Kitchen Shammy 5-Pack

Soak up spills, dry dishes, or wipe clean surfaces without leaving spots or streaks. 15" x 15" commercial grade shammys. Made in Germany.
Kitchen Shammy Set - 5-Pack super absorbent cloths
Kitchen Shammy Set - 5-Pack super absorbent cloths
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At half the thickness of our regular Large Super Shammy, these highly absorbent cleaning cloths are perfect for use in your kitchen.

Our Kitchen Shammy 5-Pack features cleaning cloths made from a premium, non-woven material, so they're lightweight, effective, and long-lasting. Use one to dry dishes, wipe down counters, clean appliances or soak up spills and it'll do an amazing job. Every spec of dirt will be lifted up and locked into the material, and every drop of moisture will be absorbed and held in without dripping. These absorbent dish cloths come in a convenient 15" x 15" size, but you can cut them down to any other size or shape, and they won't ravel or fall apart like a regular cloth would. Don't be fooled by similar cleaning cloths that look or sound the same. Our commercial grade Kitchen Shammys are made in Germany using premium quality materials, and this ensures that they are the best available. No other option will absorb as much, or last as long in comparison.

The cloths included in our Kitchen Shammy 5-Pack are guaranteed to outperform any other similar products on the market, so don't waste time with imitation cloths and towels claiming outstanding results. Our premium quality cloths can absorb up to 21 times their own weight in moisture, and they won't ever drip or make a mess in the process. Although they're highly versatile, you can save a ton of time and money just by using these cloths as a substitute for paper towels because they work faster, hold more liquid, and can be used over and over again. Our Kitchen Shammys work great in the room for which they are designed, but they can also be used to clean your bathroom, dust your living room, detail your vehicle and much more. Because they suck up liquids so well, these cloths are also perfect for cleaning up puppy pee, drying spilled drinks, mopping wet floors, wiping windows and mirrors, washing tile floors and more. You can even place one under your dish rack to catch all of the drips when hand washing dishes.

Kitchen Shammy Features

  • Convenient 5-Pack
  • 15" x 15" - Cut To Any Size
  • Premium Quality Made in Germany
  • 100% Non-Woven Viscose Rayon
  • Absorb up to 21X Their Weight

How They Work

It's almost like a giant sponge cloth. The material has the look and feel of thick felt, but when dampened, the viscose fabric becomes more smooth in appearance, and when cleaning, it performs nothing like felt. Instead, it will deliver the absorption power of a thick cellulose sponge, combined with the cleaning power of a premium microfiber cloth. Instead of being sewn and woven like regular cleaning cloths are, these are made from a non-woven material, and there is no need for sewn edges or hems. For this reason, you can cut them to any size or shape, and there will be no change in performance or longevity.

Our Kitchen Shammys are constructed in Germany, using a unique, 100% synthetic rayon material that's extremely absorbent, machine washable, and soft drying. This non-woven viscose material is what makes these kitchen cleaning cloths so versatile. An air spun process is used to create thousands of micro-pores like a very fine sponge, and these tiny pores allow the viscose cloth material to suck up an amazing amount of liquid, and hold it in. These Kitchen Shammys will slurp up liquid like a sponge from virtually any surface, yet never drip. This makes them perfect for wiping down counters, drying pots and pans, cleaning up spilled liquids, or just washing dishes and general cleaning. As an added bonus, the material is also fully compatible with bleach and other disinfectants, so you can sanitize surfaces, or combine with your favorite soaps and cleansers without worry. Used wet or dry, a shammy is always more absorbent than a cotton towel, and much more than paper towels because it's the unique material that makes the cloth work.

Why This Product Is Good

A Super Absorbent Cloth

No other cleaning cloth can soak up as much moisture. These non-woven kitchen shammys can pick up more than 21 times their weight in liquid, and once absorbed, the moisture will be locked in, so the cloth won't drip. This makes them great for washing dishes because they hold a ton of soap, and it makes them great for drying dishes because they'll soak every drop from the surface.

Powerful Cleaning Ability

Just like a streak-free cleaning cloth, these feature a non-woven material that's safe for all surfaces, but incredibly powerful at the same time. Simply wipe any surface, and dirt will be gently scrubbed off the surface, and then picked up and locked into the cloth. Use just water to clean a wide variety of surfaces and materials.

Resizable Cloths - Cut To Any Size

Other cloths will fall apart if you cut them down to a smaller size. These cloths won't. You can cut to any size or shape, and they will never ravel or lose effectiveness.

Washable and Reusable

Machine wash each cloth hundreds of times before replacement is necessary. Save money when compared to disposable options, and add convenience by always having one on-hand and ready to go.

Non-Linting Material

Wipe down windows and mirrors, but never leave behind lint or fuzz. Other cloths just cause problems when you try to clean certain surfaces. Not only will these clean surfaces without leaving behind streaks or spots, they will also never leave behind little bits of fuzz to annoy you.

Premium Quality Cleaning Cloth

Most shammys are lighter weight and less effective than these. Because ours are made in Germany, using commercial grade materials, they easily outperform other options. Don't waste time and effort with an inferior product. Get our Kitchen Shammy 5-Pack instead, and you'll guarantee your results.

Versatile Cleaning Ability

Ideal for use in the kitchen, but also good for just about any job where you clean or dry a surface. These cloths work well in a variety of settings, and they are safe and effective in any room of your home. Get them to try in your kitchen, but then use them for hundreds of other jobs too.

Safe For Use on All Surfaces

Never worry about scratching and other marks. These cloths are perfectly safe on any type of surface, so you never have to think or be careful. Use them at any time, and there will be no risk of damage.

Stop wasting money on paper towels, and avoid frustration from low quality cleaning cloths. Imitation shammys will never work as well, so don't waste your money with similar products sold elsewhere either. When you get these powerful Kitchen Shammy cleaning cloths, you'll be guaranteed that they'll work just as well as we say they will. Quickly get the job done, then wash and reuse the cloths later. You'll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 5-Pack of Kitchen Shammys
Dimensions 15" x 15"
Color Varies: light blue, yellow, teal, pink or orange. Color choice is random. To request a specific color, use the comments box at checkout.
Pack Size 5 Shammys
Compatibility Safe for use on virtually any surface.
Material 100% Viscose Rayon
Weight 180 GSM - commercial grade
Reusable Yes.
Washable Yes. Do not use fabric softeners. Hang dry to avoid shrinking, or machine dry for convenience.
Resizable Yes. Cut to any size or shape.
Origin Made in Germany
Uses Soak up moisture, wipe surfaces, clean appliances, dry dishes and more. These super absorbent and lightweight cleaning cloths are very versatile.
Shipping Weight .15 lbs

A set versatile cloths that's great for all purpose cleaning in your kitchen, but also highly absorbent. Soak up tons of moisture, and clean surfaces with ease. Because they're the highest quality available, you're guaranteed professional level results. Order Yours Today!

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