WrapMaster Gift Wrapping Tool

An Easy Way To Wrap Presents With Perfect Results.
wrapmaster gift wrapping tool
wrapmaster gift wrapping tool
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We all love receiving presents, but few of us actually enjoy wrapping them. The WrapMaster eliminates all of the common frustrations associated with wrapping gifts, and makes it easy for anyone to get perfect looking packages. It is basically a simple, hand-held cutter, but the clever design makes cutting and wrapping easier than ever before. Within seconds, and by using one nearly continuous motion, you can measure your gift box, measure the paper, and then precisely cut it to the exact size you need. That's all there is to it. You get perfectly straight edges and gift wrap that is the exact size to fit the item you are giving. Now all you have to do is tape it up and you will have a neatly wrapped present, with no rips or tears, and no thick, overlapping bulges from too much paper. Stop struggling with scissors and guestimations, and don't pay for another "professional" wrap job at the mall. Get this easy to use device and start impressing friends and family members with you new found abilities.

Let's face it, wrapping presents can be frustrating and time consuming, especially at Christmas time when volume is at its highest. This frustration is only amplified when you use the wrong tools for the job. Stop using scissors to cut your wrapping paper and start using the WrapMaster today. Jagged edges, slanted lines, oversize paper and hours of frustration are a thing of the past when you use this gift wrapping tool. Give a professional looking gift, and do it easier than ever. You will never end up with paper that is too small, and you won't have to fold over ends, or have bulging gifts because you cut it too big. When you accurately measure before you cut, you can be sure that you have the perfect size paper, and that is key to a quality end result. You could measure with a ruler, and then chop with scissors, but you would be using two tools instead of one, you would never get straight edges, and you would take more than double the time. With the WrapMaster you can quickly fold down the paper to get the correct sizing, and with one quick tug you will have an ideal size cut out with perfectly straight edges.

If  you can press and pull, then you can use the WrapMaster. Cut paper straight as an arrow and save time when wrapping presents. When you use The WrapMaster handheld paper cutter you will never waste paper again. You will enjoy fast and easy gift wrapping, and it will be fun again. Never get frustrated cutting gift wrap again.

The WrapMaster can be used flat on a table, or darn near anywhere else. You will want to vary technique slightly depending upon whether or not you have a flat surface to work on. At a table or work bench you will lay the paper roll directly on the work surface, and you will press against it while cutting. To wrap a present, first, you measure the package or object you are covering. This is made easy because this tool also doubles as a ruler, so just hold against your item, and take the measurement of two sides. Add the height and width dimensions together and then double to get the measurement of the paper necessary to cover your gift. Add just a little more to compensate for overlap, then roll out the paper with the tool next to the roll, and resting over the piece you will use. To check the size you will cut, pull the top corner down to the edge of the ruler for an accurate measurement. To cut the paper, just press and pull. Press down on the WrapMaster and grab the wrapping paper near center right. Pull up towards your opposite shoulder to cut.

You don't need a table or any flat surface to wrap like a pro using this tool. Work on your bed, on the floor, standing up, or anywhere else. The unique triangular shape will allow you to hold the paper roll and this tool together, with one hand. Using this simple technique, you can apply pressure for cutting with a simple squeeze, and rolling out more paper is as easy as loosening your grip. The lack of hard surface will not make it any more difficult to end up with good results. To use the WrapMaster while standing, or in the freehand method, cradle your roll of wrapping paper in the tool and pull out the amount of paper you think you require. Grasp the roll and the WrapMaster together, and turn over to see the ruler. Align the top of the paper next to the zero and then pull the right corner of the paper down to the side of the ruler to accurately measure the length. If it's enough to wrap your gift, begin to cut.  If not, adjust to get the correct amount, then begin the cut. Just squeeze to secure the tool and paper, and then pull to perform the actual cut. One continuous motion will always give you the best results, and ensure the perfect edge when finished. Many people prefer to use the tool like this, so experiment to see which method works best for you. 

The WrapMaster offers a versatile way to easily wrap any present, and it does not take any special skills or practice to master. Stop paying other people to wrap stuff for you, or settling for gift bags and other cop outs. It can be easy to wrap your own presents using this tool, and it will save you time and money while it helps you to achieve better results. Order Yours Today!

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Product Specifications

Includes: (1) wrapmaster
Dimensions 31" long
Uses accurately cutting wrapping paper & measuring package size
Color White
Material ABS plastic
Shipping Weight .5 lbs.

Wrapmaster Gift Wrapping Tool - Fast, Accurate cutting for easy and efficient wrapping. Measure and cut with one easy-to-use tool. Get professional results every time. Wrapping presents has never been as easy as it is with the Wrapmaster. Order yours Today!

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