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Triple Samurai Chopper Blade
Triple Samurai Chopper Blade

Samurai Chopper Blade

Cut Like a Pro! Super Sharp, Triple Blade Design.
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Replace a lost part, or upgrade a chopper that only has two cutting edges. This triple blade chopping insert is the same one that comes with the Ultra Chef Express, but it's compatible with many other models that look similar. If your chopper has a blade with the same center portion, and similar dimensions, it should install and work just fine. Three razor sharp edges will slice through food at differing heights and angles each time you turn the top crank. With very little effort you can cut fruits and veggies twenty times faster than you can by hand. To use it, just pull your old one out, and replace it with this one. The blade will install at the bottom of the bowl, and the lid will secure on top. Simply rotate the crank to spin the blades inside the chamber. Top quality construction, and surgical grade steel ensure a long lasting component that guarantees professional looking results. Micro serrations and a curved edge will help you glide effortlessly through any food you need to chop.

Blade Type

Samurai - Curving design with a sharp edge on one side. Finely serrated to ease chopping, and triple mounted for maximum cutting power.

Other Options

Prefer your blade with big sharp teeth? We also carry a serrated replacement blade that you may be interested in. It also has three edges, but they are straight and sharp on both sides. One side has an edge similar to the blade here, and the other has large teeth to create a powerful serrated edge.


Match up the center connector and overall dimensions to use this blade with a wide variety of manual choppers. Below we will list the tools that we carry you can use it with, but anything similar should also be compatible. It doesn't matter what type of edge your chopper had originally, and it doesn't matter if it had two edges or three. If the center opening is the same, and if the height is identical, it should be totally compatible.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) replacement chopping blade
Overall Dimensions 5" x 5" x 2.75"
Blade Dimensions 1" x 4"
Center Connector Width .75"
Uses Use as a replacement or upgrade. Chop with incredible speed and precision.
# Blades 3
Blade Type Samurai (curved)
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Double Sided Blades No
Base Material Plastic
Compatibility Included with our Ultra Chef Express, but compatible with many other choppers that share the same dimensions. Also use with Our Kitchen Plus and Salsa Express choppers.
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight 3 lbs

Three blades mounted at different levels and different angles. Install in any hand crank chopper to cut fruits and vegetables with amazing speed and accuracy. Order Yours Today!

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