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Rubbablox - Rubber Building Blocks
Rubbablox - Rubber Building Blocks

Rubbablox (9 Block Set)

9 Natural Rubber Building Blocks. Soft and Squishy With A Velvety Finish.
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These high quality rubber building blocks are truly unique. They are large in size, and are constructed from a natural rubber material. This allows them to be 100% biodegradable and also incredibly durable. Soft and squishy to the touch, yet sturdy and durable to handle abuse and give kids the ability to easily stack them. The colorful pieces will gently bounce when tossed, and squish when stepped on, making them safer and less painful when used indoors. Wood blocks can be dangerous when children throw them, or when a tower is knocked down. Plastic blocks and bricks have the same problems, and most sets of both kinds include pieces that are quite small, so they exclude smaller children. These great rubber building blocks are nice and soft, so they are far less likely to hurt someone or break anything when someone gets carried away, or an accident happens. The softness also makes them easier to grip and hold on to for small hands, so your kids will play with them longer, and have better success while they use them. Despite being soft and squishy, Rubbablox are quite sturdy, and stack easily.

The clever design of these blocks only adds to the fun. This set includes 9 large cubes and 14 cylindrical connectors. This combination allows little ones to easily and securely stack the blocks vertically or horizontally. The smaller cylinder pieces will fit snuggly into the circular indentation on the colorful cubes in order to hold them together. Children can also stack and build more traditionally, using the different pieces by themselves as well. Pile all of the cylinders on top of each other to build a tower, or insert them into the squares to form solid cubes to build a wall. Use a combination to leave the center open on one or more cube to create windows and doors. The possibilities are endless with this great building block set. They are tactile and great for early spatial learning. Rubbabu is a unique alternative to traditoinal building blocks and they offer a more tactile experience. Made from natural rubber foam and covered with bright, colorful flocking, they are soft to the touch, squeezable and super durable.

Perfect for child care centers, teachers, parents, or anyone interested in providing a truly unique set of blocks for learning and enjoyment. The large soft shapes are perfect for little fingers, and the bright colors and unique texture will keep children engaged for longer periods of time. When held, children can appreciate the texture and squishiness, while increasing their sensory awareness. They are great for children of all ages. Smaller kids will reach for, roll and crawl to them. Older children end up stacking and building to construct large creations. Rubbablox BUilding Blocks are perfect for the development of socialization and gross motor skills as well as sensory enhancement.

100% biodegradable and tested safe. Rubbabu is made with natural rubber instead of the synthetic stuff used by other manufacturers. It comes from the sap of the tree, so nothing is cut down or destroyed to extract it, and the material is completely renewable. Other rubber products will contain fillers that lower the quality and make the rubber less sturdy. With Rubbabu, there are never any fillers, so you get a stronger, more durable rubber toy that will last for a long time. Another benefit beyond flexibility and strength is that this natural rubber is anti-microbial, dust mite resistant, mildew resistant, hypoallergenic and flame retardant. You can feel good about purchasing a toy made from renewable resources, and even better knowing that your children will be safe when they play with it. With Rubbabu even the manufacturing process is eco-friendly because only a very small amount of electricity is needed to produce each one. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Rubbabu Building Blocks Set
Block Dimensions 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"
Pieces 23 pieces - (9 Blocks and 14 Connectors)
Color Multiple (Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow & Green)
Uses Building, Stacking, Sorting, etc.
Inner Material Natural Rubber
Flocking Material Velvety soft nylon
Phthalate Free Yes
Texture Super soft and kind of fuzzy
Squishiness Squishy when gripped, but firm and sturdy otherwise. They bounce and squash when dropped, grabbed, tossed or stepped on making them easy to hold and fun to play with.
Biodegradable Yes
Ages 2+
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

Bright colors, unique design and natural rubber construction make these a must have toy. The perfect alternative to traditional building blocks. Order Yours Today!

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