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2 lbs. Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner

A Powerful Cleaner For Super Dirty Hands. Biodegradable & Easy On Your Skin.
2 pound container - Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner
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Product Description

Wash just about anything off your hands in a matter of seconds. It doesn't matter if you were working on the car all day, planting flowers in your garden, or finishing up an art project. This powerful hand cleaner will remove black stuff, sticky stuff, greasy stuff and a whole lot more, and it will do so without the use of toxic chemicals, petroleum products or even alcohol. The powerful ingredients are able to cut through dirt and other yucky build up in order to eliminate it from the surface of your skin without multiple washes or extreme scrubbing necessary. Despite being highly effective, the ingredients are also totally safe for your skin, and 100% biodegradable. Teeny bits of natural pumice are mixed in to vastly increase scrubbing ability and allow you to spend less time washing while getting your hands cleaner. Natural citrus solvents combine with added surfactants and emulsifiers to break apart any type of dirt and float it of your hands so it is easy to rise or wipe away. This combination allows for effective cleaning, and also gives the lovely pink paste a pleasant citrus odor. Our hand cleaner provides a professional level clean without drying your skin, or stripping vital oils, and it works incredibly fast. Stop using dangerous substances to clean your hands, and don't settle for one that demands multiple applications, or additional tools to scrub off dirt. This remarkable cleaner will outperform others, and it will do so without leaving behind dry, cracked or irritated skin.

This is the middle size container. If you are still unsure, we carry a smaller one that costs less, but if you are reordering, we also carry a large size that provides the most bang for your buck. To check out the other options available, follow these links: 6 oz. Pumice Hand Cleaner and 4.25 lbs. Pumice Hand Cleaner.

Washing your hands with this remarkable product is easy. You don't have to worry about what it will work on, and what it won't, because it will easily remove virtually anything in a matter of seconds. You can use water and rinse dirt away after lathering, or you can simply wipe clean with a rag when no water is available. It will only take a small amount of cleaner to remove most types of grime, so you will always want to start out with less rather than more. Whether you were just working on a motor, digging a ditch, or gluing stuff with your kids, this amazing product will clean you up afterward without taking a lot of time, or requiring a bunch of effort. The pleasant smelling paste is thick and creamy, and it stays that way as you wash. It will not absorb into your skin, or otherwise disappear, so you can scrub and scrub until all of the dirt is lifted from your skin.

Use on hands, feet, arms, elbows and more. It will remove greasy and oily stuff, hard and crusty stuff, sticky and gooey stuff, and even thick black stuff. It doesn't matter what you are trying to remove because the high quality ingredients in this hand cleaner will work on virtually anything. The biodegradable formulation is free of petroleum products, alcohol and other toxic ingredients, but it provides more than enough power to get the job done. Half size, pumice stones are mixed in with a natural citrus solvent, surfactant and high grade emulsifiers to give you the scrubbing and cleaning power necessary to easily remove the dirt on your hands. To use it, simply take a small amount and apply directly to your dirty hands. Scrub and lather until all dirt is lifted from your skin, and captured in the cleaner. In less than a minute any dirt should be loosened to the point that it rinses or wipes away easily.

Other popular hand cleaners force you to use harmful ingredients to get good results. This can result in damaged or irritated skin, and it is not even guaranteed to remove the dirt. Other cleaners produce mediocre results, but may require extra scrubbing tools in order to completely clean your skin. This powerful alternative has built in scrubbing power, but it also has ingredients that cut and lift dirt more efficiently than others. You will not have to use abrasives to clean sticky dirt, and you will not dry or damage your skin from toxic substances. This biodegradable hand cleaner is safer for the environment, and easier on your skin, but it will still outperform alternatives as it powers through tough dirt an grime. Use it for the occasional situation of intense dirtiness, or employ it on a regular basis to wash hands daily. When you have SimplyGood Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner at your disposal, you never have to worry about getting your hands dirty again. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Pumice Hand Cleaner
Size 2 lbs.
Uses Much more powerful than regular soap. Quickly clean sticky, greasy or severely dirty hands. Works fast and requires less scrubbing. Can be used with or without water to completely remove grease, oil, paint, adhesives, ink, tar, dirt, clay, cement, mud, foul odors, sap, resin and so much more. Professional strength for mechanics, maintenance workers, industrial manufacturers and more.
Color Pink
Scent Mild Citrus
Alcohol Free Yes
Petroleum Free Yes
Biodegradable Yes
Non-Toxic Yes
Pumice Scrubbers Yes - 1/2 size natural granules to increase scrubbing power, get into cracks and crevices, and also help clean under nails.
Compatibility Ingredients are safe for every skin type. This cleaner will easily remove dirt while leaving behind natural oils in order to protect skin and retain moisture.
Shipping Weight 1.9 lbs

Two Pounds of Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner - Safer and more effective than other alternatives, and way more powerful than regular soap. Will remove just about anything from your hands in a matter of seconds. Order Yours Today!

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