6 oz. Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner

Powerful And Biodegradable. A Safe And Effective Way To Clean The Dirtiest Hands.
SimplyGood Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner
SimplyGood Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner
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High quality ingredients combine to create a powerful hand cleaner that will remove darn near any type of grime. It does not contain toxic chemicals, alcohol, or petroleum products like many traditional alternatives do, but it will cut through grease, tar, oil and other dirtiness with ease. Instead of leaving your hands dry or irritated, this powerful paste eliminates the dirt without removing natural oils in the process. Citrus solvents and surfactants work in tandem with high grade emulsifiers and water softeners to penetrate dirt, lift it off your skin, and allow it to wash, or wipe away easily. This combination allows for effective cleaning, and also gives the paste a pleasant citrus odor. To increase scrubbing power, and to help pull dirt from crevices and under nails, fine pieces of natural pumice are mixed into the cleaner. The end result is spotless hands that will not crack, sting or itch after washing. Despite how well it works, this pumice hand cleaner is also completely non-toxic and biodegradable, so it is safer when compared to other options. It is great to have on hand in any home, but also effective enough for the professional level cleaning required by mechanics, construction workers, landscapers and more.

This is the smallest container we carry. It is perfect for anyone trying this cleaner for the first time, but if you are back for more, you may want to go with one of the larger containers in order to get more for your money. Check out the other options here: 2 lbs. Pumice Hand Cleaner and 4.25 lbs. Pumice Hand Cleaner.

When regular soap won't cut it, this hand cleaner will. A better question would be what CAN'T it clean. Traditionally difficult substances wash away with ease when you scrub with this powerful pink paste. It will easily work on any type of regular dirt, but it really shines when applied to all of the things that regular soaps don't work on. Instead of resorting to scrubbing pads, or harsh chemicals, try this product to make the job easy, and allow yourself to get your hands clean without wrecking your skin. The list of things it works on is virtually endless, but some of the key applications are listed below:

  • Landscapers - remove tree sap, mud, dirt, manure, grease and oil from equipment and more. Effectively pulls dirt from under nails for a more thorough clean.
  • Mechanics - remove grease, oil, black tire grime, carbon and more. Does not use petroleum so hands get cleaner, but all of the dark, greasy build up is removed just as easily.
  • Construction workers - Clean off adhesive sprays and other sticky goo, remove paint, wash away grout and cement, etc.
  • Homeowners - clean up after working in the yard, wash away stubborn dirt after fixing a bike, or get hands clean after doing a craft project with the kids.
  • Artists - Easily clean oil paint off your hands, dried on acrylic from under your fingers, or chalk and pastels that would otherwise stain.
  • Woodworkers - remove varnish and stains that soap will not, or take off sticky glue or other spray on adhesives without using anything dangerous.
  • Removes sticky resins and tar, and will wash away asphalt and concrete too.
  • Cuts through greasy substances, and scrubs away stubborn ones. It is ideal for occasional use by anyone, and gentle enough for everyday use by anyone that works with their hands.

Cleaning your hands is simple when you do it with this stuff. You can wash with water if you want to, but it will also clean without it. Water is ideal to wash away the grime you are removing, put a towel or rag will also work to wipe it away after you lather. The consistency of this natural pumice hand cleaner is thick and creamy. When you apply it to your hands, it will stick to your skin so it does not wash away, and will spread out evenly for maximum coverage, and ease of use. As you begin to work it around, you will notice the tiny little pieces of pumice that will roll around to gently scrub and exfoliate your hands. This hand cleaner will not absorb into your skin, or disappear like regular soaps do, and the scrubbing granules will not deteriorate, or become ineffective. For this reason, you can keep on scrubbing until the dirt is gone, and the power will not diminish until your skin is totally clean. For regular dirt, a quick washing is all that it will take, but for more stubborn substances, the cleaner will allow you to scrub and lather until the mess is removed. To wash hands, simply take a small amount and apply it to the dirty part of your hand. You can also use it on arms, legs and feet, and it is safe for all skin types. Once on there, simply rub it around until the dirt is lifted, and then rinse or wipe clean. The powerful ingredients combined with the natural scrubbers will clean skin completely with minimal time and effort required.

Instead of resorting to damaging acids, toxic ingredients, petroleum products or alcohols, this one utilizes a high quality blend of natural and organic ingredients. Some options remove visual dirt only to replace it with residues that can harm your skin, while others are more effective, but end up causing dryness, cracking and other irritation. This is one of the best hand cleaners out there because it is just as effective, but easier on your skin at the same time. The natural oils that protect your skin will remain intact as the sticky or greasy dirt is lifted off the top. For this reason, it can be used more frequently without causing damage, and that makes it ideal for commercial or residential applications. The paste itself is tough enough to clean off most any dirt, but the added scrubbing power that the pumice provides only speeds up this process while making it easier to pull dirt from small crevices and under nails. Safe, effective, non-toxic and biodegradable - When you have SimplyGood Hand Cleaner at your disposal, you will never have to worry about getting your hands dirty again. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Container Of Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner
Size 6 oz.
Uses Wash anything off your hands quickly and easily. Can be used with or without water to completely remove grease, oil, paint, adhesives, ink, tar, dirt, clay, cement, mud, foul odors, sap, resin and so much more. Perfect for regular homeowners after working in the yard, or fixing a bike, yet powerful enough for professional mechanics, maintenance workers, and industrial manufacturers.
Color Pink
Scent Mild Citrus
Alcohol Free Yes
Petroleum Free Yes
Biodegradable Yes
Non-Toxic Yes
Pumice Scrubbers Yes - 1/2 size natural granules to increase scrubbing power, get into cracks and crevices, and also help clean under nails.
Compatibility Safe for all skin types. High quality formulation is gentle on skin, but effective on dirt. Will not strip skin of natural oils, but will remove stubborn grime.
Shipping Weight .9 lbs

SimplyGood Natural Pumice Hand Cleaner - A safe and effective way to clean your hands. When soap won't cut it, this stuff will. Easily remove sticky, oily, greasy or grimy substances with this biodegradable formulation. High quality ingredients make washing simple, and ensure that your skin will not irritate or dry out. Order Yours Today!

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