Cigar Punch

A Key Chain Tool For Cigar Smokers. Doubles As A Bottle Opener.
Cigar Punch - Clip anywhere, or attach to your key chain.
Cigar Punch - Clip anywhere, or attach to your key chain.
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The perfect key chain accessory for any cigar lover, this high quality tool is a punch and bottle opener in one. It comes equipped with a spring loaded clip at one end, and a removable punch at the other. Simply twist apart to prep your cigar, and then twist back together to compact for storage. As the two pieces connect, an integrated plunger presses out any extra tobacco to leave the chamber clean and ready to use again. The stainless steel blade makes cutting easy, and the aluminum body provides lightweight durability that allows for storage in almost any location. Use the integrated clip to attach to your belt, connect to your keys, or hang from a hook in a convenient spot. As an added bonus, you can use this same clip to open beer bottles because it doubles as an opener, and makes this tool even more awesome. Stop biting, chewing, ripping, or using inferior tools. Make every cigar more enjoyable, and never get caught without your punch again. This high quality tool is incredibly portable, and guaranteed to provide outstanding performance each and every time you use it.

Why It's Good

  • Solid Metal. Made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel, this is a rugged little tool. Even when stored in your pocket, it will remain undamaged and highly functional at all times.
  • Super Sharp. High quality stainless steel ensures a razor sharp edge that will remain sharp with repeated use. Simply press in with light pressure, and it will cut a clean hole with the perfect diameter. Never worry about smashing the end, or any other type of damage.
  • Self Cleaning. No tobacco scraps will remain because the built in plunger empties out the cutting chamber when you screw the tool back together. Any collected debris will be pressed out the back side of the punch once the two pieces are connected.
  • Bottle Opener. Without making it look silly, this sleek little tool is able to double as a bottle opener. Just open the clip, and then open beer bottles with little effort. It's incredibly useful as a punch alone, but this additional functionality certainly adds value without ruining the tool.
  • Clip Anywhere. More than just a key chain attachment, the carabiner style clip allows you to attach this punch to almost anything. Leave it in your favorite smoking spot, and never lose it, or clip right to your keys to be ready to go, no matter where you are.
  • Lightweight. Although it's made from nothing but metal, the main body is constructed from an aluminum material that provides strength and durability without adding bulk. Easily carry without ever noticing it.
  • Compact. The whole tool is only three and one half inches long when both parts are connected. The actual cutter, measures a little over one and one half inches when separated. It's compact enough to store anywhere, and substantial enough to get the job done quickly, and with little effort or frustration.
  • Rust Resistant. Thanks to the materials, you can even leave it outside without any worry. It will not rust to become ugly or dull, so keep it on the deck next to your ashtray if desired for convenience.

Where To Use It

It's incredibly compact, so it's ideal for any situation where you're on the go, but it works so well, you'll want to use it anytime your stationary too. The precise hole will be welcome no matter if you are relaxing in your man cave, or out on the fairway, playing a round. Don't let the key chain classification fool you. This tool is quite substantial, and the same hook that will attach it to your keys will also allow for convenient storage all over your home or office. The list below is only a portion of the ideal uses, but it makes a great guide to show what is possible.
  • Connect to a hook in your garage.
  • Hang next to your ashtray on your porch or patio.
  • Clip to your golf bag.
  • Hang in a cigar room or man cave.
  • Attach to luggage while traveling.
  • Connect to keys when vacationing or when going to a party.
  • Attach to a backpack to bring it camping
  • Easily pocket or hook to a belt loop when attending concerts and other special events.

How To Use It

This handy little tool offers one of the most compact and portable ways to cut a cigar to perfection. Use it to punch the end prior to smoking, and you are all but guaranteed a smooth draw, and enjoyable experience. Thanks to smart design, and high quality materials, this cigar punch is both easy to use, and highly effective. Use it to quickly cut with precision, and then store it anywhere so you always have it when you need it. Although it works much like any device that is similar, follow the instructions below to use it properly, and ensure optimal performance and value.
  1. The tool consists of two parts. When the two are connected, it is ready for storage or use as a bottle opener. When separated, it is ready for use as a cigar punch.
  2. To punch a hole, unscrew the blade by twisting to the left. It will loosen and then separate. Set aside the plunger/clip half.
  3. Locate the center of the end of your cigar.
  4. Align the punch at the exact middle, and then press inward.
  5. Twist back and forth as you press in, and penetrate approx 1/4", or until the stainless steel blade is no longer visible.
  6. Pull straight out to finish cutting. You should be left with a perfect circle that has been removed from the end.
  7. To clean the cutting chamber, and connect the two parts back together, turn to the right to tighten the parts.
  8. As you screw, the plunger will push out any debris to leave the cutting chamber totally clean.
  9. To use as a bottle opener, open the clip, and press against any beer or soda bottle cap. Rock upward to lift the cap off easily.
  10. To connect to key rings, cords, straps, zippers and more, just open the carabiner clip by pressing in, hook it in place, and then let go, and the spring loaded clip will secure itself.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) cigar punch / bottle opener
Dimensions .5" x 1" x 3.15"
Punch Diameter 9mm
Material Aluminum
Cutter and Plunger Material Stainless Steel
Uses Punch holes in the end of cigars prior to smoking. Cuts a perfect circle, and removes it cleanly. Clip opening also works as a bottle opener.
Compatibility Compatible with many different brands and sizes. 
Attachment Method Carabiner Clip
Integrated Plunger Yes
Reusable Yes
Key Chain Compatible Yes
Solid Metal Yes
Origin Made In China
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

A high quality tool with a razor sharp punch. Quickly pop out a clean opening without any damage to your cigar. Also useful for cracking open a cold one. Order Yours Today!

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