JAS-20 Ultrasonic Mist Maker With Multi-Color Lights

A premium quality mister and humidifier. Get long-lasting performance, and thick clouds of natural fog. Complete with color-changing lights.
JAS-20 Ultrasonic Mist Maker
JAS-20 Ultrasonic Mist Maker
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A high quality misting unit with color-changing lights. The JAS-20 is an ultrasonic mist maker, fogger and cool mist humidifier. Submerge this device in water anywhere to make a fluffy cloud of mist or fog, along with a dazzling display of lights. It operates via ultrasonic oscillation to evaporate water and generate negative ions. It will add moisture to the air just like a cool mist humidifier does, but it will also produce the negative ions which will help to clean the air of contaminates. This mister features the larger 20mm disc size and 12 auto rotating lights. This means that the lighting modes will cycle automatically, and the mist volume will be larger than what a 16mm model can produce. If you add fragrance oil to the water surrounding the mister, it will diffuse the fragrance into the air so that you can deodorize the room without using harsh chemicals, or dangerous sprays. This is a replacement part that is integral to our misting fountains, but it can also be used to enhance existing indoor fountains, add humidity to small spaces, or make something of your own.

JAS-20 Mist Maker Features

  • 20 mm Ceramic Disc
  • 12 Multi-Color LED Lights
  • 1.8" Mist Maker Diameter
  • Auto-Changing Light Modes
  • Complete Set With AC Adapter
  • Pre-Installed Rubber Plug

How It Works

All you need to do is submerge the JAS-20 in water to start making mist. It has a low water shut of sensor that acts as a switch to turn the unit on when it is under water, and then back off when the water level gets too low. This way you'll know that it's never running when the conditions arn't right. It doesn't utilize dry ice or any sort of chemical reaction to produce the foggy cloud of mist. It's actually nothing more than natural water vapor that is formed through an evaporation process due to the ceramic disc vibrating at an extremely high frequency. The pure cloud of mist will increase humidity in the room to improve the climate and eliminate dry air. This can help sufferers of colds, sore throats and asthma, and can also be very beneficial for indoor plants, and certain pets. The cloud of natural mist will be infused with negative ions that attract dirt and other particles to clean the air. Since you can also scent the mist by adding a few drops of oil, the JAS-20 is able to clean, deodorize and humidify the air in any room you use it in.

Why This Product Is Good

High Quality and Long-Lasting

Don't waste money on low quality alternatives. Other mist makers don't produce as much mist, and they will often wear out quickly. With this premium quality alternative, you can be sure that it will function well, and last for years. Use it everyday without worry of failure, and get like-new performance for a long time.

High Mist Volume

Other mist makers only produce a light cloud. This one makes a thick cloud in comparison. This means more humidity in a shorter time, more air cleansing ions, and more fragrance diffed as well. Just turn it on, and in an instant, there will be a dense fog on top of the water.

Color-Changing Lights

Add to the misting effect with auto-changing colored lights. The vibrant LED's will rotate through 10 lighting modes, and will fade in and out of several colors. The bright lights will only enhance the visual effect of the mist.

Versatile Performance

Use as designed to enhance an indoor water feature, or use in a different way. Many people use these to make natural deodorizers, or to add humidity to grow rooms and reptile habitats. Make your own cool mist humidifier, but make one that looks cool. This mini mist generator can be used in a variety of ways when submerged in water.

Our high quality mist makers are designed to last for years, even with regular use, but due to accidents, or heavy, prolonged use, you may need to get a new one. Also, lots of people like to get the mist maker alone to create their own fountains or humidifiers. If the lights still work on your mister now, you may not need a full replacement unit. It could just be that the disc is worn and needs replacement. This item is for when you need a complete overhaul on your fountain or just want a whole new unit to construct something on your own. This replacement mister is available with the AC adapter as a set only.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) JAS-20 Ultrasonic Mist Maker
Mister Dimensions 1.78" Diameter
Material Metal
Color Silver
AC Adapter Included Yes
LED Lights 12 Color-Changing LED lIghts
Light Adjustment 10 mode - auto changing.
Inline Control No
Remote Control No
Ceramic Disc Size 20mm
Ceramic Disc Life > 5,000 Hours of mist generation
Output 350 ml/hr
Auto Shut Off Yes (low water sensor)
UL Listed Yes
Cord Length 3 ft.
Power 24V
Uses Use to add mist and humidity anywhere. Also doubles as a fragrance diffuser. When submerged in water it will evaporate the water to create a natural cloud of water vapor fog. Perfect for water fountains, habitats, grow rooms and more.
Shipping Weight 1.2 lbs

JAS-20 Mist Maker and Fogger - Place in any water to instantly make a cloud of mist and an amazing light display. Perfect for ponds, fountains, shallow aquariums, mist fountains and more. Repair a broken mist fountain or make something of your own. Order Yours Today!

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