3-In-1 Microfiber Mop (18 in.)

Advanced Floor Cleaning Tool From Smart. Scrub, Squeegee & Mop.
Smart Microfiber Mop
Smart Microfiber Mop
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Currently unavailable. Check out the basic version here: Household Swivel Mop or sign up for the waiting list above. This 18" microfiber mop cleans faster, easier, and better than almost any other available. It is an advanced 3-in-1 floor cleaning tool that will allow you to mop, squeegee, or scrub any surface. You may have seen similar products before, but our mop has been proven to work better and last longer than virtually everything else in the market. This is because it is a commercial grade tool that has many unique features that all other look alike mops lack. It's reusable pad can be used wet or dry, and is made from the highest quality microfiber available, so it will quickly and easily clean any type of hard flooring. It is 100% reusable, and will hold up to more than 500 washings unlike other lower quality versions out there. The pad attaches to a durable swivel head that is able to pivot and turn to clean hard to reach surfaces just as easily as open floors. You can get behind toilets, around counters, and even under bookcases using this amazing mop.

The advanced head also has three other features that sets it apart from the rest. There is a scrubber built onto the bottom edge, a squeegee built onto the top edge, and four circular holders on the face that allow you to attach any cleaning cloth to the head instead of a pad. A telescoping steel handle rounds out the package, and will adjust to the perfect length for any user. It is a thick, heavy-duty pole, and won't ever bend, break or splinter like others might. It also has an ergonomic end that makes it more comfortable to hold, while enabling you to apply extra pressure when necessary without causing stress or strain. This mop comes complete with two reusable pads that can be used wet or dry: One regular multipurpose pad, and one advanced multi pad with increased scrubbing power.

This mop is amazing, but if you don't care about the advanced edges, or you are looking for a lower cost option, check out our Household Swivel Mop. It is the same size, but it is not quite as awesome.

The great thing about this microfiber mop is that it will allow you to wash your floors without using any chemical laden cleaners. Not everyone would consider this a benefit, so you can still use your favorite cleaner if you want to, but the advanced fabric and regular water alone will remove 99% of all dirt, dust and germs from your floors. An environmentally friendly way to wash tile, linoleum, hard wood and more, this microfiber mop is the fastest and most effective way to clean floors without chemicals. The mopping pad is super high quality, so it will make your job easier, and ensure that it takes you less time. You will be amazed at the results you get with just water alone, and because you don't need the chemicals, you will end up saving money, plus you won't have to worry if the stuff you are putting on your floor will cause harm. Because you only need to use it damp to achieve great results, this mop is ideal for hardwoods because the floor will be dry seconds after you clean it. Once the cleaning is done, you only have to remove the pad, and throw it in the laundry to be prepared for more mopping. There are no disposable pads to buy, and it is way more effective than any of those disposable floor cleaners anyway.

This mop comes complete with one of our multipurpose pads and one of our advanced multi pads with increased scrubbing power. You can also get a dry dusting pad, a scrubbing pad, or a chenille pad. If you want several pads, then check out our 4-pack and 5-Pack to save money. You can also purchase the Deluxe Mop Set to get more pads with your purchase. The pads that comes with this mop can be used wet or dry for various cleaning tasks. They can be used on any floor type, and in many cases is the only ones you will need. The advanced multi pad features scrubbing stripes that help collect debris, and increase cleaning power when wet. The other more specialized pads can be better for certain jobs, but will never beat it out the included ones for all around performance.

  • DRY
    Use it dry for dusting and polishing. Quickly pick-up dirt, dust and pet hair from your floors. As you work, a static charge builds up in the fibers of the pad, and makes your job easier. Static electricity attracts dirt, pet hairs, dust balls, and micro particles like a magnet so you don't have to chase them down. This static charge also helps keep all of these particles on the ground and eliminates the fly away effect, so it is great for anyone with allergies or respiratory problems. If you have hardwood floors, you will love it because you can quickly get your floor clear of any dust bunnies and hair, then just get the pad damp to wash to a streak-free shine. The stripes on the advanced pad will help to build static, and collect debris.
  • WET
    Use it wet (with water or a non-bleach cleaner) to remove scuff marks, ground-in dirt, mud, sticky messes, spills and stains. You can even clean ceilings, walls, high windows and ceiling fans thanks to the 60" long telescoping handle. To clean your floor, simply wet the removable mop pad, wring out excess water, and then stick it to the head. Once applied, just glide the mop across your floor for a streak-free shine. You can even spray water or another cleaner directly onto the floor and apply the pad dry. Super-absorbent, highly durable microfibers are 100 times smaller than conventional fibers to cut through grime, but they won't ever streak, scratch or leave behind lint. While gliding effortlessly over your floors, the swivel head conveniently maneuvers into, under, and around difficult areas. Get under the bed, behind the toilet, into corners and other hard to clean areas. The stripes on the advanced pad will help contain debris as you mop and increase scrubbing power for stubborn dirt.
  • 3-IN-1 HEAD
    The advanced head on this mop is unlike all others available. It has a scrubbing edge, a squeegee edge, and four integrated holders. Thanks to the easy to manage, fully swiveling head, it is quick and easy to switch from regular style mopping to scrubbing or squeegeeing, and then back again. The flexible rubber squeegee makes it easy to use this mop for cleaning up spills, drying clean floors, or even washing windows. A quick flip will turn the head around and expose the squeegee blade to your cleaning surface. Simply pull towards you to completely eliminate all moisture. Flip the head on the other end and you have a powerful scrubber. This add on is the perfect width for cleaning grout lines, but is also nice for removing stubborn build up as you work, or to eliminate scuff marks from your floors. Use the circular holders to attach a cleaning cloth instead of one of the pads. Simply wrap around and stick the corners through to use any cloth for cleaning. This can be great for doing windows and mirrors, using a special cloth like one for polishing, or just to use something disposable when needed.

Polish your floors as you clean them. The revolutionary material that the mopping pads are made from ensures that this mop will clean well, and remain easy to use. Not only will your floors be free of dirt and debris when you are done, they will also have a shiny, polished look to them. The commercial grade components of this tool make it sturdy and long lasting, but the pad and 3-in-1 head are where the magic happens. The scrubber edge and squeegee make the job easy, and allow you to finish faster, while the advanced pad does all of the hard work for you. The teeny tiny fibers are able to skim floor surfaces to pick up, and lock in any dirt or germs. A single swipe will remove 99% of everything down there, and you don't need any special cleaning agents to do it. The surface will be left incredibly clean, streak-free and polished. This high quality tool will glide effortlessly across your floors to completely wash and remove all dirt. Need to really scrub an area due to stuck on dirt or scuff marks from shoes? Just flip it on its edge to use the white scouring edge to really deep clean and scrub certain areas. Even with the pad attached, you can easily expose and utilize this powerful scrubber add-on. Too much water? Simply flip to the squeegee edge to dry any surface and then keep on cleaning.

Keep your home safe and chemical free without compromising cleanliness. This is the environmentally friendly way to clean your floors and keep them safe for children and pets. It is also a low water mopping system that allows your floors to dry quickly, so it's great for anyone with hardwood flooring. You can also use it on tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble, granite or concrete because it will work great on any hard surface which includes all floor types, walls, windows, ceilings and more. Discover a better way to clean. And do it without chemicals! This microfiber mop is the easiest, fastest and safest way to clean any kind of floor. This is an advanced, 18" mop. We also carry a more basic model for those that do not need something this awesome, and you can find it here: Household Swivel Mop. If you would prefer a smaller size, then check out our 12" StarFiber Mop Set. For a small mop similar to this one, with an advanced scrubbing head that gets into all angles and spaces, check out the Bathroom Mop. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 18", 3-in-1 mop with telescoping handle + (2) mop pads
Handle Length 34" - 60"
Pad Dimensions (l x w) 18" x 5"
Pads Included 2 - (1) Multipurpose & (1) Advanced Multi
Pad Color Blue
Head Dimensions 15.25" x 4"
Head Shape Trapezoid
Telescoping Handle Yes
Handle Material Steel
Microfiber Type terry (multipurpose)
Microfiber Weave 80/20
Integrated Squeegee Yes (top edge of mop head)
Integrated Scrubber Yes (bottom edge of mop head)
Built in cloth holders Yes - use a regular pad, or attach any kind of cloth using the circular holders.
Washable Pad Yes
Cleaning Surface Front
Shipping Weight 3 lbs.

3-in-1, 18" Microfiber Mop by Smart - Fast and easy mopping! Choose a chemical-free and environmentally friendly way to clean your floors. Our microfiber mop works great on virtually any hard surface, & is perfect for hardwood, tile, marble, linoleum & more. An improvement on the older Swift microfiber mop, this Smart version makes cleaning even easier.

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