Microfiber Window Blinds Glove

High Quality Glove for Cleaning Blinds and Other Surfaces.
Microfiber cleaning glove.
Microfiber cleaning glove.
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Such a simple concept, yet such an effective tool. This one-size-fits-all glove is made from high quality microfiber and will make cleaning mini blinds and other surfaces easier than ever. It takes the cleaning power of microfiber and combines it with the convenience of a glove to provide you with a simple yet effective tool for your cleaning arsenal. Now you can dust and clean with even less effort and your hands will remain clean and protected the whole time. You will also prevent fingerprints and smudging on freshly cleaned surfaces because your hands will remain inside the glove until the cleaning is done. Because it is a glove instead of a mitten, you will also be able to use your fingers to get between blind slats, around delicate knick knacks, and into other tight places where bulky cloths and mittens make it difficult.

The design makes it great for cleaning blinds, but the material is what makes it so easy. When used dry, dust will be pulled into the glove like a magnet and will lock into the fibers. This glove doesn't just push things around like traditional cloths do, it gently skims the surface you are cleaning to pick up and permanently remove 99% of any dirt, dust, germs and other micro particles. Get the microfiber window blinds glove wet to deep clean any surface without the risk of scratching. Incredibly versatile, this glove can be used wet or dry, and it is not just for blinds. It can be great for dusting and cleaning all over your home, at the office or inside your vehicle. Take the dust of your dashboard in your car, clean items on a shelf without moving them, remove dust inside of vases and other decorations, or even get it wet to quickly clean windows, mirrors and walls. Purchase this glove to have one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean your mini blinds, but then end up using it for the numerous other jobs it is great at too!

Because microfiber is such a revolutionary cleaning material you only need to use water to clean almost anything. When dusting your blinds, or other surfaces, you can just use it dry. For dirtier surfaces, washing windows, or deep cleaning, get the glove wet to increase its cleaning power. The window blinds glove is effective and easy to use thanks to the material it is made from. The advanced microfiber material will act like a dust magnet when dry, and will clean without chemicals when wet. Each fiber is 100 times thinner than a human hair, so there are literally thousands of teeny tiny fibers at your fingertips to do the cleaning for you. THe unique ability of this fabric allows it to skim across surfaces to pickup dust and dirt, only to lock it into the fibers. This means you won't be smearing dirt around, or watching dust float away as you clean. Use it dry or damp to remove 99% of dirt, dust and germs from virtually any surface, and then simply toss it into the laundry to clean for reuse. The high quality material will last for years, and can be washed hundreds of times. Keep your home safe and chemical free without compromising cleanliness. This glove makes a tough job quick and easy, and will allow you to clean all of your window blinds in a short amount of time. It is made from superior materials and processes, so the quality and cleaning power is unmatched. Avoid finger prints and lint, while keeping dust and grime off your hands. Great for dusting, buffing, polishing, cleaning and more. Totally machine washable and reusable. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) microfiber cleaning glove
Uses cleaning window blinds and other surfaces. Use for dusting, cleaning, polishing, and buffing
Dimensions (l x w) 8" x 10"
Color green
Size One size fits all
Microfiber Type terry (multipurpose)
Microfiber Weave 80/20
Washable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front/Back
Manufacturer Casabella
Shipping Weight .1 lbs.

An easy way to clean mini blinds or anything else. Quickly remove every spec of dust and dirt without ever touching it. Order Yours Today!

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