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Premium Car Wash Mitt

Ultra plush, synthetic lamb's wool detailing mitten. Wash, dry, wax, dust and more.
Premium Microfiber Car Wash Mitt
Premium Microfiber Car Wash Mitt
Large detailing mitt. Plush, synthetic lambs wool.
Wash, dry, wax, buff, dust and more. A versatile car cleaning mitt.
Soft material is scratch-proof and leaves surfaces streak-free.
Make your vehicle shine. Fast and easy-to-use wash mitt.
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Product Description

Increase enjoyment, and guarantee results when you detail your vehicle using this advanced tool. It's a large, plush mitt that's super absorbent, it holds tons of soap, and it's specially designed to deep clean in the most gentle way possible. It provides a safe and effective way to wash your car or truck, but you can also use it to dry, dust, or wax too. The soft material will never streak, scratch or swirl, but it will leave your car looking spot-free and polished with little effort. Our Premium Detailing Mitt is made from the highest quality microfiber available, and thanks to the synthetic lambswool finish, it is used with confidence by professional auto detailers, car fanatics and many other people looking for stunning, professional results. Washing your car is the first, and most important step in the exterior detail process, and using this premium quality wash mitt will give you better results than traditional methods. It's far softer and more absorbent than cotton, and it rivals the plush, luxurious feel of the best natural wool wash mitts. It requires no special care, and it'll last for years, so just toss it in the washer for hundreds of uses.

Why It's Good

  • Professional Quality. Top quality without the high price. Use the same tool the pros do, and get similar results. The advanced material, improved design, and superior construction of this mitt all but guarantee results.
  • Versatile Performance. Perfect for washing the exterior of cars, trucks and boats, but useful for other stuff too. Also ideal for removing dust from interior surfaces, or drying the exterior after washing, and you can even use it to apply or buff off wax.
  • Lasting Durability. Similar looking tools are made from cheap, low quality material that wears easily. This mitt is constructed to handle regular use, and it will last for hundreds of uses without any reduction in ability.
  • Scratch-Proof. Never worry about scratches or swirls on painted surfaces. The super soft microfiber material will never mark or harm any surface in any way, and the mitt itself has round corners to make it even more gentle.
  • Machine Washable. Reuse over and over again. Machine wash and tumble dry for easy maintenance when dirty.
  • Improved Comfort. An oversized mitt combines with a large, soft cuff to create a tool that's comfortable on anyone. The elstic keeps the mitt secure, but it will never feel tight or uncomfortable.
  • Easy and Effective. The advanced material does the work for you. Just slip it on and add soap to quickly deep clean your vehicle with ease.

Use it wet or dry, and with or without soap. This oversized cleaning mitt is perfect for detailing your vehicle inside and out, and the advanced microfiber material makes it easy. Super soft and highly effective, the synthetic lamb's wool material will maintain it's plush look and incredible cleaning ability, even after numerous washes. Never worry about streaks or scratches on painted surfaces, but ensure a deep clean and lasting shine once you finish. The split fibers will gently skim the surface to lift up dirt and lock it in, and thanks to the thickness, it'll hold as much soap and water as a sponge too.

Easily outperform cotton, sheepskin, and other traditional car cleaning options, but also save time and effort in the process. This affordable mitten deep cleans without being abrasive, and it allows anyone to detail like a pro. Use it dry to dust the interior or dry the exterior after washing. Get it wet, and add soap to wash and clean any surface, or use to apply or buff out wax to leave a mirror like shine. Our Wash Mitt is safe to use on any painted surface, as well as glass and shiny metal, and the fibers won't degrade either, so it'll clean just as well, no matter how many times you use it.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) car detailing mitt
Overall Dimensions 8" x 12.25"
Mitt Size 8" x 10"
Cuff Size 3.5" x 2.75"
Color Black
Material Synthetic Lambswool Made from Microfiber
Microfiber Blend 80/20 polyester/polyamide
Fabric Weight 400 GSM
Machine Washable Yes.
Scratch-Proof Yes.
Uses Pefect for washing vehicles and boats. Also good for drying, buffing, waxing, dusting and more. The ultimate car detailing tool. Safe for any surface!
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

Wash, dry and wax your car like a pro! Save time and effort, and get better results when you use this professional quality tool. Order Yours Today!

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