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Always sharp, serrated blade utility knife.
Always sharp, serrated blade utility knife.

8 Inch Serrated Edge Utility Knife

Sharp, Versatile and Powerful. The Razor Sharp Blade Never Needs Sharpening.
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The perfect all-around knife for any kitchen. This versatile tool can do it all, and it never gets dull, even with regular use. An eight inch steel blade is finished off with a triple set serrated edge. The unique blade design prevents the tearing that's common with traditional versions, and it provides zero maintenance performance because it will never require sharpening. Get the same results and accuracy that expensive, professional level, cutlery provides, but at a fraction of the cost. It can slice bread, cut tomatoes, saw bone, portion frozen meat, carve a roast, chop celery and so much more. Soft or hard, there is no food it can't slice with precision, and the ergonomic handle ensures it's comfortable to use for long periods. With an added forked point at the end, this powerful knife provides incredible versatility and control. Get the perfect angle, and cut right to the bone, or up to the skin thanks to the razor sharp edge, and flexing action. It's so powerful that it can cut through a tin can, and because it's dishwasher safe, it will be easy to care for.

Why It's Good

  • Surgical Grade Steel. Flexible, strong and incredibly sharp. The advanced blade cuts amazingly well, and it's easy to maintain thanks to the high quality material.
  • Always Sharp. Never worry about a dull edge because triple serration ensure this one will always remain super sharp, with no sharpening necessary.
  • Versatile. Use as a bread knife, saw through frozen meat, power through bone, or thinly slice a delicate tomato. This knife does it all with speed and precision.
  • Flexible. Perfect for filleting fish or taking the skin off a tomato, the extra long blade bends and conforms to provide the perfect shape and angle.
  • Comfortable. With good balance and an ergonomic handle this tool is easy to grip for long periods, and it allows you to chop and slice without strain.
  • Forked End. For added utility and control, the end of the blade is forked into two points.

Other Options

Looking for the same kind of blade, but on a knife with a more traditional shape? Check out our Serrated Chef Knife. It has the same always-sharp cutting edge, but it isn't long and slender like the utility knife found here. Need incredible cutting power in a much smaller package? Our Micro Edge Paring Knife is made using the same materials and processes, but it is far more compact. For intricate cutting and peeling, it's the perfect tool, and like the utility and chef knife, it will give you a razor sharp edge that never gets dull.

Stop shopping around for fancy alternatives that won't cut any better, but don't go another day tearing through foods with that old, dull, hand-me-down either. This affordable tool will eliminate smashing and ripping as it quickly slices through any food like a hot knife through butter. It's big enough to chop melons and pineapples, but it offers enough control to slice tomatoes and kiwis too. It will probably be the sharpest knife you have ever used, but with careful operation it can easily save you time and effort with many tasks. With a remarkable edge that never gets dull, it can be equally useful in the kitchen or garage. Get one to make food prep way easier, or get two to keep one outside for the next time you need to saw through a hose, cut wood, or make some metal part smaller.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) always sharp utility knife
Overall Dimensions 12" x 1.2"
Bade Dimensions 8" x 1.2"
Color Black
Uses Slice bread, saw bone, portion frozen food, slice tomatoes, serve meats and more. The long sharp blade can do it all, and it never gets dull.
Handle Material Sturdy ABS Plastic
Blade Material Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Flexible Yes
Fork End Yes
Blade Type serrated
Warranty Lifetime
Brand Edge 2001
Shipping Weight .5 lbs.

A long, flexible knife that will cut almost anything. Quickly slice through tough stuff like it is butter. Works well on hard or soft foods, and offers all around versatility that is great for any kitchen. 

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