Microfiber Hand Towel

Super soft, extremely absorbent and fast drying. A lightweight, spa quality towel for an affordable price.
Microfiber Hand Towel - Absorbent and fast drying.
Microfiber Hand Towel - Absorbent and fast drying.
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Treat yourself to the most luxurious hand towel available. Our high quality Microfiber Hand Towels are perfect for use in the bathroom, but you can also use them in your kitchen, on your vehicle, while camping and so much more. The versatile and efficient material is extremely soft to the touch, highly absorbent, and fast drying, so they're perfect for a wide range of uses. They easily outperform cotton hand towels when compared for absorbency and freshness thanks to the plush microfiber material. Just use them like normal, and the advanced fibers will soak up ten times their weight in liquid, and then dry quickly afterward. Instead of soggy towels that stink the next day, you'll have a fresh and fluffy one to dry your hands quickly. You won't have to deal with mildew and bacteria growth, and you won't have to worry about an over-saturated towel that drips all over the floor. Despite their thick appearance, these towels are also lightweight when compared to other options, so they're a great choice for travel, camping or sports.

Made of high quality, ultra plush microfiber, these hand towels are unlike any other available, and they boast an incredible 100,000+ fibers per sq. inch. Each strand is 100 times smaller than a human hair, and uniquely designed to pull water from your body. You'll be delighted with the performance, and because the material is so durable, each one will last for many years of use. The revolutionary fabric requires no special care, and these can be machine washed over and over again, just like any other. This will easily be one of be softest bath towels you've ever used, and it will quickly become your favorite.

Other Options

Looking for something that's bigger? Want a towel to dry your whole body with? We also carry a larger towel made from the same revolutionary material. Our Microfiber Bath Towels come in a standard size, and they compliment these ones perfectly. For anyone looking to outfit an entire bathroom with stuff that matches, or for those that want a bigger towel with the same level of softness and absorbency, you'll definitely want to check them out.

Why This Product Is Good

Soft And Fluffy

Other towels are thin and scratchy, or stiff and unusable. These ones are extra thick, and super soft so they feel nicer, and perform better in comparison.

Highly Absorbent

Most material is far less absorbent than the plush fabric used to construct these towels. Cotton does not even compare, and similar microfiber options may look the same, but the performance will be lacking. Soak up more moisture, and never worry about it dripping.

Fast Drying

Although they hold tons of water, they also release it efficiently, so they dry quicker than most other options. You won't have to worry about mold and mildew growing in your damp towel, and you won't have to gag on the stinky smell as you try to dry your hands.

High Quality

Heavier weight material with a higher density results in a products that stands above the rest. Don't get fooled by cheaper microfiber hand towels that don't work as well, and won't last as long. These are made from a superior material that performs well, and lasts without wearing out.

Versatile Performance

Use in the bathroom as intended, or use for anything else. This product makes the perfect all-purpose drying towel for any surface imaginable, so wipe down vehicles and boats, dry windows, clean your kitchen, take it camping and more.

Lightweight Material

Despite how thick and fluffy it is, this towel is also lightweight and suited for travel. Less bulk makes it effortless to use on a daily basis, but it also allows for easy packing when vacationing, backpacking or camping.

Great for high traffic bathrooms and applications that require maximum absorbency, these Microfiber Hand Towels are lightweight, super soft, and luxuriously fluffy. As soon as the material comes in contact with your skin, it'll begin to pull water right off your body, and lock it into the fibers. The incredible ability of these hand towels will allow anyone to get dry in less time, and with less effort. They work better, look better, and feel better than the cotton version you're currently using, and the bold colors and upscale texture make them a perfect addition to any bathroom.

The super soft material feels exceptionally silky against your skin, and it'll stay fresh for long periods because it dries quickly to discourage mildew and bacteria build-up. These premium quality towels are great for home use in your kitchen or bathroom, but they're also perfect for camping, drying your car, traveling, and so much more. Discover the ultimate way to pamper yourself when you use a microfiber hand towel from us.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) microfiber hand towel
Dimensions 27" x 16"
Material Super Plush Microfiber
Microfiber Blend 80/20
Fabric Weight 400 GSM
Color Your choice. Black, tan, mocha or white.
Absorbency Soaks up and holds 7-10 times its own weight.
Uses Use as a hand towel or drying towel for a variety of jobs and tasks. It's perfect for your bathroom, but also great as a gym towel, travel towel, kitchen towel and more.
Washable Yes. Machine wash and tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
Weight 4 oz.
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

A super soft and luxurious hand towel that works far better than cotton. Treat yourself to the ultimate bathroom accessory. Fast drying and super absorbent. Order Yours Today!

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