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4 Bike Storage Rack

Wall Mounted Storage From Monkey Bar. Lifetime Warranty.
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Product Description

Tired of your cluttered garage and pile of bikes? Get this sturdy storage solution to hang and organize the whole family's bikes, and you'll eliminate this problem. Each one will be neatly hung on the wall, in order to better organize them while also freeing up floor space, and reducing the mess. It works with with just about any shape or size bicycle, so it doesn't matter if it is little Suzy's pink bike with 12" wheels, or Daddy's gigantic mountain bike with 26" wheels. This incredible storage rack will be fully compatible with either of these bike types, as well as everything in between. You can hang and organize several bikes that are the same size, or four that are each totally different in sizing and your results will be just as good. The versatile design features hooks that will gently grip the front wheel of each bike, and each hook can be positioned anywhere along the bar, or even removed if not needed. You can store up to four bikes at once, so it's ideal for families and avid cyclists with multiples, but it's not so large that it becomes unreasonable for folks that only have two. Because it's made from industrial strength steel, this rack can hold up to 200 lbs. of hanging bikes, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

How To Use It

This incredibly sturdy bike hanger is one of the best ways to bring organization to your garage or shed because it will separate, and elevate your bicycles so they are off the ground, and out of the way. This not only increases the life of your bike, it also makes your garage less cluttered, and more usable. The whole rack installs in under fifteen minutes, and is able to hang just about anywhere.

  1. Essentially, you will just be mounting two brackets to the wall, connecting the steel bar, and then adding on the hooks in whichever positions you want.
  2. It will be important to mount it high enough for the back tire of your largest bicycle to remain off the ground when attached, but not so high that it is impossible to hang it up.
  3. You do need to make sure that you drive screws into something sturdy, so for most instances you will start off with a stud finder to locate the exact spot where the mounting brackets will go.
  4. Once a stud has been found, mark the holes using a pencil, then remove the bracket to drill pilot holes.
  5. Do the same thing for the bracket on the other side, and then use the included screws to secure each bracket in place. Once you have those two pieces up, you will attach the main bar by pressing in the little button, and slipping it through the hole.
  6. Once the bar slips through, the button will pop, and the bar will be secure.
  7. Now just check to make sure the bar is level, then attach the hooks, one for each bike, and slide them into location.
  8. To store a bike on this rack, simply lift up, and hook the front tire to one of the j hooks you have applied.

Whether you are completely cleaning your garage, or you just want to give your bike a new home, this storage rack is the perfect product. After you hang it up, you can say goodbye to dirty, damaged or rusty bikes because they will no longer be lying on the ground to get trampled, buried or affected by moisture and grime. Your bicycle will always be easy to take out, and ready to ride when you remove it. While being stored, it will remain secure, off the ground and out of your way. The whole thing is incredibly sturdy, and it will take any abuse you throw at it. Everything is made of steel, but the hooks are coated in plastic to further protect your bike, and eliminate any possibility of scratching or other damage. With the Monkey Bar Bike Rack, you don't have to mess around with pulleys and other difficult to use parts, and it can easily adapt to any number or size of bike. Stop leaving your bike outside, or just leaning it somewhere in your garage. Proper storage will reduce necessary maintenance, while allowing for more enjoyment and a longer life for your bicycles.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Bike Storage Rack
Width 51"
Depth 4"
Uses Hang and store bicycles when not in use. Elevate them off the ground, and arrange neatly on the wall to reduce clutter and prevent damage.
Compatibility Hang up to 4 bikes. Works with any kind of bike.
Capacity Hang up to 200 lbs.
Material Steel
Finish Powder Coated with a granite-like finish.
Hooks Included Comes with four "j" hooks.
Hardware Included Yes - Comes with all hardware needed for installation.
Assembly Required Yes - Simple assembly required. May take up to 15 minutes to mount.
Warranty Yes - Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
Shipping Weight 7 lbs

One of the best ways to preserve your bike, prevent damage, and keep your garage organized. Store the whole family's bikes in one convenient location. Reduce space needed, and make them easier to take out. Order Yours Today!

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5 out of 5
Very sturdy and easy to hang up. im happy
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