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18 in. Dry Dusting Pad

Specially Designed Microfiber Pad For Dust Mopping. Great For Hardwood Floors!
Dusting Mop Pad
Dusting Mop Pad
Close up view. Long fibers attract dust like a magnet.
Close up view. Dusting Mop Pad.
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Product Description

Intended for dry use while dusting or sweeping any hard floor, each fiber is extra long, super thin, and split at the end to provide even more surface area. As you push and pull, the large pad will spread out across your floor and pick up dust and debris like a magnet. It covers a large amount of space, it moves quickly, and it glides easily as you suck up and lock in dirt with each pass. People with hardwood floors love this pad because it's a fast and easy way to clean and shine natural wood. Fur balls and dust bunnies don't stand a chance, so it makes a great tool for regular sweeping, or one for quick clean up prior to wet mopping with a different pad.

Specially designed for dry use while dust mopping and sweeping, they are great for those of you with hardwood floors. Safe and effective on any hard surface, they can be used to quickly clean almost any floor in your home. They're designed for use with the mop that we sell, but can be used on any tool that uses the same size pads. A must-have for pet owners because they hold more than twice the amount of fur and dust when compared to our regular, multipurpose pad. A slight charge builds as you move, and it attracts dirt, dust and hair and then locks it into the pad. The unique fibers grab and hold 99% of the contaminants on your floor, allowing you to clean faster and easier than ever before.

Why It's Good

  • High Quality. Better microfiber results in a better pad. Other versions can be cheap and ineffective, but ours are proven to perform well, and last a long time. Don't waste money and guess about quality. Order from us and guarantee a better product, and a good value.
  • Versatile. Use on one of our mops, or use on another brand with a similar head. These will work on a range of tools to improve performance, or replace old parts.
  • Reusable. Skip the expensive and wasteful versions, and choose this one to pay less and clean more efficiently. Rinse and hang dry when lightly soiled, or machine wash hundreds of times once completely dirty.
  • Powerful. The long, flexible fibers spread out to cover large areas, and have an added charge that sucks up dirt like a vacuum. With less chasing required, your job is easier and less time consuming.
  • Safe. With no chemicals required for cleaning, and no disposable parts to end up in landfills, these are safer for the people in your home, and the environment.

Other Options

Want to get several pads? Get more than one in a single order to receive reduced pricing based on your quantity. If you would prefer a variety, but also want to save money, check out our 4-Pack & 5-Pack to get several different pads for one low price. For more information on the other versions we carry, use the following links: Multipurpose, Polishing, Scrubbing, and Heavy Duty

Totally Reusable

Machine washable for hundreds of uses, these offer incredible value and cleaning power. You don't need to launder after every use, but once it's fully soiled, just toss it into your washing machine for cleaning. Please Note: This pad must hang dry. Do not put it in the dryer. Also, never use bleach or fabric softener when washing because it will decrease effectiveness over time. Bleach deteriorates the fibers with repeated use, and fabric softener will clog them. If one or both are used on a regular basis, it will lead to decreased performance, and a shortened life.

Thanks to the top quality fabric, our microfiber mop pads will last longer, and work better than most others available. Each one will hold up to hundreds of washings, and will outperform similar looking products due to better materials, and more durable construction. Skim surfaces without causing harm, and lift up incredible amounts of dirt. Because each strand is so small, every last particle is swept up and locked into this pad. They are not treated with any chemicals, and you don't need to spray any on in order to get your floors clean. It's the advanced material that does all of the work, and that is why quality is so important. Lower quality alternatives will fall apart with use, become less effective over time, and will make it more difficult than necessary to clean your floors. Choose a quality pad for quick and easy cleaning of any hard floor in your home. The longer fibers on this one allow you to pick up more dust in less time. Grab and hold more than twice the amount of grime when compared to our multipurpose blue pad.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) microfiber mop pad
Dimensions (l x w) 18" x 5"
Compatibility Works with any 15.75"-17.75" microfiber mop head. Works with these two mops that we sell: Smart 3-in-1 Microfiber Mop & Household Swivel Mop
Color White
Type Dusting/sweeping - use dry
Shape Rectangle (rounded corners)
Uses designed for dry use (dusting, polishing, etc.)
Microfiber Type super plush (dust mopping)
Microfiber Weave 80/20
Edges sewn
Washable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front
Shipping Weight .2 lbs.

Dusting Microfiber Mop Pads - Simply attach this dust mopping pad to your Mop and dry dust floors of all types. This pad holds more than twice the amount of dirt, dust and hair as the traditional microfiber mop pad. Great for hardwood floors! Machine washable hundreds of times.

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4 out of 5
Good enough
Not as plush nor as study as my previous dry mop pad from another vendor, but sufficient.
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5 out of 5
review for dry dusting pad
great quality dusting pad! very fluffy and picks up dirt well! Thanks Judy
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
great item
I love thtese dusting pads------they pick up things much better than a broom, so nothing is missed.
Reviewed by: on
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Product Questions

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Does this pad attach via Velcro?
Asked by:  on 8/21/2015
Yes. It's meant to adhere to a mop head with Velcro or something similar on the face.
Answer provided by: on 8/21/2015
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