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Rubber Bristle Lint Brush
Rubber Bristle Lint Brush

Rubber Lint Brush

Easily Remove Lint, Dust, Dirt, Hair and More.
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Solid construction makes this lint brush incredibly durable, and the natural rubber bristles are soft and flexible, virtually indestructible, and highly effective at removing fuzzy debris and pet hair from almost any surface. Each time you swipe this tool over a fur covered surface, or lint coated shirt, the hundreds of tiny bristles will flex and bend to conform to the object, and then form a solid wall to collect every particle, no matter how small. Thanks to the 100% natural rubber, it's also able to build a strong static charge that will literally suck in lint and dust like a magnet. Because it practically does the work for you, performance is guaranteed, and anyone can use it like a pro. The thin bristles pick up and trap the lightest pieces of lint, and thinnest strands of hair with ease, and you never risk any damage to the material you're cleaning. Use it dry for regular removal of lint and fur from clothing, furniture and upholstery, or get it wet and add soap to use it as a scrub brush instead. Combine with your favorite cleaner to scrub floors, clean counters, wash dishes, detail your car or even wash your pet.

Other Options

Looking for something a little more fancy? We also carry a deluxe version of this tool that features dual sided cleaning surfaces for greater versatility. To find out more, check out the Deluxe Lint Brush page.

Why It's Good

  • Ergonomic. This brush has been ergonomically designed with an easy grip for comfortable use. It fits nicely into the palm of your hand, and is the perfect size for multiple applications. Easily work for long periods without strain due to the wide grip.
  • Solid Rubber. The rubber used is all natural, and of the highest quality available, so it's resistant to wear and tear, and it won't lose its shape. Use regularly for years without worry of damage or loss of ability. No plastic handles to break, no surfaces that wear out over time, and no stiff materials that may cause damage to certain fabrics.
  • Static Charge. Thanks to the rubber bristles, you'll build a charge as you brush so dirt particles will attract automatically, and brushed up hair won't fly around. The electrostatic bristles lift dust and lint easily without leaving scuff or scratch marks on delicate surfaces. Get a thorough clean every time, and do so with very little effort and almost no risk to the material you are cleaning.
  • Washable. If it gets dirty, you can easily wash it to make it look like new. Simply hand wash with dish soap in the kitchen sink, or pop it in your dishwasher.
  • Durable. The bristles are pretty tiny, but they will never break, bend or lose shape in any way. You can toss this across the room or step on it without any chance of damage, and it will never break or stop working over time. The long lasting material will work like new for years to come.
  • Versatile. Use on nearly any material with amazing results, and use it for more than just cleaning lint and fur. It also doubles as a scrub brush that you can use on delicate surfaces, and you can even use it to groom your dog or cat. Pets love the soft massaging action at bath time, or when being brushed.
  • Hygienic. Bacteria won't grow on the solid rubber material, and you can sanitize any time you feel the need, so this tool is much healthier than other options.

How To Use It

This tool is pretty easy to use, and the material and design ensure quality results, but using it properly will help you avoid frustration and get the results you expect. Follow the tips and instructions below to guarantee fur-free surfaces, and ensure longevity for the brush.
  1. Use on clothes, furniture, comforters, upholstery and more.
  2. To remove lint and hair, use dry. To wash pets, or scrub surfaces, combine with soap and water.
  3. For lint removal, hold in your hand with the bristles facing out.
  4. Use short, quick and deliberate strokes to clean the surface, and pull the brush towards your body.
  5. As you move across the surface, a charge will build, and a pile of fur will begin to gather. Continue moving in a straight line until the section is clear, then dispose of collected fur and continue to the next section.
  6. Do not push, or wipe side to side.
  7. To scrub surfaces, prepare a bucket of soapy water and dip in, or use a spray bottle to coat surfaces first.
  8. Scrub using an up and down or circular motion.
  9. Hand wash or place in dishwasher when dirty.

With such versatility and cleaning power, this product makes a great addition to any home. Stop wasting money on disposable products that wear out quickly, and avoid the frustration that's common with other lint removal tools. This high quality brush offers a fast solution to shedding fur on clothing, and is ideal for removing it from couches, chairs and beds as well. Make yourself and your home look better, spend less time cleaning, and eliminate allergy causing particles at the same time. A quick swipe is all it takes to clean any surface of pesky hair or lint.

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