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One Gallon - Quick n Brite Liquid
One Gallon - Quick n Brite Liquid

One Gallon Quick n Brite Liquid

Natural, Concentrated Cleaning Liquid.
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A large container of liquid to save you even more money. This jug is equal to 2 of the smaller sized 64 oz. containers, or four of the Super Shot size. It is perfect for people that prefer to clean with the liquid version of Quick n Brite, or anyone that usually adds the cleaner to water in order to use it. Most people find this version to be far more convenient when mixing into spray bottles, using in steam cleaners, adding to pressure washers and more. Mix 3 tbs into a quart spray bottle for an all purpose solution that can be used on virtually every surface of your home, office or vehicle. A single teaspoon of Quick 'n Brite in a quart spray bottle will clean windows and mirrors better than the blue stuff, and at a fraction of the cost. This super tough natural cleaning product is gentle on surfaces, but tough on dirt. You can clean almost anything with this powerful cleaner and it remains safe to touch, safe for the environment, and totally safe for use around children and pets. Unlike other effective cleaners, you don't have to gag at the smell, or worry about what it touches. It will deliver the same or better cleaning power, and it will due so without any risk to the surface being cleaned, or the person doing the cleaning.


  • Use a small amount on a rag to rub out stains in clothing.
  • Add to windshield washer fluid reservoir, and dilute with water to save money, repel water and keep the glass more clean.
  • Use a smaller amount than traditional alternatives in a steam cleaner to wash and remove stains from any type of carpet.
  • Add to water to mop tile, linoleum or hardwood.
  • Use to clean up pet accidents, and eliminate odors as you remove the stains.
  • Remove soot build up from brick or stone.
  • Make a light solution, and spray on windows and mirrors to get them clean without leaving streaks.
  • Make a heavy, all purpose solution to clean every surface in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Apply full strength to get rid of hard water stains.
  • Use it virtually anywhere to make any cleaning job safer and easier. For more applications, follow this link: Cleaning Guide


Quick and Brite liquid concentrate is technically the same strength as the paste version, but many people find it to be way more convenient. Both versions are incredibly versatile and will work amazingly well for hundreds of tasks, but the version featured here, is way easier to mix with water. You can always dilute the paste into water as well, but you will have to melt it to liquefy it, and using this jug of concentrate will allow you to cut out that step. When adding to a steam cleaner or pressure washer, you can not use the paste in a solid form, and when making spray bottles of heavy or light solution this is also the case. The paste is better used for set in stains or other jobs that require more attention, so many people like to have both on hand. Having the liquid on hand makes it faster and easier to add the cleaner to water, use as a liquid alternative, or pour on the stain you want to remove, but having some paste as well will keep you prepared for the most stubborn dirt, or clothing stains that have been set in.

Because it contains no harsh chemicals, Quick'n Brite is safer for children and pets. With hundreds of uses all over your home, office and vehicle, this all natural cleaner is the safest and most versatile one available. Use it to clean windows, mirrors, floors, vehicles, upholstery, clothing, stoves, driveways, fireplaces, stone, boats and more. This gallon jug has a 25 year shelf life, and it comes with a full money back guarantee. Try it today and you will discover a better way to clean your home. Order Yours Today!

quick n brite

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 128oz. container of liquid (one gallon)
Container Size One Liquid Gallon - 128 oz.
Version Liquid Concentrate
Cleaner Type Enzyme (natural solvent)
Conatiner Type Normal
Biodegradable Yes -100%
Phosphate-Free Yes
Applications upholstery, fabric, tubs, tile, carpet, laundry, cars, stovetops, counters...more
Shipping Weight 8 lbs.

One Gallon Quick 'n Brite Liquid Concentrate - A highly concentrated, environmentally safe (phosphate-free) liquid cleaner for almost any job you have. Whether cleaning floors, autos, windows, or even your pet, it is perfect for any job!

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