Ultra Chef Express

A 7-in-1 kitchen miracle. One tool to do it all. Just spin the handle to chop, mix, slice or whip with speed and precision. Prepare food in seconds!
Ultra Chef Express - A 7 in 1 food chopper
Ultra Chef Express - A 7 in 1 food chopper
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An amazing food chopper and so much more! The Ultra Chef Express is a 7-in-1 kitchen gadget that will save you time and effort when preparing all sorts of foods. It's indispensable as a chopper, but with the collection of extra parts it comes with, you can also whip, juice, shred, slice and more. Make hash browns for breakfast, mix up a meatloaf for dinner, chop onions without any tears, prepare salsa, mix cake batter, the possibilities are nearly endless with this powerful tool. Just turn the crank to spin the blades, and anything inside will cut with ease.

Thanks to the super sharp blades, and precise, manual operation, you can easily achieve any consistency you want. Spin a few times for large chunks, spin more for smaller ones, and keep on turning if you want to puree the food inside. The clear bowl allows you to see exactly what's going on, and the sealed chamber contains smells and messes that would otherwise annoy you. This deluxe version food chopper comes with many additional attachments to add to its usefulness, so it's much more than a chopping tool. Get it to dice onions and tomatoes with incredible speed and accuracy, but then experiment with the other parts to discover all of the other food prep tasks it can handle.

Product Features

  • Hand Crank Operation
  • 4 Cup Capacity
  • Triple Blade Design
  • 7-In-1 Functionality
  • Ergonomic Side Handle
  • Extras Included: mixing blade, julienne insert, slicing insert, shredding insert, citrus juicer, storage lid, safety holder, and egg separator.

Other Options

The Ultra Chef Express is similar to our Salsa Express Miracle Chopper, but this package comes with way more extra attachments. If you only care about the chopping function, then the Salsa Express offers the same capacity and cutting ability, so it may be a better choice. If you want a food chopper that can also help with a wide range of other jobs, then this deluxe version is probably the option for you.

Why This Product Is Good

Fast and Efficient

A simple spin allows you to cut 20 times faster than you can with a knife. Each time you rotate the knob on top, the blades inside the chamber spin around several times. You can finish, in a matter of seconds, what used to take you several minutes by hand. As an added bonus, the results will be uniform in size and shape without any effort on your part.

Highly Accurate

Manual operation ensures a consistent and accurate end result when compared to motorized alternatives, and despite the speed, you can still get the exact consistency that you want easily. Make anything from home fries to baby food, and ensure that it has the perfect consistency. Hand powered operation allows you to observe the results, and stop at the precise moment when the food is the size you want it.

Triple Blade Design

Unlike other food choppers that only have one or two blades, the Ultra Chef Express has three spinning blades with a incredibly sharp edges. High quality stainless steel is used to create three curving blades with razor sharp edges. Each rotation will result in multiple cuts in multiple locations, and because it slices through at several heights, you ensure a uniform chop, no matter how full the bowl is. Hard food or soft can be sliced just as easily with this tool.

Versatile Operation

The Ultra Chef Express is a deluxe food chopper, and a 7-in-1 tool that just about does it all. This gadget makes a perfect addition to any kitchen because it's so useful in a variety of settings. Chop like a champion, but also slice, whip, blend, shred and juice with professional results. The additional parts in this set are not just filler. They add real functionality that you will find incredibly useful.

Fully Contained Chopping

Onion juice can make you cry, and garlic stinks, but when you chop it with this tool, you would never know. Messy sauces remain contained, and stinky odors never hit your olfactories. With the completely contained design messes are reduced, clean up is easy, and crying over food prep is a thing of the past.

Simple Storage

All of the parts nest conveniently right in the bowl, so storing this set is easy. Easily find room in your cupboard for the compact space it requires when not in use. If you had to store one tool for each job this chopper handles, your drawers and cupboards would be overflowing. Save space and save money, but don't compromise your ability to get the job done. Be ready for almost any recipe when you have this powerful tool on hand.

Crank Powered Chopping

Electric machines can be bulky and expensive, and they don't always allow for the results you desire. There's no need to plug this one in, and because it's so affordable, it can be used occasionally, or everyday, and still remain valuable. Thanks to the crank operation, you can chop to the perfect consistency with little effort because your power is multiplied by the clever design, but you can also stop right when the food is perfect.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning comparable tools and appliances can be tough and time consuming. This one is incredibly simple to clean because it comes completely apart in seconds. Just disassemble and quickly wash clean, then air dry to finish. There are no little cracks or areas where the food will hide, and the blade separates for safe and easy maintenance. Other option can be a real pain to get clean, but this one washes quickly and without frustration.

What's Included

Slicing Insert:

Slice tomatoes and onions for sandwiches, or slice oranges for breakfast, garnish or snacks. This part slides into the lid to give you a single thickness slicing tool. Use the food holder to slide stuff back and forth, and cut it with a uniform thickness. Each piece you cut will be perfectly sized, and it will drop right down into the bowl below.

Julienne Insert:

Slide this blade into position to cut thin strips for salads and sides. Each pass will result in several sticks with an identical thickness. It's perfect for carrots, zucchini, and other veggies. Use it with cabbage to make coleslaw, potatoes for hash browns, or use it with squash to make a vegetarian pasta. Once in place, just glide foods back and forth to produce piles of strips in the bowl below.

Shredding Insert:

Slip this insert into the lid anytime you need to shred cheese, lettuce or anything similar. It's much like a standard cheese grating blade, so do cheddar and iceberg for taco night, or use with potatoes at breakfast time. The stainless steel blade makes hard or soft foods easy to work with, and allows stuff to slide back and forth easily. Because it becomes part of the lid, anything you shred will be captured and contained in the bowl below.

Storage Lid:

Handy for saving stuff for later, this chopper comes with a large lid to cover the bowl. Prepare ingredients ahead of time, or save your finished product in the fridge without creating another dirty dish. Simply press in place to create an airtight seal, and store food inside without it going bad.

Citrus Juicer:

There's nothing better than fresh squeezed juice, and with this attachment available, you can have it anytime you want. Use with oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, tangerines and more to squeeze out fresh juice right into the container. Use it to prepare juice to drink, or use it when recipes call for lemon and other juices. Simply cut in half and place one half at a time onto the juicer. Press down while twisting to press out every last drop. As the liquid is extracted, it will drop down into the container automatically.

Whipping Blade:

Most people get this tool for it's chopping and slicing abilities, but the additional plastic blade adds in a whole host of abilities that anyone would find useful. Simply install instead of the metal blade to whip cream, stir batter, beat eggs, or combine liquid ingredients. With the speed and power you can achieve, it acts like a hand held blender to whip desserts, pancake batter, yogurt and more. Spin in either direction to whip and mix with ease.

Food Holder:

To protect your fingers, and prevent accidental injuries, but also allow you to use more of the food you are working with, this set includes a safety holder. Metal prongs will allow you to poke vegetables securely, and the pusher allows you to press out, and cut, every last part.

Samurai Blade:

Preferred by some, this model has a a triple blade with a curved edge. Micro serrations on the outside of the curve create a razor sharp edge that powers through just about anything. Chop hard vegetables or soft fruits with the same speed, precision and accuracy.

The Ultra Chef Express is a machine that practically does it all. It's one of the best manual food processors you can buy, and it makes quick work of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. With just a slight turn of the handle, you'll be able to chop, mix or blend faster and easier than ever. It's the ideal tool for making homemade salsa, but with the host of additional attachments, you are sure to find many other jobs it can help with. This super food chopper will cut stuff up 20 times faster than you can by hand, and the specially designed blades power through tough veggies like a hot knife through butter.

Easily save time and money when you start using this incredibly versatile chopper. With the included recipe book, you'll be able to make fresh salsa for just pennies, as well as milkshakes, dips, salads, meatloaf, omlettes and more. The possibilities are nearly endless. Use the Ultra Chef Express Deluxe Food Chopper to chop onions without crying, and garlic without stinking up the kitchen thanks to the airtight chopping chamber. Carrots, celery, fresh herbs, nuts, eggs, lettuce, cabbage, meat and more can be easily chopped using the spinning blade at the center, but the slicing inserts really add value to this great gadget. Cut tomato slices with incredible accuracy, grate cheese for tacos, or take corn off the cob to make it easier to eat. You can even make a pile of hash browns or french fries in a matter of seconds.

How To Use It

Anyone can use the Ultra Chef Food Chopper to save time, money and effort when preparing food. Dice a single vegetable, or chop several at once and have them mix together, evenly as you go. The crank handle at the top is easy for anyone to turn, and the sharp blades reduce resistance to make cutting effortless. Follow the instructions and tips below to use this machine to make food like a pro.
  1. To begin, just place your food into the machine and then secure the lid.
  2. For larger veggies, cut in half or quarters prior to adding.
  3. To chop, simply spin the handle in a clockwise direction. Your food is chopped much faster than by hand, and there is no mess. All of the odors and food pieces are contained within the chopper so your counters stay clean and pungent vegetables won't affect you.
  4. For blending and whipping, switch out the sharp, metal blade for the plastic whipping blade. Once in place, use the crank handle to operate.
  5. Add multiple ingredients at once to chop and mix at the same time.
  6. The unique pouring spout makes it easy to mix and pour liquids. When not in use, a cap is provided to cover the opening.
  7. To save stuff for later, or bring it with you on the go, replace the crank handle lid with the clear storage lid. Just press into place for an airtight seal.
  8. To juice, secure the juicing lid at the top, then take one half of any citrus fruit and press onto the center. Apply downward pressure and twist to release liquid into the bowl below.
  9. To grate, shred, slice or julienne, use the interchangeable slicing lid. The center inserts slide in and out to give you the cut you need.
  10. When slicing, secure food into the food holder, then slide back and forth to cut. Resulting food pieces will drop down to collect in the bowl.
  11. Hand wash and air dry when dirty.

No plugs or wires because no electricity is needed. This simple yet effective tool can be used almost anywhere to prepare gourmet style food in less time. It is super safe, highly effective, and durable enough to last for years with regular use. Stop chopping food by hand, and stop pulverizing veggies into mush when you would prefer small chunks. This chopper allows for extreme accuracy, amazing speed, and professional looking results no matter who is using it. With simple operation, a versatile design, and high quality components, this tool would make a great addition to any kitchen. No longer will you struggle with dangerous cutlery, or become frustrated by overpriced electronics that don't deliver. The Ultra Chef Express is an incredible little gadget. It makes cumbersome electric processors a thing of the past, and with its unique design and convenient attachments, it makes cooking and baking easy, even for those without experience.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Ultra Chef Express 7-in-1 Deluxe Food Chopper
Dimensions 9" x 9" x 11.5"
Uses Slicer, Chopper, Shredder, Julienne, Citrus Juicer, Egg White Separator, Whipper/Blender/Mixer
Attachments Included cutting blade, mixing blade, julienne insert, slicing insert, shredding insert, citrus juicer, storage lid, safety holder, egg separator & recipe book
# Blades 3
Blade Type Samurai (curved)
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Double Sided Blades No
Material Plastic
Power Hand Crank
Side Handle Yes
Pouring Spout Yes
Dishwasher Safe No. Hand washing is recommended.
Shipping Weight 3 lbs

Just place your food in the chopper and spin the handle to chop faster and easier than ever before. You will be amazed at how well it chops and how easy it is to use. The wealth of additional attachments only adds to the value of this great device.  Order Yours Today!

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