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Silicone Scrub Pad

Deep clean without risk of harm. Silicone bristles power through dirt without being abrasive.
Silicone Scrub Pads
Silicone Scrub Pads
Multi-Colored Silicone Sponge Scrubbers
Large scrubbing surface with hanging loop for storge.
Thick sponge is the perfect size for a variety of jobs.
Thousands of gentle silicone scrubbers.
Super flexible and able to hold water and soap like a regular sponge.
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Product Description

A long-lasting alternative to traditional sponges, scouring pads, and scrub brushes. Use these silicone pads anywhere to gently scrub and remove stubborn grime without any worry of harming the surface you're cleaning. They're perfect for loosening stuck-on food when hand washing pots, pans and other dishes, but you can also use them to wipe clean tables and countertops, wash greasy cabinets, or gently scrub floors, appliances and other surfaces. Thousands of silicone bristles never lose their shape, fall off, or wear short, so they continue to deliver incredible cleaning power time and time again. The flexible pad and pliable bristles will deep clean almost any material, and you never have to worry about scratching and other damage, but you can guarantee that tough grime will be lifted and cleaned easily.

Not just for use in the kitchen, these are also great for cleaning bathroom surfaces, washing cars, or scrubbing boats and RV's. They also make a great personal care sponge because they gently exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin as you bathe. With a dense collection of bristles on both sides, they have plenty of surface area for cleaning, dual-sided convenience, and they're able to hold an incredible amount of soap and moisture to aid in cleaning. An integrated hook allows for easy storage, so you can keep one handy, in any room of your home. Stop replacing stinky sponges, or struggling with dangerous scrub pads. Use this safe and long-lasting alternative to clean and scrub anything that's dirty.

Product Features

  1. Large 4.5 Inch Diameter.
  2. 100% Silicone Construction.
  3. Integrated Loop For Hanging.
  4. Safe For Use On All Surfaces.
  5. Mildew Resistant.

Why They're Good

  • Long-Lasting Durability. Unlike regular cellulose sponges that wear out in a short amount of time, a single one of these can last for years, even with regular use. The silicone bristles will not shorten or loose shape over time, and it will not stain, tear, or crumble like other versions do. Get the same level of scrubbing power use after use.
  • Sponge Alternative. Not only do regular sponges wear out quickly, they also stink, hold stains, and decrease in ability over time. Instead of replacing your sponge after a short period of time in order to maintain the same cleaning power, this one can be used for a much longer period before replacement is necessary. Save money, make the job easier, and choose an Eco-friendly alternative to cheap kitchen and bathroom sponges.
  • Versatile Performance. Ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom for cleaning, but also useful as a personal care item. You can gently scrub off stuff that's stuck to your vehicle or boat, clean grime of vinyl siding and so much more. Able to hold a large amount of cleanser, and harmless to any type of surface, you can use these scrub pads to clean almost anything, indoors and out.
  • Worry-Free Cleaning. Thanks to the 1005 silicone construction, you never have to worry about scratches and other damage to the surface you are cleaning. The silicone bristles will loosen, lift and remove dirt without any risk, so you can use with confidence on almost any surface, and they are ideal for delicate surfaces like non-stick cookware.
  • Super Sanitary. Place in the microwave to sanitize, clean in the dishwasher, or boil in water to remove all germs. Traditional sponges can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, but these will not. The silicone material discourages these problems in general, and when they do get dirty, you have plenty of options to clean and sanitize.
  • Odor Resistant. Cellulose and natural sponge materials collect odors over time when you clean dishes or cookware with them. When used for long periods, they can become really stinky. In extreme cases, replacement may be required before the sponge is even worn, just due to the smell. These sponge pads don't hold odors, so you can use them for a long time without any off-putting scents.
  • Bristles on Both Sides. Twice the cleaning power. Most sponges only have one scrubby side, but this one has two. Use the back or front to power through grime, and clean twice as much dirt before rinsing or soap-replenishment is necessary.

Where To Use Them

Thousands of silicone scrubbers combine to give you the perfect surface for gently cleaning all sorts of stuff. This silicone sponge scrub pad will never harm anything you use it on, but it will remove stuck-on dirt without any harm to the material underneath. Below is a small list of the jobs that you can use it on, but feel confident using it on anything similar too.
  1. Hand washing dishes. They're totally safe for non-stick cookware.
  2. Wiping down countertops.
  3. Cleaning bugs and road grime off your vehicle.
  4. Removing soap scum in the bathroom.
  5. Eliminating stubborn dirt on floors.
  6. Wash yourself and gently exfoliate your skin. Works great as a personal cleanser too.
  7. Use as a produce brush to quickly clean potatoes, apples, carrots and other foods.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Silicone sponge scrub pad
Dimensions 4.5" x 4.5" x .5"
Color Varies by default. Purple, red, blue, yellow and pink available. To request color, use the comments box at checkout.
Bristle Length .25"
Compatibility Safe for use on virtually any surface.
Material 100% Pure Silicone
Sanitary Yes. Boil to eliminate germs when needed.
Washable Yes. Dishwasher safe.
Non-Abrasive Yes.
Integrated Hanging Loop Yes.
Heat Resistant Yes
Uses Perfect for washing dishes or scrubbing your tub. Also doubles as a produce cleaner, trivet for hot dishes, or pot holder. Long-lasting silicone bristles are safe and powerful for a wide variety of scrubbing jobs.
Shipping Weight .15 lbs

Stop wasting money on regular sponges that just get stinky. Switch to this sponge alternative to save money and clean stuff with less effort. Order Yours Today!

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