it. Stop dragging around that heavy old hose, and never worry about untangling it in the middle of a job again. This lightweight and versatile alternative will allow you to save time and energy as you get the job done without frustration or struggle.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) expanding garden hose
Size 25 ft. or 50 ft.
Diameter 1/2 inch
Inner Material Rubber
Outer Material Nylon Webbing
Coupling Material Metal
Fitting Material Durable Plastic
Color Blue or Green
Compatibility Works with any standard faucet.
Combinable Yes. Connect several together to make a longer hose.
On/Off Valve Yes. Built in valve controls the flow of water.
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Stop using heavy garden hoses that are impossible to handle. Make kinks and hose coiling devices a thing of the past. Get this super lightweight, shrinking and expanding garden hose today. Order Yours Today!

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