Long Reach Static Duster Set

Up To a 20 Ft. Reach! Dust Up High and In Hard To Reach Places.
Long Reach Static Duster Set
Long Reach Static Duster Set
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Eliminate dust in any location.Reach any surface in your home, and make it spotless with this Long Reach Duster Set. Lightweight and powerful, this high quality set will make it effortless to remove dust and cobwebs from notoriously difficult places like ceiling fans and rafters. You get the softness of feathers, but with way more cleaning power, so you can safely dust any surface, but instead of spreading the particles around, you'll be sucking them up like a magnet. Bend the dusting wand to any angle in order to work with uneven objects, or thoroughly clean the tops of fan blades without taking out your stool. Each set will come with one large static duster and one twelve foot extension pole. Made from strong, but lightweight materials, this set is ideal for anyone that needs to dust something up high, or otherwise out-of-reach. When held in your hand, with a duster attached, the pole will give you a reach that is up to 20 feet long in most cases. Don't spend one more minute dusting with old rags and outdated dusters, and stop getting out the ladder just to clean overhead fans or remove cobwebs from corners.

Product Features

  1. 12 ft., 3-stage telescoping aluminum extension pole.
  2. 27 in. bendable dusting wand.
  3. Washable head.
  4. Lightweight and durable.
  5. Commercial quality.
  6. Builds static charge.

Where To Use It:

  • Eliminate dust from any surface that is out of reach.
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and rafters.
  • Clean between appliances, under the bed, on top of the fridge, etc.
  • Bend to any angle for fan blades, plant shelves, picture frames and more.
  • Use a twirling motion to gently clean leaves and other foliage without any risk of harm.
  • Press against blinds on tall widows or sky lights to dust both sides at once.

Why This Set Is Good

Complete Set

You can use the extension pole with other tools, and the flexible duster is useful all by itself, but when combined, this amazing set will provide incredible cleaning power when dusting in hard-to-reach places. Get a high quality duster and a compatible extension pole for one low price.

Commercial Quality

Similar looking dusters can be flimsy and cheap, and most lightweight and low cost extension poles are made from plastic or heavy steel. This set features commercial quality durability, so it will perform well, and last a long time. Don't worry about low quality fibers, dusters that flop around, or an extension pole that's too short or difficult to manage. Our Long Reach Static Duster Set is the perfect combination for at work or at home.

Fully Adjustable

Bend the head to any angle, turn it into a loop, or use it long and straight. The fluffy head will adapt to your needs. When connected to the extension pole you can adjust the length depending on the job. Keep it short, or double the length for an extended reach.

Washable and Reusable

Other dusters are disposable. This one is washable and reusable. You won't need to buy any refills or replace it in a short time. The long lasting dusting wand can be washed and reused over and over again.

No Chemicals Required.

Lower quality tools rely on soaps and sprays to remove all of the dust. With this high quality duster and extension, you won't need any extra chemicals or spray bottles. The fluffy fibers alone will pick up dust and lock it in. This makes it low cost, and much safer in comparison.

Lightweight Materials

Extend it to full length and it will still be easy to manage. The overall design and materials ensure a sturdy dusting tool without excess weight. Anyone can reach high ceilings without struggle thanks to the lightweight aluminum extension pole and static duster included in this set.

Extra Long Reach

Stand on the ground and reach 20 feet away. Our long reach dusting set will help you dust into every corner of your home and clean it more thoroughly. Simply twist the telescoping pole to extend it to any length you need.

Safe and Effective

The gentle fibers are safe for any surface, and they'll never harm anything you try to dust. Thanks to the static charge, you can even lift up dust without touching the surface at all. Suck up dust like a magnet, and never worry about scratches, marks or reactions.

Other Options

Need to reach up high, but prefer a flatter dusting tool made from different material? Our High Reach Microfiber Duster may be just what you're looking for. It will extend to a similar length, and is also flexible and versatile. Determining which one is best will come down to specific tastes and applications, but it's also a powerful tool that will help to get rid of dust in hard-to-reach places. Like this set, but need more dusters? If you need more Large Static Dusters, you can purchase them separately, and we'll give you discounts based on how many you need. Don't need to reach that far? This set will give you an incredibly long reach, but for everyday dusting, our regular set may be a better choice, so if you don't need such a long pole, you can save money by getting that one instead.


The powerful synthetic dusting wand is constructed with a flexible inner core that allows you to bend the fluffy dusting head into any position you need. Give it a 90 degree angle to dust the top of your ceiling fan, and then quickly bend it back to continue dusting as usual. With the lightweight extension pole attached, even vaulted ceilings can be cleaned with speed and precision. The telescoping pole adjusts to a range of lengths, and it's made from aluminum so it's durable and easy to maneuver, and it makes cleaning at any angle a breeze. Bend the top of the duster for high shelves, curtain rods, wall hangings or other hard-to-reach places, or use it to clean under the refrigerator, next to the stove, or behind shelves without bending, stretching or straining. The combination of the bendable dusting wand and super long extension pole make this a valuable cleaning set that you'll want to use all over your home.

How To Use It:

Dusting with this Long Reach Static Duster Set is easy. The powerful duster will do all of the work for you, and the strong, but lightweight extension pole will allow you to easily reach any surface or object in your home. Although it looks similar to a feather duster, this one is much more powerful, and does require a certain technique for best results. You can certainly just pull it out of the closet and get to work, but when properly charged, it'll become way more powerful, and will literally pull dust particles off of surfaces.
  1. One of the easiest ways to create a charge is by using a plastic grocery bag. Do this prior to cleaning for best results: Take the duster in one hand, and the bag in the other. Then simply rub the bag back and forth along the length of the duster to charge it up. You will notice that the super fine, synthetic fibers will begin standing on end, and this will let you know that it is ready to go.
  2. Once charged, you can begin dusting, or you can attach it to the pole for maximum reach.
  3. To attach the duster to the extension pole, simply remove the plastic cap at the base of the dusting wand handle. Once that is off, you can insert the handle into the end of the aluminum extension pole, and then twist the tension screw to secure it in place.
  4. Once it is screwed down tight, you will be ready to clean. The extension pole can be used when all the way short, or you can twist the sections to loosen, extend to your desired length, and then twist the opposite way to tighten in place. The 3-stage extension pole can adjust to a wide range of lengths.
  5. Because the inner core of the duster is metal, you can bend it into any shape to make your job easier.
  6. To quickly eliminate dust, simply pass the duster over the surface gently, and the charged up fibers will grab and lock in any spec of dust.
  7. Use the hanging loop to hang for storage.
  8. Hand wash the synthetic fibers, then air dry whenever the duster gets dirty.

Why Choose This Set

The duster included with this set is safer and more efficient than the one you're using now. When combined with the durable and lightweight pole, it provides a level of cleaning power that is unmatched by traditional tools. You won't have to chase down the dust in your home, or worry about spreading it from one location to another. The strong charge generated by this tool will cause dirt, dust and micro particles to lift off surfaces, only to be locked into the fibers for later disposal. Even the tiniest of particles will be lifted up thanks to the strong static charge and the thousands of synthetic fibers. It's virtually impossible to harm anything you use it on because the fluffy dusting head is super soft, and each fiber is extra long. Cleaning will require very little effort when compared to regular dust rags and wands because this great tool will do most of the work for you. Dust, dirt, hair and other tiny stuff will be sucked up and locked in by the synthetic fibers, instead of being pushed from one spot to another or scattered into the air like cotton cloths, feather dusters, and rags do. After dusting, just shake the duster to release what you collected over a trash can, or wash with mild soap and water in your sink if necessary.

Stop balancing on furniture to reach where you need to clean, but don't drag out a ladder or stool either. Get this Long Reach Static Duster Set to clean up high with ease. It'll pull in dust like a vacuum and then lock it into the fibers to prevent it from flying away. You'll be able to clean like a pro, but you won't have to work like one. Simply extend the pole to reach any high location, then bend the duster to clean it with the perfect angle. A strong charge will eliminate the grime you encounter, and you'll never run any risk of damage to the surface you are cleaning. Discover one of the best ways to clean ceiling fan blades, plants on high shelves, wall hangings, picture frames and more.

long reach duster

Product Specifications

Includes: Long Reach Duster Set: (1) Large Static Duster & (1) 12' Extension Pole
Max Overall Length 14.25 ft. (With duster installed in pole.)
Max Overall Reach 20 ft. or more. (While holding pole with duster installed.)
Duster Length 27"
Extension Pole Max Length 12' 
Telescoping Extension Yes. Pole will shorten for close jobs, or extend to full length for maximum reach.
Uses Dust and clean in hard to reach places. Get high up, or in tight places that other tools can't handle. Perfect for cobwebs, ceiling fans, shelving, rafters and more.
Duster Color Varies - Can be solid color, or multi-color stripe. Default is random color, but specific requests will be honored when inventory allows. To choose a color, simply tell us what you want in the comments box at checkout.
Bendable Duster Yes. Inner core is made from metal. Bend to any angle, and then back again for easy cleaning of any surface.
Duster Fiber Type Synthetic - Get the softness of feathers, but with way more cleaning power. Charge it up to suck up dust like a magnet.
Washable Duster Yes. Shake out under normal use, or use soap and water when it really gets dirty.
Pole Attachment Stick inside pole end, and secure with tension screw.
Shipping Weight 2.1 lbs

Reach any surface of your home, and eliminate dust with this easy to use set. The powerful duster can bend to any angle, and the synthetic fibers devour dust. A lightweight extension allows you to reach up high without the duster becoming difficult to manage. Order Yours Today!

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