Disposable Shower Drain Strainer (8-Pack)

Shower drain covers that you can throw away without worry. Use once, or use daily for several months. 100% Biodegradable.
Shower Strainee - A disposable strainer for your shower.
Shower Strainee - A disposable strainer for your shower.
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Prevent clogged drains in your shower with this disposable cover. The wide, circular strainer fits over any standard shower drain in order to collect debris and stop it from washing down. Hair, soap chunks and other stuff that would clog your pipes will be stopped in their tracks, so you can dispose of them. It's made from corn starch, but it's surprisingly rigid and long lasting. Once it gets yucky, the Disposable Shower Drain Strainer can be thrown in the garbage without worry because it's totally biodegradable and safe for the environment. Unlike metal or plastic versions, this one will completely disappear once you toss it, so it's a much better choice if your looking for something disposable.

Other strainers require periodic cleaning, but with this one, it's your choice. Rinse it out after each shower, dump the long hairs once they are collected, or just get rid of it because it's too gross to touch. Although it's just a simple circle, the material glues in place when water begins to flow. Everything going down will have to wash over the surface of the strainer prior to reaching the drain, so clog worthy particles will be denied entry. Each Disposable Strainer will last for at least two months with everyday use, but with such a low price, you can grab a fresh one whenever you feel like it. Each package contains 8 Disposable Shower Strainers.

Product Features

  • 100% Cornstarch Construction.
  • Totally Biodegradable.
  • Fits Any Standard Size Shower Drain.
  • Disposable - Use Each For 2 Or More Months.
  • Convenient 8-Pack.

Why This Product Is Good

Hair Blocker

Human hair and pet fur can be very problematic. Other solutions are often less effective, and many require more maintenance. This simple product prevents it from washing into your pipes, and makes it easy for you to throw it away.

Earth Friendly

Very eco-friendly, this it one product that you don't have to feel guilty about throwing into the garbage. It will completely biodegrade in less than five months time, or far less in optimal conditions.

Gunk Stopper

Sticky and oily grime will cling to pipes if allowed to wash down. With this in place, all of the nasty gunk will pile up for easy elimination.

Long Lasting

Although it's disposable, each one will last for a surprising amount of time. Officially rated for two months of use, but most folks find they last even longer.

Disposable In A Good Way

Discover a more hygienic way to prevent clogged drains in your bathroom. No more touching gross hair, or other soapy wet messes. This disposable strainer can be easily removed, and tapped clean after each shower, or tossed whenever necessary. Most people are familiar with using disposable products due to benefits like convenience, cost, hygiene and more. Traditional products are made from metal or plastic, and they tend to be used for years and years. This means that you're accumulating years and years of caked on debris, bacteria and germs due to continued contact with used soap, dirt, hair and other particles.

These Disposable Shower Strainers are a much healthier way to go because you're able to discard them any time they look yucky, or sufficiently used. Most people are forced to clean hair and other collections by hand, and on a daily basis. It's a pretty gross job, and it's completely eliminated when you start using this drain strainer instead of the one you have now. An effective, hygienic and low maintenance way to prevent clogged drains, it works great, is easy-to-use, and will allow you to touch less disgusting stuff. Toss after one use or whenever you feel the need.

Why Use One

These disposable shower strainers are an effective way to catch particles and debris that would normally be washed down your drain. Never deal with a clogged tub again, but don't scrub tiny particles out of stainless steel mesh, or pick up wet soapy hair with your bare hands either. They are hot water safe and very easy to care for. Since they're constructed entirely from corn starch, they will decompose in five months or less once you toss them out. If snails eat them after disposal, it takes just a month for biodegrading. You can imagine how long it would take to degrade a stainless steel or plastic strainer. Traditional versions will be around long after you stop using them, and this low cost alternative is a hygienic and environmentally friendly method of clog prevention that disappears after you're finished with it.

How To Use Them

Place it over your existing drain, or use it all by itself. This Disposable Shower Drain Strainer will be compatible with nearly any shower drain because it basically just lays on top.
  1. To use one, simply place it over your drain so that it completely covers the opening.
  2. It will remain movable until wet. Once the water starts flowing, it will stay in place.
  3. Once full, carefully remove and tap out into a trash can.
  4. Rinse clean if desired, and for several months without replacement.
  5. Once it becomes too dirty, or begins to break down, replace with a new one.
  6. Safely dispose anywhere because they are totally biodegradable and safe around animals.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 8-Pack Disposable Shower Drain Strainers
Dimensions 4" Diameter
Color off white/natural
Material 100% Cornstarch
QTY Per Package 8
Uses Prevent clogged drains by stopping hair, soap and other particles.
Lifetime Use for 2 months or more before discarding.
Hot Water Safe Yes
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Safe For Animals Yes
100% Biodegradable Yes
Time to Fully Degrade 5 Months or less.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Prevent clogged shower drains with this disposable product that is also environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. Order Yours Today!

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