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PipSquigz (3 Piece Set)

Textured, Silicone Teething Toy That Rattles And Suctions In Place.
Pip Squigz 3 Piece Set
Pip Squigz 3 Piece Set
Fun shapes with multiple suction points.
Three unique pieces in three different colors.
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Product Description

Get your baby a toy that sucks. These strange little guys are made from a high quality silicone, and they are guaranteed to amuse and engage children of all ages. Strong suction cups allow you to attach them together, or mount them on any flat surface, so use them to enhance existing equipment, or as a stand alone toy. The squishy material is perfect for teething toddlers, but that is just the beginning. When stuck to a highchair or stroller, your child can hit, grab and push without knocking them off, and when held in their hand, they can shake and squeeze to be delighted by the gentle rattle and unique textures. They are the perfect toy to occupy baby when you're out to dinner, or taking a walk, but they are also perfect for everyday fun. Each set comes with three different pieces and they all vary in color and suction cup configuration. They are BPA free for piece of mind, and dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Give your child a versatile teething toy that also develops motor skills, encourages creativity and teaches building fundamentals.

Want some for older kids? Check out the 24 piece Squigz Starter Set. It has similar shaped pieces, but they are smaller, and they are more conducive to building.

Why They're Good

  • Stimulating. Vibrant colors, rattle noises, popping sounds, and unique textures stimulate the senses. Resulting play engages small and large motor skills.
  • Attention Hogs. Difficult for babies to put down, these little suckers will keep them interested. The great shapes and suction-y goodness will delight, and have them coming back for more.
  • Durable. Made from a high quality silicone, this is one toy that won't fade or get ruined over time. Children can toss them, step on them, tug, push and shake without worry.
  • Squishy. Soft and substantial at the same time, the flexible material is sturdy enough to stack, but also pliable enough to bend over.
  • Versatile. Use alone, or attach to high chairs, restaurant tables, walkers, strollers and more to keep them occupied when you need it most.
  • Fun For Everyone. The large, goofy shapes are irresistible at any age, and boys and girls alike can't put them down. Easy connection and safe, durable materials allow young and old to play with ease.
  • Safe. The material is BPA free so it is safe to chew on, and great for preventing damage due to accidents. They stick like glue to flat surfaces, but they will never leave any residue.

What Are They

The large silicone pieces are essentially a hollow ball with a rattle inside. A unique texture is added to the exterior, and each one is given its own bright color. A suction cup or three is added to the side to complete the toy and give it the ability to attach to other pieces, or any smooth material. The oversize teethers have a smooth exterior with added bumps or waves, and the silicone construction keeps them squishy and substantial at the same time. Simply press down and apply pressure to make them stick, or pull outward to take them apart. Subtle rattling is heard when they move, and a satisfying pop echoes as they separate.

How To Use Them

Give to any age child for repeat fun that doesn't get old. This versatile toy can be used in so many ways, so kids will remain engaged and having fun, even after the new wears off. They can be a life saver when attached to car windows, tables and high chairs, but they make a great toy in any normal situation too. Using them is simple, but follow the tips below to ensure best results.
  1. To unite with a suction point, or stick to smooth materials, apply pressure and press. Air will press out as the bond forms.
  2. To separate, just pull directly out or apart until pieces disconnect.
  3. Attach all parts to one another, or stick to any smooth, flat surface. Will not stick to porous surfaces.
  4. As with any suction product, adding moisture can improve adhesion in some instances.
  5. Washable by hand or dishwasher when dirty.
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Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 3 Piece Set of PipSquigz
Dimensions n/a - All pieces are different sizes and shapes. Overall dimensions will be dependent upon design and construction.
Uses Attach to highchairs, strollers, walkers and exersaucers, or give to baby to hold. An indestructible teething toy and rattle. 
Color Multiple - lime, fuchsia, teal. 
Material High quality silicone (tested safe)
# Pieces 3 Total. 
Integrated Rattle Yes
Compatibility Stick to one another or adhere to smooth surfaces like high chairs, bathtubs, walkers and strollers.
Ages 6 months and up
Textured Yes - wavy ridges, little bumps and a smily face cover the outside.
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

Fun little suckers for ages six months and older. These squishy toys can add fun to existing equipment, or act as a stand alone toy. Simple yet captivating design will hold their attention, and provide safe, interactive fun.  Order Yours Today!

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5 out of 5
Our grandson loves to play with these. Would recommend them for any 8 month old
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5 out of 5
Love it!
Great toy for my baby! Teething!
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