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WrapMaster Gift Wrapping Combo (3 Piece Set)

Wrap presents fast and easy with this set of useful tools.
wrapmaster gift wrapping package
wrapmaster gift wrapping package
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This convenient package makes it easier for you to wrap presents. Do the job in less time with good stuff from us. Our gift wrapping package includes the Wrapmaster, the hands-free tape dispenser, and the smaller cutter called the q-pon cutter. With these items you be able to wrap any sized present, make cards and more in less time than ever before. Get fast accurate cuts everytime with the WrapMaster. When you use The WrapMaster handheld paper cutter you will never waste paper again. You will enjoy fast and easy gift wrapping, and it will be fun again. Never get frustrated cutting gift wrap again.

Whether you love or hate wrapping gifts, you need the WrapMaster. This simple hand-held cutter makes cutting and wrapping easier than ever before. With one nearly continuous motion, you can measure your gift box, measure the wrapping paper, and then cut it to the exact size that you want. That's all there is to it. You get perfectly straight edges and gift wrap that is the exact size you want it to be. Let's face it, wrapping gifts can be frustrating and time consuming, especially at Christmas time when volume is at its highest. This frustration is only amplified when you use the wrong tools for the job. Stop using scissors to cut your wrapping paper and start using the WrapMaster today. Jagged edges, slanted lines, oversized paper and hours of frustration are a thing of the past when you use this gift wrapping tool. Give a professional looking gift, and do it easier than ever.

Using the WrapMaster
The WrapMaster can be used flat on a table, or use it standing up for maximum efficiency. First, you measure the package you want wrapped. Take two dimensions, height and width for example, add those numbers together, then double that number. This will give you the total measurement for all four sides of your gift. Add just a little more to compensate for overlap, then measure the paper by pulling the paper out to right. Pull the corner of the paper down to ruler for an accurate length measurement . To cut the paper, just press and pull. Press Down on the WrapMaster and Grab the wrapping paper near center right. Pull paper towards your left shoulder to cut.

To use the WrapMaster while standing, or in the freehand method, cradle your roll of wrapping paper in the WrapMaster and pull out the amount of paper you think you require. Grasp the roll and the WrapMaster together, and turn the Wrapmaster over to see the ruler. Align the top of the paper next to the zero and then pull the right corner of the paper down to the side of the ruler to accurately measure your paper length. If it's enough to wrap your gift, begin to cut.  If not, adjust to get correct amount, then begin the cut. Keep Pulling Until The Cut is Done. One continuous motion will always give you the best results.

Hands-Free Tape Dispenser
Imagine a roll of tape that you never lose, and is always there when you need it. This unique dispenser fits over the broad part of your hand, leaving you with two free hands for wrapping presents. You won't lose this tape mid-wrap because it remains firmly in place. Uses any 3/4 inch tape refill. If you've ever wrapped a gift, its easy to see how this little tool can make things easier and faster.

Q-Pon Cutter
This is basically a smaller version of the WrapMaster, and features the same cutting edge with measuring units on the side. This small cutter is vary handy for various applications. The Q-Pon Cutter is perfect for cutting anything made of paper. Just press and pull across the cutting edge. Use this handy cutter to cut cards, coupons, recipes, articles from magazines and newspapers, for art projects, or making small notes from large ones.  

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Product Specifications

Includes: (1) WrapMaster (31"), (1) Hands-Free Tape Dispenser, (1) Q-Pon Cutter
Dimensions 31" long
Uses accurately cutting wrapping paper & measuring package size, plus hands free taping, and cutting gift cards and tags
Color White, yellow, red
Material ABS plastic
Shipping Weight .5 lbs.

Wrapmaster Gift Wrapping Set - Fast, Accurate cutting for easy and efficient wrapping. Measure and cut with one easy-to-use tool. Get professional results every time. Wrapping presents has never been as easy as it is with the Wrapmaster. Order yours Today!

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