Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth

Streak free, lint free, and harsh chemical free. Easily clean glass, metal and more. Works with only water!
Glass Cleaning Cloth
Glass Cleaning Cloth
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Stop using expensive blue sprays, and don't waste effort with mediocre microfiber. This premium quality Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth is made from a superior material that's specially designed for cleaning glass, metal and other smooth, shiny surfaces. It's not treated with any chemicals, and you won't need any soaps, cleansers or sprays when you use it. Water alone will allow you to power through any dirt, lift up any smudge and leave the glass, clean and polished, but also free of any spots, streaks or fuzzy lint. When compared to other branded versions that cost way more, this glass cleaning cloth will work better and last longer. When compared with traditional methods, there is no competition.

Once damp, the unique micro-ridges will act like teeny tiny squeegees with the ability to absorb and lightly scrub. A single pass over any glass object will remove all of the grime, and leave the surface sparkling. Our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth is perfect for windows and mirrors, but you can also use it on stainless steel appliances, chrome wheels, glass tables, crystal stemware and more. Not only will you remove dirt with speed and precision, but you'll also lift up 99% of all bacteria and germs too. The large, 16 x 16 size provides ample surface area, and each cloth is totally reusable, and rated for hundreds of washes.

Product Features

  • Large 16" x 16" Size.
  • Premium Quality Microfiber Material.
  • Cleans With Only Water.
  • Washable and Reusable.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting.

Why This Product Is Good

Top Quality Construction

Other microfiber cloths claim to be good for glass, but few offer the quality, performance, and ease of use that this one does. Don't pay a premium price for other products and guess at whether they will work. Our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth has been tested thoroughly, and it's made from a unique material that's guaranteed to perform. When you clean with this cloth, you're guaranteed to get the results you expect.

Specialized Microfiber Material

Unlike the multipurpose suede or terry fabric that other options are made from, this cloth is constructed using a specialized microfiber material that's designed for a single purpose; cleaning glass. Little ridges are woven into the fabric to improve performance, and the high density provides incredible surface area for cleaning. Never skim over dirt, or leave behind fingerprints, and never end up with spots, lines, or lint on your glass after you finish. You won't need an extra spray to get glass surfaces clean, and you won't have to worry about this glass cloth leaving behind lint and fuzz either. Get improved results with no downside.

Totally Reusable

Stop tossing paper towels after every cleaning, and don't settle for other cloths that wear out quickly. This high quality cleaning cloth is rated for thousands of uses, so it will work like new for years to come. You can wash and reuse it on a regular basis, and the material will still look like new, and provide like-new performance. Get this reusable cleaning cloth to reduce waste while cleaning your home, but then end up with way better results in the process.

Machine Washable

This Glass Cleaning Cloth won't need to be laundered after every use, but when it does get too dirty, just toss it in your washing machine to clean it. PLEASE NOTE: Never use fabric softener, dryer sheets or bleach when washing as they will reduce performance over time. With washed like normal, you can expect to wash it hundreds of times before replacement would be necessary.

Versatile Cleaning Ability

Perfect for anything made from glass, but also useful on other shiny materials too. Use this cloth to clean stainless steel, chrome, painted metal, mirrors, plastic, fiberglass and more. Any shiny, smooth and delicate surface can be cleaned effectively with this cloth. It will never harm any surface you wipe, but it will completely clean it with little effort.

Easy To Use

No cleansers to spray and no soaps to mix, but the results are guaranteed. Quickly and easily remove smudges, greasy prints, water spots, regular dirt and so much more. Use less effort, and look like a professional at the same time when you clean any glass surface using htis high quality cleaning cloth.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Nothing to throw away, no empty spray bottles, and no toxic chemicals. This Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth is safer for the environment, and it's safe for everything living in your home. Remove the same amount of grime, but eliminate the risk in the process.

Quickly Disinfect Surfaces

Lift up 99% of all germs and bacteria, and lock it into the cloth for later disposal. The millions of fibers, pick up and absorb nasty germs to leave your home clean and safe. There is no special step to take, or specific technique to use. Just wipe glass surfaces like normal, and this cloth will clean and polish while removing most germs at the same time.

Stop relying on expensive spray cleaners to get your glass stuff clean. Windows, mirrors, tables, shelves and other surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily with this high quality cloth, and no additional soap or spray is needed. When you switch to this reusable cloth for cleaning glass surfaces, you can eliminate paper towels also, so you'll create less waste, but you'll also make the job more convenient. Instead of spraying and wiping and then throwing stuff away, you can just get this cloth wet, and wipe surface after surface without stopping. For improved results and added convenience, there is no better choice.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth
Dimensions 16" x 16"
Color Green
Material Microfiber
Shape Square
Weight 300 GSM
Weave 80/20
Edges Sewn
Washable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front and Back
Shipping Weight .03 lbs

Superior material makes cleaning easy. Never use blue spray again, and keep your windows, mirrors, glasses and appliances cleaner than ever. Order Yours Today!

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