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4-Piece Mop Pad Pack (18")

A Microfiber Pad Combo Pack. Get One Pad for Every Job!
Microfiber mop pad variety pack
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Product Description

Be prepared for any mess that life throws at you. This convenient package contains four pads made from top quality microfiber, and they are compatible with any tool they fit on. If your mop head has velcro or something similar on the head, and it measures somewhere between 15.5" and 17.5" in length, then you can use these to improve performance. This specially designed 4-pack is for those of you with many types of flooring in your home, or for those that handle all sorts of messes on a regular basis. In this package, you get four different 18" x 5" microfiber mop pads. Each one is uniquely designed for a specific floor cleaning job, and when combined, no grime will be too sticky, too oily, or too glued in place. The set includes one multipurpose mop pad, a fluffier white one for dusting, the versatile heavy duty pad, and a pad specially designed for scrubbing.

Other Options

Need even more pads? Then check out our 5-Pack. It has every version included here, and it also has one additional pad that isn't in this pack. If you don't need the variety but still want the savings, you can order several in the style you like to receive quantity discounts. For more information on each pad, or to order them separately, use the following links: Multipurpose, Polishing, Scrubbing, Dusting, and Heavy Duty

With this four-pack, you will have incredible cleaning power right at your fingertips. Use the white, fuzzy one to dust mop hardwood floors or to remove dust and hair from any hard surface in your home. Use it dry to attract light particles like a magnet, and then lock them into the long fibers. The scrubbing pad has durable, looped fibers, and it's great in the kitchen, bathroom, or other high traffic areas. Use wet for any really tough mopping job, and it will do the scrubbing, so you don't have to. Use the multipurpose pad all over, wet or dry for cleaning, polishing or dusting any floor. It acts a a duster or polishing pad when dry, and it can deep clean when you get it wet with water. The heavy duty, chenille pad is excellent for absorbing spills or wet mopping any floor. It can also be used dry to sweep debris or pick up pet hair thanks to the thick flexible strands.


Each pad in this pack is completely machine washable hundreds of times and they don't even need to be washed after every mopping. After a light mopping, just rinse the pad in warm water and then store it on the mop for later use. When the mop pad is completely soiled, put it in the washing machine for cleaning. It is advised to hang dry the white one, but all others can tumble in your dryer to finish the cleaning process. Please Note: You should never use bleach or fabric softener when washing because it will ruin them over time. Bleach deteriorates the fibers and fabric softeners can clog them, so it will lead to problems with repeat exposure.

Made from a revolutionary thread and not treated with any chemicals, the superior fabric and weave makes them clean better than others, and allows you to mop with just water. Each one is comprised of wedge-shaped polyester filaments that have a core of nylon. This 80/20 blend of oil-attracting and water-attracting polymers are woven into masses of tiny hooks & loops that consist of tens of thousands of threads per square inch. The edges of these millions of hooks & loops cut through dirt, and clean better than any other fabric available. The microscopic edges will follow surfaces, lift up dirt, and trap the particles inside the fibers. This eliminates the need for harmful cleansers and makes cleaning faster and easier. Don't throw away money on other version that look the same, but don't work as well, and don't spend more on fancy versions that aren't any better. With guaranteed results and serious longevity, ordering this pack ensures professional results and a good value for your money.

Product Specifications

Includes: (4) 18" microfiber mop pads
Dimensions (l x w) 18" x 5"
Compatibility Works with any 15.75"-17.75" microfiber mop head. Works with these two mops that we sell: Smart 3-in-1 Microfiber Mop & Household Swivel Mop
Pads Included Scrubbing(use wet), Dusting(use dry), Multipurpose(wet or dry) & Chenille(wet or dry)
Color Blue & White
Shape Rectangle (rounded corners)
Uses wet or dry use (mopping, cleaning, dusting, polishing, etc.)
Microfiber Type super plush/terry/looped terry
Microfiber Weave 80/20
Edges sewn
Washable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front
Shipping Weight .5 lbs.

Multi-Surface Mop Pad 4-Pack - Get one multi-purpose pad, one dry dusting pad, one chenille pad and one scrubbing pad. Prepare yourself for cleaning any mess on any floor of your home. Machine washable hundreds of times.

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5 out of 5
Great product
Shipping was very fast and product was exactly as described. Very happy.
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4 out of 5
Good selection, reasonable price
The pack is reasonably priced. I have used two out of the four pads, and they seem solid. I like the velcro attachment, easy to put on and take off, and it stays. Hope it lasts after repeated use. I am actually using the "heavy duty" cleaner pad as the dusting pad. I will try the fluffy dusty pad some time.
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
product review
This is our second re-order of the Simply Good pads for mopping, dusting, you-name-it. My husband has been handling all our floor cleaning since the first day we bought our handle and pads -- over three years ago! This is a great product and worth the wait.
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
Great Product ...
These are great products and quality. They do exactly what they are intended to use for all the multiple levels of cleaning. They wash and dry quickly and so far can take the punishment of cleaning. Would recommend these.
Reviewed by: on
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Product Questions

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Please I want to know what brand are these pads...the pad has a little tag with the brands on it. Do you sell just 4 pieces of the green one? Thanks a lot! Emy
Asked by:  on 4/15/2014
They are not all one brand, but they are all good, high quality pads. The green one you mention is currently a StarFiber Heavy Duty Pad. You can get them separately here: Green Chenille Mop Pad
Answer provided by: on 4/21/2014
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In the pad bundle it shows a purple pad and it is called the scrubbing pad. The individual scrubbing pad is a dark green. Are these the same pad?
Asked by:  on 3/24/2015
Yes. This bundle just allows you to save money. They are the same pads as the ones sold individually by the same names.
Answer provided by: on 3/24/2015
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