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Powerful Mister With Six Heads and LED Lights
Powerful Mister With Six Heads and LED Lights

6 Disc Outdoor Mister With Lights

An Elongated Strip With Colorful LED Lights. Add Mist To Ponds And Waterfalls.
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A long strip of powerful misters to add a fog effect to any waterfall, fountain or pond. Regular running water is relaxing, and a natural tranquil backyard pond is nice, but when you add this layer of effect, you take it to a whole new level. Place in any body of water to immediately generate thick clouds of mist that cover the surface of the water. Small gusts of wind will blow it around, and it will gently waft to all surrounding areas. A ring of LED lights add to the effect as they illuminate and change colors underneath the water. The added lighting will make the fog glow and change colors, and the combination is a unique visual experience. This pond fogger is a long strip in shape, and it features six powerful misting heads that pump out amazing amounts of fog. Each set comes complete with an outdoor transformer and the floating ring to allow it to remain suspended in the middle of your pond or fountain. When submerged it produces a never ending cloud, but sensors will shut it off if the water level drops too low. It plugs into a standard outlet, and has a long cord to make positioning easy. Despite the thick smokey look, the mist generated by this unit is nothing more than water vapor.


Setting this up could not be easier. It is mostly just a matter of connecting the three parts, plugging it in, and then placing it in the water. Follow these easy steps to be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Locate a power outlet. Any standard one will do and the long cord makes it easy to find one that will work. For added length, connect an outdoor rated extension cord.
  • Plug in the transformer while still disconnected from the mist maker, and then position close to your water feature.
  • Use with or without the flotation ring. Misting unit only needs to be submerged to the right level to work. For easiest usage combine with ring by placing it in the center.
  • Set mister and ring into the water and connect the mister to the transformer.
  • When floating it will move around, but you can also anchor in place if desired.
  • Once you have everything connected, and the mister is under the water, past the sensors, it will begin to make mist immediately.
  • Thick fog will emerge from the unit until you turn it off, or run out of water. A sensor at the top will turn it off when there is not enough water.
  • Use inside or outside. If used indoors be aware of splashing, and compensate accordingly.

Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise with this powerful pond fogger. This unit features a ring of lights for a colorful effect, but we also have other models with no lights at all if you prefer something a bit more natural looking. With this one, the lights will rotate modes and change colors to produce an underwater light show that enhances the look of the fog. Because the mist is non-toxic and nothing more than water, it adds beneficial humidity for plants and wildlife. You can use this to enhance your landscaping, or you can break it out at Halloween time for the ultimate decoration. Make a bubbling cauldron, or add a creepy fog effect to a cemetery in your front yard. No matter how you use it, the visual display is sure to be one that amazes family and makes friends jealous. Create a dry ice look on the surface of the water with this safe and effective ultrasonic mister. It is incredibly easy to set up, and will provide a unique look that is well worth the cost. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 6 head mister (1) outdoor transformer & (1) floating ring
Dimensions mister - 2.5" x 10.5"  floating ring - 13.5" x 6"
Floating Ring Included Yes - Complete set with purchase. Call for a lower price if you don't need it.
Color Silver
Material Metal
Transformer Included Yes - outdoor safe transformer included
LED Lights Yes - Color changing lights around perimeter.
Light Adjustment No - Auto changing
Inline Control No
Remote Control No
Ceramic Disc Size 20mm
Disc Life >5,000 hrs.
Output 600 ml/hr
Auto Shut Off Yes (low water sensor)
UL Listed Yes
Cord Length transformer - 6 ft. mister - 32 ft.
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 5 lbs.

An Outdoor Mister With 6 Heads and LED lights - Enhance ponds and other water features by adding natural mist on the surface. This floating fogger is easy to set up, and reliable to operate. 

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