PVA Drying Cloth

A sponge-like cloth for perfectly dried surfaces. Clean stuff or soak up tons of moisture, and never leave behind spots, streaks or lint.
PVA absorber cloth and drying towel
PVA absorber cloth and drying towel
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Use this high quality cloth instead of a sponge, towel, chamois or paper product. Our PVA Drying Cloth is an amazing absorber that'll slurp up ridiculous amounts of moisture in order to leave surfaces totally dry, but also free of any streaks, spots or lint. The silky smooth texture, and soft, squishy feel make this drying cloth both comfortable to hold, and incredibly effective to use. As you wipe down a surface, it'll lift and absorb any grime while it acts like a vacuum to suck up all of the moisture. There's never any risk of scratching, and since it's not a regular fabric, you never have to worry about lint either.

These premium quality PVA Drying Cloths were designed for use in auto detailing, but they have many standard cleaning applications too. You'll get a showroom shine on vehicle surfaces, but it'll also work great for drying surfaces while boating, wiping down counters, drying spills, defrosting the freezer and more. This cloth is similar to a Super Shammy because they're both extremely absorbent, but the material on this one is much different in comparison. A PVA Cloth won't be quite as versatile as a viscose shammy, but for drying surfaces quickly, while leaving them free of spots and streaks, it's really tough to beat.

PVA Cloth Features

  • Premium PVA Material
  • Large 17" x 13" Size
  • Absorbs Up To 20X It's Weight In Liquid
  • Commercial Level Durability
  • Washable and Reusable

This PVA Drying Cloth has the look and feel of a traditional leather chamois, but it's far more absorbent, and way less expensive in comparison. When compared to a traditional chamois for performance, this one will be softer to the touch, easier to use, and faster with the actual drying. Thanks to the PVA material, it'll be able to pick up grit and fine particles as you wipe, but it won't hold them in the cloth to scratch your car with subsequent uses like leather versions do. Instead, it'll lift them off the surface and hold them until you rinse the cloth clean, at which time, the dirt will wash off with ease. This premium quality drying cloth is so soft and smooth that you'll never have to worry about any surface it touches because there's no possibility of scratches or marks. When you dry a surface, it'll do the job quickly, and it'll leave the area spot free, and without any streaking. You won't have to go over the area several times to get the job done either. A single pass will eliminate all moisture from the surface you're drying.

Why This Product Is Good

Premium Quality Cloth

With PVA, there is a wide range in quality, and all cloths are not the same. Be careful when purchasing similar looking products sold elsewhere. When you get a lower quality cloth, it'll never work as well as this one, and it may not work at all. Cheaper versions are thinner, less absorbent, full of fillers, riddled with holes, or less effective and less durable. Don't guess at quality, or waste money on stuff that doesn't work. When you get this high quality PVA Drying Cloth you'll be guaranteed that it will work the way you want it to.

Highly Absorbent Material

This cloth really is just like a big flat sponge. Despite how thin it is, you'll be able to soak up an amazing amount of liquid when you dry surfaces, or clean spills with it. The specialized material will suck in water and other liquids like a vacuum, and once absorbed, the moisture will remain locked into the material. This means that you won't leave behind spots or streaks, but you also won't drip as you walk away to dispose of the liquid you collected.

Long-Lasting Durability

Thanks to the premium quality material, this drying cloth will last a long time. It's rated for use in commercial settings, s it can be used on a regular basis without wearing out quickly. Other cloths will fail or fall apart with just a few uses, but this one will last for hundreds of uses before replacement is necessary.

Versatile Ability

Use it just as a drying cloth, or take advantage of it's cleaning abilities too. This incredible cloth is ideal for use when drying surfaces and soaking spills, and if you use it for that alone the affordable cost would be totally worth it. When you also discover it's cleaning ability, you'll find that this cloth becomes even more valuable. Clean and dust smooth surfaces and flooring, or pick up dust, dirt and hair and you dry the surface. It great for detailing your car, or cleaning your home.

Extra Large Size

Similar PVA cloths will usually be smaller. When you get this extra large alternative you'll be able to clean and dry larger areas in less time. Use it stretched out to cover more of the surface, or fold it up to create a thicker sponge-like pad. The larger size allows you to absorb more liquid and do a better job. You'll save time and effort when compared to using other options.

Thick PVA Material

Soft and squishy to the touch, this drying cloth is thicker and more useful than most. The thick, spongy material enhances the ability of the cloth, and it also ensures a longer life. Get the results you expect thanks to the high grade PVA material.

Washable and Reusable

Other similar clothss will be hand wash only. If you were to wash them in your machine, they'd fall apart and become useless pretty quickly. Our high quality alternative is totally machine washable, and you can clean each one hundreds of times before replacement is necessary.

Why Does It Work So Well?

This drying cloth is made from a highly absorbent synthetic material known as Polyvinyl Alcohol, or PVA. It is essentially a giant, flat sponge, which is why it can dry so well. PVA is designed to mimic the composition of a natural sea sponge, but do so with higher efficiency in order to make it a better absorber. The cell structure is more uniform and connected in order to allow this drying cloth to soak up amazing amounts of moisture. In order to make this particular cloth more durable, a mesh support structure is embedded in the PVA material. It is completely surrounded by the silky smooth, PVA so it does not add any risk of scratches, but it does make the cloth incredibly tough and long lasting due to the added support. Thanks to this effective and resilient material, this drying cloth is also resistant to chemicals, and unaffected by grease and oil. You can machine wash it if it gets dirty in order to use it over and over again, and it will last for years without needing replacement.

How To Use It

This PVA Drying Cloth will absorb nearly 20 times its weight in water. When wet, it becomes soft, squishy, and super flexible. When dry, it becomes very stiff and rigid. For this reason, many people like to store them damp, in some sort of resealable container or bag. Drying out does not ruin the functionality in any way though, so you can store it wet or dry. If it does get hard, you only need to wet it in order to make it soft again. Just let it soak for a minute and it will start feeling just like it did when you first got it.

  1. There is no real trick to using it because when it touches moisture, it soaks it up. Just place the towel over any wet area to dry it quickly and easily.
  2. For counters, simply wipe in a single direction to remove all moisture as you move.
  3. If you're pulling a spill out of carpeting, lay the cloth over the wet area and then press down to initiate the absorption. Liquid will lift out of the fibers and become locked into this sponge-like cloth.
  4. For vehicle surfaces like the hood of your car, spread the cloth out all the way to give yourself maximum surface area. Once spread flat, just pull it towards you slowly, and let the cloth do the work.
  5. As you pull, it'll act like a vacuum to dry the hood completely, and leave it without any spots or streaks.
  6. For other areas of your vehicle, or different drying tasks, you may want to fold it in half or quarters, in order to give you a better size to work with.
  7. On the side of your car, just wipe with deliberate motions to dry any part.

Because this cloth is so soft an flexible, you'll be able to get into every small space in order to leave the surface looking perfect. It gives you the same sort of moisture removal ability as a blade, a sponge, or a squeegee might, but it's far more versatile, and more able to do the whole job.

Treat your vehicle right, and make detailing easy. Our PVA Drying Cloth takes all of the annoyance out of washing your car because it makes it easy to achieve a showroom finish. You can quickly dry all surfaces, and because no moisture will remain, you never have to worry about spots afterward. Don't just save it for your car though. This amazing cloth can help you all over the house because it can quickly dry spills anywhere, or allow you to wipe down counters and other areas more efficiently. If something is leaking, dripping or melting, just place this cloth in the path, and no moisture will get by. Due to the incredible absorption power it provides, you'll be able to dry large areas without stopping or going to get a new towel. This product is designed to be used wet, so a little water isn't going to stop it from working. Once it's fully saturated, just wring it out, be amazed by the water it releases, and then keep on going.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) PVA Drying Cloth
Dimensions 17" x 13"
Shape Rectangle
Uses a super absorber - dry wet surfaces to a spot-free shine or soak up spills. Also picks up dirt and debris as you wipe.
Where To Use Safe for any surface. Will not scratch or mark, and easily sucks moisture off any surface type.
Color Yellow
Material 100% Pure PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)
Storage Case Included No
Chemical Safe Yes - Not affected by strong chemicals, harsh cleaners or salt water
Lint-Free Yes
Absorbency up to 20x - Easily soaks more moisture per weight than cotton or microfiber
Compatibility Use damp
Cleaning Surface Front and back
Machine Washable Yes - Machine wash, but do not machine dry. See more care instructions below.
Shipping Weight .12 lbs
Care Instructions
This cloth is totally machine washable, but you never want to place it in the dryer. Wash by hand, or throw it in the machine to clean it, and then air dry to finish. Never wash with fabric softener because that will reduce ability over time. When brand new, you will want to wash before your first use, and for best results, you will want to wash it after every use. Because it is a sponge, it will collect and absorb things as you use it. This stuff is all easily washed out, but if you do not, it could result in problems. It will always be most effective when it is as clean as possible.The cloth can be stored wet or dry. It is anti mildew agents built into it, so if clean, it can be stored damp without worry. Just wring it out, and place it in a sealed container or bag, and it will be soft and ready to go at all times. If you store it dry, it will become stiff and rigid. This does not harm the cloth or affect the life span, but it will require you to moisten it prior to using it. Once wet, it will get all soft and smooth again. You can use this cloth in a single large layer, folded up to form a thicker pad, or sort of bunched in your hand. Try all three techniques to determine which is best for you.

PVA Drying Cloth - Far more absorbent than any standard towel or cloth. Will soak up liquid like a vacuum thanks to the sponge-like material. Has the look and feel of a traditional leather chamois, but is far more absorbent.Order Yours Today!

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