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Wrapping Paper Organizer

Pop open design with added pockets, a section for bows, and the ability to hang or stand.
Wrapping paper organizer
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Product Description

Avoid tossing paper in random locations, or stacking it up at the back of a closet, and never worry about wrinkled gifts again. This handy organizer allows you to keep your paper safe and secure, and it also lets you store it with the other stuff required to get the job done. You'll find two large pockets on the exterior for scissors, tape and markers, and a large zippered section at the top for bows, ribbons and tags. The fabric construction keeps it lightweight and collapsible, and the metal frame ensures long lasting durability with adequate support.

Use the large lower section to store several rolls of gift wrap, and then use the other parts to keep your remaining gear safe and secure. When filled with supplies, it can stand on any flat surface, but there's also a strap and hanger at the top for increased storage possibilities. Keep it off the floor and out of the way when not in use, or place it front and center when it's time to wrap. Integrated straps hold it flat when empty, and the handle at the top makes it easy to carry. With zippered closures for both storage sections you can be sure that the stuff inside will stay in place, and remain protected until you need it. No more ripped edges, or crinkled surfaces, and no more searching for the additional tools required to finish the task.

Why It's Good

  • High Quality. No flimsy fabric to wear over time, or cheap parts to fail with the first use. This durable storage container is made from superior materials, so it will provide a long lasting solution to store and protect all of your gift wrapping supplies.
  • Collapsible. Pop it open for a large amount of storage space, or flatten it completely to keep it out of the way when you're not using it. When open, it grows to 39" tall, but when collapsed, it is only 3" tall.
  • Portable. Lightweight and durable, you can easily transport this organizer from room to room, or across town. The handle at the top makes it simple to manage, and the sturdy construction ensures it won't get damaged.
  • Secure. Place paper inside the lower section, then zipper it shut to prevent escape. Do the same with bows and tags on the top section. Each portion zips shut completely to keep stuff inside, and the thick material with metal frame protects anything on the interior.
  • High Capacity. Keep all of your gear in one compact location. This handy container holds an incredible amount of stuff, and it keeps everything neatly organized so it's easy to find.
  • Versatile. Two main sections and two additional pockets allow for a wide range of possibilities. Use as suggested, or use in any way desired to accommodate your own needs. The variety offered allows you to keep almost anything inside.
  • See-Through. Know, at a glance, what's inside. A clear plastic material at the top and bottom create windows for you to see what's inside. Know the paper you want before you dig into the pile, or find the perfect bow without dumping them on the floor.

Product Features

  • Pop open design to save space.
  • Two zippered compartments.
  • Two exterior pockets.
  • Measures 10" in diameter x 39" high.
  • Designed to stand on the floor, or hang from a hook.

How To Use It

Incredible versatility and sturdy construction makes this product one of the best ways to reduce clutter while protecting your gift wrapping supplies. Instead of multiple locations all over your home, you'll be able to keep everything required in one compact location, and protect it from damage at the same time. Follow the instructions below to learn how this storage unit can eliminate messes, reduce frustration, and help to make every present you give look better.
  1. When new, the container will be flat, and secured shut on both sides by the integrated straps.
  2. To open, release the straps, and allow it to pop up.
  3. Once open, fill with supplies.
  4. The zippered compartment at the base is intended for rolls of paper. The compartment above it is designed to hold bows and ribbons, and the pockets on the outside are two different sizes to allow for everything else.
  5. Secure the top and bottom section by using the respective zippers.
  6. Carry using the handle at the top. Place on the ground, or hang up when wrapping, or for storage.
  7. To flatten when not in use, empty container, press flat, then secure using the two straps.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) organizer
Dimensions 10" x 39"
Capacity Up to 25 rolls of paper
Color Green
Material Reinforced fabric with a metal frame.
Uses Store and organize a wide variety of gift wrapping supplies.
Exterior Pockets Yes - 2
Separate Compartments Yes - One smaller one at the top for bows, and the larger one below for your paper.
Paper Compartment Size 10" x 36"
Top Handle Yes
Hanging Hook Yes
Collapsible Yes
Closure Type Zipper
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Reduce clutter and increase piece of mind. This high capacity storage container and organizer will neatly store all of your gift wrapping supplies. Get it to ensure undamaged rolls of paper, but also enjoy the convenience that comes from having everything stored together. Order Yours Today!

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5 out of 5
it has fulfilled my expectations
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5 out of 5
Wrapping Paper Organizer
It's a great little item to keep your wrapping supplies all in one spot and the rolls of paper contained. It's smaller than I expected but it works nicely. I would welcome a bigger version in the future!
Reviewed by: on
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Product Questions

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How tall a roll of paper will fit into this bag and also about how many rolls total
Asked by:  on 11/29/2016
It will accommodate rolls up to 36 inches long, and you can fit up to 25 rolls total inside.
Answer provided by: on 11/29/2016
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