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Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler

Two Fruit and Vegetable Peelers in One.
Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler - Serrated and straight blades on one tool.
Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler - Serrated and straight blades on one tool.
Available in red or green.
Flip the cover to reveal the peeler you want to use.
Sharp blades make peeling any food easy.
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Product Description

This handy little tool gives you two types of peelers in one convenient package. It features a regular blade on one side and a serrated blade on the other. To switch from one type to the next, you simply twist the handle. The ingenious design allows you to swap one for the other quickly, while remaining totally safe and incredibly efficient. Simply turn the cover portion of the handle to reveal one blade and cover the other. This cover will lock in place to form a solid, ergonomic handle with the unused blade tucked safely inside. With this combination of peeling blades at your disposal, it will be easier than ever to perfectly peel any kind of fruit or vegetable. No more sifting through the drawer in order to switch tools, or dealing with the wrong tool just to get the job done. Simply flip the Dual Peeler from one blade to the next, and you are ready to go. Food prep will take less time, you will have more professional results, and cleanup time will be cut in half.

The Kuhn Rikon name lets you know that this peeler is a quality tool, and stainless steel blades add convenience to make it dishwasher safe. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold, and made from sturdy plastic that keeps it lightweight. Due to the clever design, you get an incredibly useful too that looks great and is just as easy to use for left or right handed people. Thanks to the wide grip, even those with arthritis or strength problems will find it easy to peel with this tool. Why just settle for an ordinary peeler, when you could venture into cool gadget territory with the Dual Peeler from Kuhn Rikon? It will provide all of the utility that two separate peelers would, but this one combines them into one handy package. Not only will it look cool, and make your other kitchen tools jealous because they are only able to perform a single task, but it will also save space in your drawer, time while cooking and hassle after the fact when it is time to clean up.

The serrated blade on this peeler is perfect for soft fruits or ones with fuzzy skin. It gives you that extra grip and added ability to dig in that will make peeling these types of food easy. Instead of squishing and mashing everything as you tear the peel from your piece of fruit, the serrated blade will peel it effortlessly to give professional looking results. You will get down to the fruit quicker, and have more left over when you are done because the sharp, serrated blade will remove just the skin, leaving all of the yummy fruit behind for eating. Use the serrated blade for produce like peaches, kiwis, tomatoes and more. The straight blade is a standard vegetable peeler blade. It is perfect for all around peeling of many kinds of fruits and vegetables, and will work on just about anything. It is ideal for foods with smooth or thicker skins like beets, potatoes, squash, apples and more. It will also remove the perfect amount of peel to leave behind as much edible food as possible just like it's serrated friend. You can also do hard cheese or chocolate with this tool. Use the serrated blade to grate or peel chocolate because those teeth will make the job easy. For hard cheese, the straight blade will be best. Gentle pressure will give delicate peels, and if you apply more, you can remove thin slices.

This combination tool would make a great addition to any kitchen and is the perfect tool for novice cooks and professionals alike. It will give you two high quality peeling blades in one innovative package. Switching between the two is easy, and the Dual Peeler is incredibly safe, despite the double blade. High quality materials, and superior construction ensure that it will work great for a long time, and thanks to the stainless steel blade, it can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Vegetable Peeler
Dimensions 2.75" x 6"
Uses Peeling, Slicing, Skinning, decorating and more
Color Green
Handle Material Plastic
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Type Dual - Serrated on one side, and straight on the other
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Eye/Stem Remover No
Compatibility Left or Right Handed
Ergonomic Design Yes
Swiss Made Yes
Manufacturer Kuhn Rikon
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler - A regular vegetable peeler and a serrated peeler in one. Simply twist the handle to switch from one type to the next. This handy tool gives you the power of two peelers, but takes up the space of only one. Order Yours Today.

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Average Rating
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5 out of 5
LOVE this peeler
I love this peeler. Works wonderfully and does really thin peels. Have used it several times with both the straight edge and serrated edge. I like the cover that places over the edge I'm not currently using. Sturdy material and would order it again. Thanks for carrying this item. The delivery took longer than I thought it should, but it was due to an item being out of stock. When it did finally ship simplygoodstuff shipped it priority mail and I still got free shipping. I love this site and look forward to using it again.
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5 out of 5
Got mine as a gift
cuts everything carrots potatos turnips also the peel you cut is paper thin so very little waste. Love it and buying more to share PS less tehn 2 minutes i had 10 potatoes peeled . go over bad stots by up down motion and they go away in scraps with little wate as well .
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5 out of 5
I bought this around two years ago; Buying another and more for gifts. Will peel anything you need it to.
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