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Finale Grate and Slice

A Conveniently Compact Food Slicer.
Finale Grate and Slice
Finale Grate and Slice
A hand-held grater and slicer.
Grate hard cheese or chocolate.
Slice cheese, veggies or fruit.
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Product Description

This compact food slicer from Swissmar puts the fun in functional. It is a smaller sized food slicer that is similar to traditional mandolin slicers, but it features a unique shape, bold coloring and a smaller size. This little device is perfect for quick cutting jobs or even for use right at the dining room table. Get all of the precision of a larger, professional mandolin right in the palm of your hand. This great kitchen gadget is perfect for dinner parties, quick food prep, or anyone that is in need of an incredibly easy to use food slicing tool. The Finale Grate and Slice will produce perfect looking, uniform cuts every time you use it. With two interchangeable blades, you will find an endless number of uses for it.

This mini mandolin from Swissmar bridges the gap between a hardcore, professional style slicer and a basic hand peeler. There are two different versions of the Finale, and each one is equipped to perform two different cuts. Click Here to check out the Finale Slice and Julienne. The one featured on this page is a grater and a slicer combined. Use the serrated slicing blade to easily cut through softer fruits and vegetables like kiwis and tomatoes. The super sharp serrated blade will cut cleanly through the softest food without damaging it to leave behind perfect, professional looking slices. You can even use this insert to cleanly slice delicate cheeses. Switch out the blades to use the grater insert. This one is perfect for grating hard cheeses and chocolates. It is able to finely grate harder foods with little effort due to the sharp stainless steel grater blades. The clever design of this tool allows your hands and counter stay clean as all of your sliced food slides right out the chute and lands exactly where you want it. Prep a large amount of food into a bowl, or pass it around the table so guests can slice and grate right onto their soup, salad or pasta.

Despite the great results you will achieve with this slicer, it is incredibly easy to use. Simply hold it in one hand and slice or grate with the other. The design allows for left or right handed people to use it equally well and the safety food holder makes it safe enough for almost anyone. A simple plastic holder wraps around the food you are cutting and grips it at the same time. This makes it easier to cut and protects your fingers from coming close to the blade at the same time. The back of the Finale features a sturdy plastic casing that provides a protective hand grip and also acts as a chute to direct sliced food to it's desired location. The small size and simple design of this slicer makes it ultra portable. Use it right at the table, take it with you to a dinner party, or pack it in your picnic basket to use it on the go. This is the ultimate tool for when you have slicing that needs to be done quickly, cleanly and evenly. 5.5" long. Made is Switzerland. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) food slicer
Dimensions 5.5" x 2.3"
Compatibility Left or right handed
Color Yellow
Uses Slicing soft fruits and vegetables or grating hard cheeses and chocolate
Casing Material Sturdy Plastic
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Manufacturer Swissmar
Shipping Weight .2 lbs.

Finale Grate and Slice by Swissmar - A compact food slicer for small jobs or for using right at the dining room table.

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