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Large Spaghetti Scoop and Measure
Large Spaghetti Scoop and Measure

Large Spaghetti Scoop and Measure

A measuring tool, straining scoop, and spaghetti fork in one. The perfect utensil for cooking and serving all types of pasta.
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The perfect pasta-cooking companion. This versatile utensil combines a large colander scoop, spaghetti fork, and pasta measuring device into one incredibly useful tool. It's perfect for spaghetti, but you'll find it helpful when cooking other pasta and noodles too. The extra large scoop has holes across it's surface, and forks on both sides, so left or right-handed people can operate this tool with the same results. A long handle helps keep you away from the heat, but it also allows you to scoop into large pots of pasta without worry. With the addition of three different measuring options right on the handle, this high quality tool will quickly become one of the most used utensils in your kitchen.

If you're like most people then eye-balling portions of spaghetti usually results in too little or too much once it has been cooked. It's one of those tasks that seems so simple in concept, but when it comes down to doing it, most of us get it wrong. The measuring device built into the handle of this tool makes this task super easy, so it eliminates guess-work, and any possibility of cooking the wrong amount.

The convenient holes in the handle allow you to accurately measure the perfect amount of spaghetti for any size meal. Just insert the pasta into the holes before cooking, and you'll be sure you're cooking the right amount. The smaller whole is for two portions, the middle hole is for three, and the larger whole will measure out enough spaghetti for four portions. Just combine measurements from multiple holes when cooking more than four servings at once. You will never have piles of leftover pasta again because this easy-to-use gadget makes it simple for anyone to know they're adding the right amount of pasta to the water.

Product Features

  • XL Straining Scoop
  • Left or Right-Handed Operation.
  • Long, Sturdy Handle.
  • Integrated Measuring Device.
  • Perfect For Any Pasta or Noodle.

Why It's Good

  • 3-In-1 Convenience. Save space, reduce effort, and make the job easier with this convenient, multi-use tool. Instead of a single utensil for each step, you'll be able to use the same tool from start to finish. Measure ou the perfect amount of pasta, stir it while cooking, then easily remove it from the water and strain it at the same time. This is much more than a spaghetti fork, or simple scoop. It's the perfect tool for cooking and serving any type of pasta or noodle.
  • Large Size. The long handle allows you to keep your distance from hot, boiling water, and the large scoop and pasta fork combo allow you to pick up any amount of pasta, while draining the water, and preventing slippage. Despite the large size, it is still compact enough to use in a medium size sauce pan, or larger stock pot.
  • Commercial Quality. Thick durable material ensures a tool that will last. Similar scoops are smaller and more flimsy in comparison, but this one is made from top quality materials, and it's designed for regular use. Never worry about failure or wear with this restaurant quality tool.
  • Simple Storage. This large scoop will fit in a drawer or utensil crock with ease, but you can save space and add convenience by taking advantage of the integrated hanger. Use the hole at the end of the handle to hang for storage if desired.
  • Easy Maintenance. Hand wash if you want to, or clean it without effort by placing it in the dishwasher. It's top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Extremely Useful. Ideal for cooking spaghetti, but useful for stirring and serving a wide variety of other foods too. Scoop and drain pasta and noodles, pick up eggs from boiling water, or scoop soup or stew without getting the liquid. The possibilities are endless.

No more searching for a variety of tools, or ending up with the wrong amount of food. Just insert raw pasta into one of three holes to measure out a precise amount, then continue with the same tool for cooking, draining and serving. Dishwasher safe. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Spaghetti Measure and Serving Fork Combo
Dimensions 14.75" x 4.25" x 2.25"
Scoop Dimensions 6" x 4.25" x 2.25"
Handle Length 9"
Uses Measure spaghetti before placing it in the pot, stir it while cooking, and serve it afterward. The perfect utensil for cooking, draining and serving a wide variety of pasta.
Material Thick and durable nylon
Color Orange
Heat Resistant Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes. Top rack.
Integrated Forks Yes. Pasta fork on both sides of the scoop.
Straining Scoop Yes. Large colander scoop allows you to grab and drain any noodle or pasta.
Portions Measured 3 Options. Measure out two, three or four servings of spaghetti.
Hangs For Storage Yes. A hole at the end of the handle allows for hanging and easy storage.
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

Measure spaghetti and serve it with the same tool. This great spaghetti fork has a built in measuring device, and a large colander scoop. Perfect for spaghetti, but useful for any type of pasta. Get perfect portions every time. Order Yours Today!

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