Ultimate String Mop

A super absorbent microfiber mop. Safe for any floor, and complete with adjustable handle and removable, washable head.
Ultimate String Mop
Ultimate String Mop
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The ultimate in floor cleaning technology. This clever mop combines the cleaning power of microfiber with the absorption ability of a synthetic shammy. It's way more absorbent than a string mop made from cotton, and thanks to the high quality microfiber fabric, it can clean floors with only water. Use it with your favorite floor cleaner if you want to, but the unique composition of the fabric allows our Ultimate String Mop to clean without chemicals. You'll be able to remove 99% of all dirt and germs with only water added, so combining additional soaps and cleansers will only increase your cleaning power, and decrease the amount of effort required to get the job done. It'll hold 47 times more liquid than a traditional cotton mop, but it also dries faster so it won't stink or grow mildew like they do. It's extremely hygienic and can even be used in clean room applications. The complete set comes with a washable head, and an adjustable steel handle. Stop dealing with stinky smells, and heavy mops that don't work very well. This lightweight alternative will outperform traditional versions, and help you to quickly mop floors the safe and easy way.

Works great on any floor. Use it on hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble, granite and more.

Product Features

  • Full Mop Set
  • Telescoping Mop Pole Included.
  • Washable and Reusable Head.
  • Highly Absorbent.
  • Safe For All Types of Flooring.

Why This Product Is Good

Lightweight Mop Head

Cotton strings are pretty heavy, and they get way heavier once saturated with water. Although the strings on this mop are more absorbent, they are also significantly lighter. You'll be able to soak just as much moisture, but the mop will not get too heavy in the process. It'll remain easy to lift and maneuver, even when fully saturated.

Highly Effective On All Floors

The specialized fabric glides across flooring surfaces, and gently scrubs free dirt and debris. It also soaks up any moisture it encounters, and lifted dirt will remain locked into the material. Instead of scrubbing with extra effort, the mop head will do the work for you, so intense action is never necessary.

Long-Lasting Durability

Durable materials provide a commercial strength durability, so this mop will last for a long time, even with everyday use. Machine wash the head whenever it gets dirty, and never worry about the pole failing, bending, or falling apart.

Environmentally Friendly Mopping Option

Although it is fully compatible with any floor cleaner, you can also mop with just water for and Eco-Friendly option. The microfiber material will eliminate all dirt with only water as a detergent, and allow you to mop your floors without harsh chemicals.

Super Absorbent Materials

Clean up spills, and ensure that mopped floors dry to a spot-free and streak-free shine. The microfiber strings will suck up incredible amounts of moisture, and once absorbed, it will remain locked in the material to prevent dripping as you move to the sink or bucket.

Removable Mop Head

The threaded head twists off easily for storage or cleaning. Remove it any time you need to wash it. The head is machine washable, and can be reused many times, but you can also replace a worn head without buying a new mop.

Versatile Cleaning Performance

Use the Ultimate String Mop on any type of floor, and with any type of cleanser. You never have to worry about damage or compatibility when you clean floors using this mop. It has no ability to damage any type of floor, and it'll effectively clean all surface types.

Low Profile Design

Easily mop under and around stuff. The lightweight strings spread out to cover large surface areas, but they also get into corners and tight spaces with ease. Quickly clean your floors, even when there are obstacles in your way.

Why Use One?

For many people, string mops are the preferred choice for cleaning up puddles and spills, as well as everyday mopping, but the process can be wasteful and hazardous. By switching to a microfiber string mop, you can enjoy all the benefits of a string mop while experiencing enhanced productivity, increased safety and less environmental impact. One of the best parts about our mop is that the pads are reusable. You don't have to throw them away when you're done mopping like with those disposable versions. Just clean and re-use them. Microfiber is machine or hand washable and will last through several hundred washings. There are also no chemicals involved either, so your floors won't be sticky or hazardous when your done mopping. Discover a better way to clean. And do it without chemicals! This is the easiest, fastest and safest way to clean any kind of hard flooring. Viscose, a super soft fiber, will not scratch, smell, shed, mold, mildew or rot. Lint free and machine washable (using a mesh bag is recommended). Pole telescopes for easy storage.

Cotton strings could never clean as well, or last as long. If you like string-style mops, you'll love this tool. With the Ultimate String Mop, you'll get all the benefits you're used to, but you'll also avoid all of the annoying stuff. Get your floors cleaner than ever, but don't actually try harder. This powerful microfiber string mop will improve the look of your floor, and make you look like a pro, but you won't have to sweat and struggle to achieve the results.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Ultimate String Mop
Mop Head Dimensions 13" x 3"
String Length 12"
Connection Type Threaded (Standard Thread)
Pole Length 34"-62"
Pole Material Steel
Telescoping Pole Yes
String Material High Quality Microfiber
Microfiber Type Spun Lace Viscose (non-woven - extremely absorbent)
Washable Head Yes
Replaceable Head Yes - Find them here: Replacement String Mop Head
Cleaner Compatibility Works with water alone. Also safe for use with any standard floor cleaner or soap as well.
Absorbency Very absorbent. Holds up to 20 times it's weight.
Floor Compatibility Safe for use on any hard flooring surface.
Uses A highly absorbent and lightweight mop that gently cleans any type of floor. Get surfaces incredibly clean with little effort, and never worry about streaks, spots, lint or anything else. The powerful fibers do the cleaning for you.
Mop Head Color White / Green
Pole Color White
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

Ultimate String Mop - A super absorbent mop. A large head made from many strands of microfiber enable this mop to be a powerful cleaner and outstanding for absorption at the same time. Use on any hard floor for amazing results. Order Yours Today!

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