1. Microfiber Ratchet Twist Mop
Powerful twist mop with ratchet assist wringer
Powerful twist mop with ratchet assist wringer

Microfiber Ratchet Twist Mop

Self Wringing Mop With Advanced Microfiber Head And Integrated Scrubber.
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A ratchet assist wringer combines with a powerful cleaning head to make it easy to mop any type of floor.

Why It's Good

  • Self-Wringing. Other mops force you to use your hands or a separate wringer to get the water out. This one has a twist action wringing system built right in, so any bucket or sink will do, and you never have to touch the head with your hands.
  • Ratcheting. Similar looking twist mops can be difficult to operate for most people, and impossible for those with arthritis or strength issues. This one is ratcheting so it locks in any position to assist with wringing, and this makes the twist action effortless.
  • Soft And Powerful. The fluffy soft strings are gentle enough for any surface, but the advanced material gives plenty of power to remove any type of dirt.
  • Integrated Scrubber. Got a stubborn spot that won't lift up? Just use the non-abrasive scrub pad on the head to quickly remove it without slowing down.
  • Easy Off Head. Similar products often come with heads that are impossible to remove, and prone to breaking if you are able. This one has a threaded end that screws right on, and it comes of in seconds when you need to wash it.
  • Machine Washable. Wash the head hundreds of times before it needs replacing, just unscrew and pop it in the laundry, and you will have a fresh mop the next time you clean your floors.
  • Compatible With All Floors. It's totally safe and effective for any hard flooring surface in your home.
  • Large Head. Cover more surface area with each pass thanks to the extra large head. Easily finish in less time because the powerful microfiber strings spread out to clean a maximum amount of surface.
  • Eco_friendly. Mop with water alone for amazing results. You can use any cleaner you like, but as an environmentally conscious choice, you can also use regular tap water as your only detergent.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) self wringing microfiber string mop
Overall Length 60"
Pole Length 50"
Head Size 16" wide x 20" long
Scrubber Size 2.5" diameter
Number Of Strings 130+
Head Material Microfiber
Absorbency Super absorbent - holds 15 times its own weight
Telescoping Handle Yes
Handle Material Steel
Handle Color Silver
Self Wringing Yes
Ratcheting Yes - Locks in place when twisted to any position.
Washable Head Yes - Machine wash, hang dry.
Easy Off Head Yes. Simply unscrew to remove.
Replaceable Head Yes
Cleaning Surface All parts of head
Compatibility Safe and effective on all hard floors.
Shipping Weight 1.8 lbs

An easy to use mop that's extremely powerful. Quickly clean any floor, absorb spills and more. The easy twist design allows for effortless wringing, and the advanced head powers through any dirt without trouble. Order Yours Today!

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