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Kitchen Shammy Set - 5-Pack super absorbent cloths
Kitchen Shammy Set - 5-Pack super absorbent cloths

Kitchen Shammy 5-Pack

A 5-Pack of 15" x 15" Commercial Grade Shammys. Made in Germany.
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The perfect shammy for your kitchen. These super absorbent cloths are great for washing and drying dishes, cleaning counters, soaking up spills and more. This smaller 15" x 15" size is ideal for many everyday kitchen jobs. For a larger and thicker cloth, check out our Large Shammy. Thanks to high quality materials and German construction these shammy cloths will work great and last for years. This kitchen cloth is about half the weight of the larger one, so if you want a thicker shammy, that is the size for you. They can be cut to any size, so overall dimensions are not that important.

These cloths are guaranteed to outperform any other similar products on the market, so don't be fooled by imitation products claiming outstanding results. Our shammy cloths are a commercial grade line that is manufactured in Germany and features a 100% viscose rayon weave. They can absorb up to 21 times their own weight and won't ever drip or make a mess. These cloths can save you tons of money, time and frustration if only used as a paper towel substitute because they work faster, hold more liquid and can be used over and over. They work great in the kitchen, but can also be used in the bathroom, for your vehicle and much more. Since they suck up liquids so well, these cloths are perfect for puppy pee, spilled drinks, wet floors, drying windows and mirrors, cleaning tile and more. You can even place one under your dish rack to catch all of the drips when hand washing dishes.

How They Work:
It is almost like a giant sponge cloth. They are constructed in Germany, using a unique, 100% synthetic rayon material that is extremely absorbent, machine washable and soft drying. This non-woven viscose material is what makes the shammy such a versatile cleaning cloth. An air spun process is used to create thousands of micro-pores like a very fine sponge. These tiny pores allow the shammy to suck up an amazing amount of liquid and hold it in. Our shammy will slurp up liquid like a sponge from virtually any surface, yet never drip. This makes them perfect for wiping down counters, drying pots and pans, cleaning up spilled liquids, or just washing dishes and general cleaning. It can be used with bleach and other disinfectants without harm, so if you like to sanitize these will work great. Used wet or dry, a shammy is always more absorbent than a cotton towel, and much more than paper towels. The unique weave of the material during manufacturing is what really makes the cloth work. They can suck up amazing amounts of liquid, and also clean surfaces. These smaller sized shammys are commercial grade cloths, and they are thicker and more absorbent than virtually any other available.

These small kitchen sized Super Shammys are lint free, and can be cut to any size, When you clean or dry a surface, you will not leave behind fuzz balls, and thanks to the material you are able to cut these to any size you want without harming the fabric. They are perfect for windows, mirrors, car exteriors, shower stalls and more. They leave a sparkling streak free shine every time, and are safe for use on all fine finishes. They will not scratch wood, marble, granite, polished metal, or any other surface. They are machine washable hundreds of times so they will last a long time. Just throw them in the wash under a normal wash cycle. Tumble dry in the dryer on a low setting, or air dry (putting in dryer may cause shrinking, but will not effect performance). The kitchen shammy cleaning cloth dries soft and flexible. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing your shammys as they will hinder the absorbency of the cloth by clogging the pores. This size is perfect for use in your kitchen while cooking, cleaning or washing dishes. It can also be used anywhere else. These highly absorbent cloths are extremely useful for a multitude of applications that extends way beyond the kitchen so get them for your counters or stove top, but discover how useful they are other places too. Order Yours Today! Why use a Shammy

Product Specifications

Includes: (5) Kitchen Shammys
Dimensions 15" x 15"
Color Varies (orange, blue, yellow, pink & teal)
Shammy Material 100% viscose rayon
Shammy Weight 180 gsm (commercial grade)
Made In Germany
Liquid Held up to 21X own weight
Shipping Weight .5 lbs.

The perfect size shammy for your kitchen. This German made shammy is guaranteed to work great and last for years. It is super absorbent and will soak up 21 times it's own weight. Order Yours Today!

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