Large Fold-Flat Dog Dish

A big bowl for larger pets. Pop it open for use, or fold it flat for storage. Perfect for food and water on-the-go.
Fold-Flat Travel Dog Dish
Fold-Flat Travel Dog Dish
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If you travel with your dog, or take it to other people's homes for sleepovers, then you need this Large Fold-Flat Dog Dish. Instead of packing the bulky, and possibly breakable bowls from home, you can take this one instead, and you'll never have to worry about accidental damage, or the room it'll take up. It's perfect for walks, vacations, road trips, hiking, and more because it pops open when you want to use it, but then it folds down to a flat circle for compact storage, at all other times. The sturdy silicone material remains rigid no matter how much, or how little you put inside, so it won't flop around, fall over or otherwise cause trouble for your pet when they try to drink or eat from it. The large clip clip at the top allows you to quickly attach the bowl to backpacks, harnesses, leashes, luggage and other stuff, and the lightweight yet durable materials ensure that it won't add bulk, break easily, or wear with regular use.

The vibrantly colored fold-flat dish is made from food safe silicone, and because it's thicker, and more high quality than other options available, it'll expand easily, but remain stiff, stable, and secure while your pet eats or drinks. This bowl is designed for larger dogs and cats, but with two height options, it can also adapt to meet the needs of any pet or situation. Whether your dog needs a quick drink of water after a run in the park, or a full meal while staying at a hotel, this dish will provide the perfect way to serve it. Once you finish using it, it'll collapse down to a height of only 1/2", so you can store it almost anywhere. It's so useful, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Keep one in your car, backpack, or purse, and always be ready to feed or water your pet, no matter where you are.

Product Features

  • XL Size.
  • 2 Color Options.
  • Matching carabiner clip included.
  • Folds flat. Pops open with two size options.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Why This Product Is Good

Premium Quality

Avoid the frustration caused by low quality imitations. Sure this dish is a great idea, but that idea can be quickly ruined by inferior construction and low quality materials. A bowl like this is not useful at all if your dog can't eat or drink from it, and similar products are often made from cheap plastic and silicone, so they won't work as well, or last as long. When you get this top quality dish instead, you'll be guaranteed to have a fold-flat bowl that'll work right, last a long time, and never lose shape, rip apart or become floppy with regular use.

Easily Portable

The ultimate in portability, all you have to do is press down to fold this bowl into a flat disc. Once compacted, you can easily take it with you, no matter where your going. The materials are lightweight, so it won't add bulk, and with the included clip, you can quickly attach to all sorts of stuff.

Versatile Performance

It works just as well for food or water, and you can use it with any type of animal. When opening it up, you'll have two height options, so you can create the exact amount of space you need. Ideal for everyday walks, but also great for picnics, day trips, car rides, airplane trips, camping and more.

Vibrant Coloring

Attractive and functional, choose your dog or cat's favorite color. Each option will come complete with a matching carabiner clip.

Sturdy and Durable

You may have seen similar products, but few offer the same quality and usefulness of this one. If you want to avoid cheap options that are thin, floppy and weak, then look no further. This dish will not collapse while your pet is using it, and it won't lose shape or make it difficult to eat or drink from it. When you get this dish you are guaranteed a high quality, long-lasting solution. It won't fail, break or tear with repeated use, but it will provide a secure and stable container for your pet to eat or drink from.

Dishwasher Safe

You can hand wash if you like, but the materials are also dishwasher safe, so you can pop it in on the top rack for fast and easy cleaning whenever it gets dirty.

Extra Large

If you have a big dog, or a dog with a big appetite then other travel bowls just won't work. This one is bigger than most, and it's more like a standard size dog dish in comparison, so it'll provide plenty of room for you to give your dog all of the food and water it wants.

Other Options

Don't need a travel pet bowl that's quite so big? No problem. We also carry a smaller size bowl as well, so if you have a small or medium size pet, our Regular Collapsible Pet Bowl may be a better choice.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Large Fold-Flat Dog Dish - XL portable pet food and water bowl
Overall Dimensions 7.6" x 3.2" (7.6" x 0.6" collapsed)
Bowl Diameter 6.25"
Bowl Height 3.2" or 1.8"
Thickness When Collapsed 0.6"
Bowl Material Food Grade Silicone
Color Options Blue or Pink
Carabiner Clip Included Yes
Washable Yes.
Dishwasher Safe Yes. (Top shelf recommended)
BPA-Free Yes.
Compatibility For medium or large size dogs or cats.
Uses The perfect pet bowl for travel. Take it anywhere to feed and water your dog whenever necessary. Pop it open for use, or fold it flat for storage.
Shipping Weight .7 lbs

A collapsible bowl for dogs and cats. This large dish takes up almost no space when it's not needed, but it transforms into a large bowl anytime your dog needs food or water. Perfect for walks, camping, vacation and more. Order Yours Today!

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