Micro Buddy

9 Piece Microwave Cooking Set. For Home Cooked Meals In Minutes!
MicroBuddy - Microwave Cooking Set
MicroBuddy - Microwave Cooking Set
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A fast and easy way to outstanding results when cooking food in your microwave. Don't settle for frozen dinners, or food that has that nuked look and taste. Get this set and discover a simple and effective way to prepare home cooked food in your microwave. Never worry about rubbery results, or food without flavor, and ensure each meal retains valuable nutrients, despite the method in which you cook it. This clever set of cooking containers will allow you to prepare any type of food, from start to finish, right in your microwave oven. The advanced design harnesses the speed and convenience of micro wave cooking while eliminating many of the downsides. Your food will not dry out, it will cook evenly, and the flavor and texture will be just as appealing as what you could make on the stove, or in the oven.

This large set comes with three different sizes of cooking containers, so you'll have one that is the perfect size and shape for anything you prepare. The combination will have you prepared for large meals, or a variety of dishes without any need to stop for cleaning. When you do need to wash them, each piece is dishwasher safe, so you won't have to waste any extra time or effort to get them clean.

How It Works:

The concept is pretty simple, and the advanced design makes for a highly functional set. The main things that the MicroBuddy containers will do is increase heat concentration and add moisture as you cook. They also elevate food in order to increase circulation across all sides, and with the added moisture of your choosing, they will allow you to infuse flavor as your meal heats up. Overall you will notice that food is more evenly cooked, and the texture and consistency is much more similar to the dishes you cook with traditional methods. By increasing heat concentration and creating an enclosed circulation of steamy heat, your food will sear quickly in order to lock in nutrients and flavor. Instead of dried out food that is nearly inedible, or pieces that are cold on one side and scalding on the other, you will get perfectly cooked, and delightfully flavorful food on a level that you never thought was possible.

How To Use It:

Each Micro Buddy container is essentially a tray with a lid. Inside the tray, there is a cooking platform that will elevate your food. Underneath the food, you will add water, broth, marinade, wine or any other liquid in order to create steam, and infuse flavor. You will always cook with the lid on, so the heat will be more intense, the flavor can not escape, and the steam will constantly circulate around to touch all sides of your food, and cook it to a moist and delicious finish. The set comes complete with three different sizes of cooking containers so you will always have the perfect amount of room, no matter what you intend to cook. The small one is great for individual meals, steaming fresh vegetables for the whole family, or quickly cooking a small cake for desert. Use the middle size one for things like steak, chicken or pork, and cook enough to feed everyone with just one container. The biggest one is for larger things like a whole ham or a large cake, but can also be used to prepare a variety of foods all at the same time. For a typical family of four, you can cook a full meal(meat with 1 or 2 sides) in this large container with plenty of room to spare. As an added bonus, each container is completely freezer safe, and ideal for storing your leftovers. Take food from the night before straight from your fridge to the microwave and heat it up without wasting additional dishes.

What You Can Make:

With this versatile set, you can make just about any meal right in your microwave, and cook it to perfection. Why settle for fast food just to save time, or drop tons of money at a sit down restaurant just to reduce effort. Any busy family could save time, spend less money, and enjoy more time together with this handy set. Even people that don't like to cook, or avoid it because of the effort it takes, love this set. With the MicroBuddy, it is super easy to prepare food that is actually edible, while still maintaining the speed and convenience of microwave cooking. It even comes with a detailed instruction and recipe book to get you started, and to walk you through the easy steps required to cook any meal.

Chop up chicken, add in veggies, and then pour some teriyaki sauce into the tray to cook a moist and delicious meal that can be served over rice, or eaten as is, and it will be ready in about seven minutes. Try some salmon steaks instead, and add lemon and butter to your water in the tray, or try barbecue sauce for something different. Add in some fresh asparagus or other veggies and then cook for less than ten minutes, and you will be ready to eat a wonderfully flavorful meal that is bursting with flavor, and loaded with nutrients. Because of the way this set works, there is no way for you to dry out your food, or overcook due to hot spots. All of the limitations you generally associate with your microwave oven will be eliminated or greatly reduced when you cook with these containers. Stop dreading the home cooked meal, and don't waste another dollar on frozen dinners that only leave you wanting more. Use your microwave to cook food that anyone would be happy to eat, and smile as your secret weapon has them all asking for seconds.

Product Specifications

Includes: (3) MicroBuddy cooking containers, & (1) Cooking Guide
Dimensions n/a - varies
Color White
Material Durable, Food-Safe Plastic
Pieces In Set 9
# MicroBuddy Containers 3 - One large, one medium, and one small
Uses Cook single food portions or entire meals, start to finish
Steam Enhanced Yes - infuse flavor, lock in moisture, decrease cooking time and ensure even heat with steam created.
Oven Safe No
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Compatibility Works with virtually any food.
Shipping Weight 1.5 lbs

Cook food in your microwave and get edible results. Don't settle for overcooked food with no flavor. Use these advanced cooking containers to lock in moisture and preserve nutrients for great tasting food in less time. Order Yours Today!

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