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30 oz Quick N Brite Paste
30 oz Quick N Brite Paste

30 oz. Quick n Brite Paste

True All-Purpose Cleaner. Natural, Non Toxic and Biodegradable.
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Quick'n Brite is the best natural cleaning product available. Unlike most other natural cleaners, this one actually works. In most cases it will outperform both natural and traditional cleaners for hundreds of different tasks. It is incredibly easy to use, and extremely gentle on the stuff you care about. Quick n Brite has the ability to clean tough stains and nasty build-up, but it will never harm your skin or effect any surface you apply it to. You don't have to worry about toxic fumes, and you will always have the confidence that you are using a phosphate free cleaner that produces great results, but is also friendly to the environment. Because we know that you want to start cleaning as soon as your order arrives, each container purchased will come complete with a free scrub sponge to get you started.


Quick 'n Brite is an all-purpose cleaner that is so versatile and powerful, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. It will clean and remove stains that nothing else will, and will often produce results that can only be described as amazing. Use the paste full strength to remove gum, tar or wax, clean your boat, remove stains from clothing and upholstery, clean grease stains in the kitchen, remove spots from carpets and so much more. Because it's concentrated, a little Quick'n Brite goes a long way, and a single container can last for a long time. Just use as much cleaner as the job calls for, and always start with a small amount. Tough jobs will require more, but easy jobs like windows and mirrors take just as little as a single teaspoon mixed into a quart of water. Try it for yourself and you will be amazed at how well it cleans. Plus it's harsh chemical free and totally biodegradable, so you can feel confident when you use it, knowing that you are not posing a risk to yourself, anyone else in your home, or the environment.


This powerful paste not only cuts the time you spend cleaning, but it also saves you money. You will no longer have to purchase a special cleaner for every job around the house because Quick'n Brite is all you need. One container can replace dozens of household cleaners you use everyday, and the same quantity will last ten times longer in many cases. Dilute it into water to replace all of your cleaning products under the sink, and build a cleaning arsenal that can defeat any dirt or grime you encounter. Just 1-2 teaspoons will make a quart of window cleaner that works better than the blue stuff, and three tablespoons into a quart of water will make a super strong, all-purpose cleaner that you can use all over. Quick'n Brite is strong enough for all of your toughest cleaning chores, yet completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. It contains no toxic chemicals, does not produce harsh fumes, and can be used with complete confidence around children, pets and food. When you are not guessing about which product will work on the current mess you reduce time needed, and when the cleaner you choose works the first time, you save even more. Because this one is incredibly effective and also highly concentrated, you can use way less to get the job done, and that will save you money.


  • Apply full strength to take wax or gum out of carpeting.
  • Use on your driveway to eliminate oil and grease stains
  • Clean bath tubs and showers no matter what the surface type is. A safer alternative that doesn't stink, but does actually work.
  • Pre-treat laundry stains to eliminate dirt, mud, grass, blood, crayon, ball point pen, oil stains and more.
  • Use on carpet stains to spot clean and remove staining without any worry of bleaching out color, or leaving behind a residue.
  • Clean dirt from leather shoes or couches, and condition the material at the same time.
  • Take thick black soot off of natural stone or brick without resorting to harsh chemicals or acidic compounds.
  • Use on vehicle rims to remove brake dust and road grime.
  • Remove grease and food from stoves and cabinets in your kitchen
  • Safe for nearly any surface, and effective for virtually any type of dirt. Check out the Cleaning Guide to discover a hundred other jobs it works on too!
  • Quick 'n Brite is so easy to use, it will make all of your cleaning jobs a breeze. It is perfect for windows and mirrors, greasy stove tops, tubs and showers, upholstery, floors, clothing, walls, carpet, tires and wheels, plus so much more. It is one of the only natural cleaners to be truly effective as well as amazingly versatile. It contains no toxic chemicals, cleaning solvents, or harmful abrasives, and gets its tremendous cleaning power from a natural surfactant making it totally biodegradable and environmentally safe. It has been tested by an independent lab, which concluded that the product was biodegradable and non-toxic. This means that it is entirely safe, and it also requires no special handling like so many other household cleaners do. There are no toxic fumes to breathe, and it won't irritate your skin. Quick 'n Brite is safe around children, pets, food, and will do no harm if it works its way into lakes and streams. Discover a greener way to clean. Order Yours Today!

    Quick n Brite

    Product Specifications

    Includes: (1) 30oz. Container of Paste
    Container Size 30 oz.
    Version Paste
    Cleaner Type enzyme (natural solvent)
    Biodegradable Yes
    Phosphate-Free Yes
    Applications upholstery, fabric, tubs, tile, carpet, laundry, cars, stovetops, counters...more
    Shipping Weight 2.5 lbs.

    30 oz Quick 'n Brite Paste - Clean anything you can get wet with water! This is a highly concentrated, environmentally safe (phosphate-free) organic solvent for all your cleaning needs. Whether cleaning floors, autos, windows, or even your pet, it is perfect for any job!

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