Microwave Bacon Cooking Tray

Quickly cook up to 18 strips of bacon. Look like a pro without any effort, and discover a less messy way to prepare breakfast.
Microwave Bacon Cooking Tray
Microwave Bacon Cooking Tray
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Perfectly crisp bacon right from your microwave! Why take out a pan, and cover your stove in greasy splatter when you can get the same results from your microwave? Skip the mess, reduce the work, and eliminate much of the fat by cooking bacon in your microwave. When you use this tray you'll get perfect results every time, and you'll end up with bacon that is crispy and delicious with barely any work. Just position the strips on the rack above the tray, and let your microwave do the rest. In just minutes, you'll be enjoying crunchy bacon, and all of the messy stuff will be collected in the tray for easy disposal and cleaning. No wiping down the stove, or scrubbing pots and pans to finish the job. Just dump out the tray, and then place it in your dishwasher for cleaning.

You can cook one or two strips for yourself, or you can load it up to cook enough for the whole family. Because the bacon cooks above the tray, it'll never touch the grease, and this results in bacon that is crispy and delicious without any effort. Thanks to the reduction in fat, the strips will also be more healthy when compared to ones that are fried in a pan. As an added bonus, it only takes a few minutes to cook bacon completely when using this tray, so you'll also save time when compared to traditional methods. Avoid all of the hassle, and get down to eating the bacon sooner. This simple and effective microwave bacon cooking tray is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Product Features

  • Fast Cooking.
  • 100% Microwave Safe.
  • Cook from 1-18 strips.
  • Collapses For Storage.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Crispy Results Every Time.

Why This Product Is Good

High Quality

Similar looking gadgets may not work as well due to inferior construction and materials. Be careful with similar stuff bought elsewhere because quality will vary, and this one has been tested for quality. When you get this bacon cooking tray you'll know that it'll work well, and you won't have to worry about any of the trouble caused by cheaper versions.

High Speed

In the time it takes you to get out a pan and wait for it to heat up, you could have crispy, fully cooked bacon. Stop wasting time and effort, or avoiding bacon for breakfast because it's too much work. This tray ensures fast and effective cooking, so you can enjoy your favorite breakfast meat any time you want it.


Just assemble the vertical rack, then place the strips neatly over it. When used correctly this tray will guarantee perfect results every time. It maximizes airflow, and allows fat to drip down and collect below. After cooking for the proper amount of time, you'll have crispy pieces of bacon that look like a professional chef prepared them.

Low Fat

As the bacon cooks and hangs from the rack, the grease will drip down to collect in the tray below. The strips of bacon will never touch it. When you fry bacon in a pan on your stove, it cooks right in the grease and fat, so when you compare the two methods, this tray offers a much healthier way to cook bacon.

Easy Maintenance

Way easier than hand washing a frying pan full of grease, this tray will be easy to clean when you're finished, and simple to maintain over time. All of the grease will collect itself in the tray, so all you need to do is dispose of it, and then place the whole tray into the dishwasher for cleaning.

Easy Operation

Anyone can achieve perfect results and look like a pro when cooking bacon in the microwave. You don't need practice, and there is no special technique. Best of all, there is no constant grease splatter to watch out for. Simply load the tray properly, then place in your microwave. It's that simple.

How To Use It

Anyone can microwave bacon like a pro when using this tray. The clever design does all of the work, and ensures even cooking in any microwave. You won't need to do anything difficult or special to get good results, but follow the tips and instructions below to ensure you get the finished product you want.
  1. Prior to cooking, make sure the bacon cooking tray is clean and dry.
  2. Assemble the rack above the tray by pressing the three uprights into their respective holes.
  3. For 1-6 strips use one drip bar installed at the center. For 7-12 strips, use two drip bars at the front and back. For 12-18 strips, use all three drip bars.
  4. Once assembled, you can load it with bacon strips.
  5. Add a single strip, or load it with up to 18. As size varies, width and thickness will determine the maximum load. When using more strips, just make sure to spread it out evenly to maximize airflow, and avoid any overlapping.
  6. Once bacon is loaded, place a piece of paper towel over the top to block grease splatters and direct it downward.
  7. Place the whole tray in your microwave at the center, and then cook on high. Set for approx. 1 minute per strip.
  8. Monitor while cooking to avoid overcooking, and add extra time if desired level of crispiness is not achieved.
  9. Allow to cool before removing the drip bars.
  10. Dispose of grease when cool, and then place in dishwasher for cleaning.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Microwave Bacon Cooking Tray
Dimensions 9" x 9.5" x 5"
Uses Reduce mess, cut time, eliminate grease and make cooking bacon easy. Prepare crispy or tender bacon strips in your microwave oven.
Color White
Material Microwave safe plastic.
Capacity Cook up to 18 strips with a single rack.
Max Cook Time Up to 18 minutes.
Grease Tray Yes. Unhealthy grease will drip down to collect under the bacon without touching it.
Elevated Rack Yes. For perfect airflow and crispy results.
Cooking Position Vertical - Meat does not lie flat so it allows for cooking above the grease and even heat distribution.
Cool Grip Handle Yes.
Compatibility Fits in any microwave.
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs

Microwave Bacon Cooking Tray - The fast and easy way to enjoy your favorite breakfast meat. Eliminate all of the hassle and get straight to eating. This tray makes it easy to cook crispy bacon in your microwave. Order Yours Today!

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