Mini Washable Lint Roller

A travel size sticky roller for cleaning on the go. Quickly eliminate lint and fur on clothing. Use. Rinse. Re-use.
Travel Lint and Hair Roller - Washable and reusable
Travel Lint and Hair Roller - Washable and reusable
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Choose an environmentally friendly lint removal tool that actually works. This amazing Mini Washable Lint Roller roller is super convenient, and it works remarkably well for removing lint and hair on the go. The compact size makes it perfect for travel, and the super sticky roller makes it ideal for cleaning a wide range of stuff. Keep one in your glove box, purse or carry-on bag to eliminate unsightly dirt whenever necessary, and never worry about damage, wear, or ability. It's totally washable and reusable, and the superior roller will remain incredibly sticky even when packed away, or after having been used on a regular basis. Once it's fully coated with dust, lint or hair, simply rinse the roller under warm water to release the debris, and it'll be as good as new again.

There are no refills to buy ever, and this travel size lint roller comes equipped with its own built-in case. The whole unit folds in half to keep the sticky part completely contained when you're not using it, so it's always sticky, undamaged, and ready to clean when the time comes. Keep this useful little tool virtually anywhere, and never worry about fuzz on your shirt, or fur on your pants. Stop wasting money on disposable lint removal products. This Mini Washable Lint Roller is a high quality alternative that's designed for portability, so you can use it over and over with nothing more to buy ever.

Product Features

  • Totally Washable and Reusable.
  • Mini, Travel Size.
  • 3 Inch Wide Roll.
  • Fold Shut Storage Cover.
  • Compact and Indestructible When Folded For Travel.

Other Options

If you would prefer a slightly larger size, check out our regular size roller. It's a more standard size, but it won't be as portable. We also have large size roller with an extension pole, or a large, handheld version without a long pole, and they offer incredible surface area to quickly clean large amounts of lint and hair. Get our 2 piece set or 3 piece set to save money when purchasing multiple rollers at the same time.

Why This Product Is Good

Compact Size

An ideal size for taking with you, this tiny tool can easily slip into the pocket of your pants, a purse, or anywhere else. Because it collapses down to half size, you have a pretty big roller for cleaning despite the mini size during storage. Thanks to the compact size and clever design, you can keep this washable lint roller in any location that's handy.

Folds For Storage

Open it up to use it, or fold it in half to protect the roller when not in use. The plastic casing on this mini washable lint roller protects it from damage, and prevents any grime from coating it between uses. When you have hair or lint to clean off your clothes, you can be sure that this tool will be clean and ready to eliminate it.

High Quality

Better materials result in an easier to use tool, and longer lasting performance. This little guy will outperform traditional options, and it is superior to similar looking, copy-cat products as well. Don't let the low price fool you, and don't waste money on other products that promise the same performance. This high quality lint roller is guaranteed to perform like we say it will, and the performance will last for a long time, even with regular use.

Washable and Reusable

Don't waste money on new tools or refills for those you already purchased. This reusable lint roller can be rinsed clean and reused over and over again. The stickiness will last for years with proper maintenance, so you can save tons of money, time and effort when compared to regular rollers.

How To Use It

One of the quickest ways to clean clothing when it's covered in lint or animal fur, this tool is incredibly simple to use. Follow the instructions below to get optimal performance, and ensure that this Mini Washable Lint Roller lasts a long time.
  1. Prior to using it, make sure the pink part is totally clean and dry. Left over grime can coat the roller to make it less sticky.
  2. To use it, fold open all the way.
  3. Roll using a side to side motion to lift up and lock in light debris.
  4. Once finished, or the roll is coated, rinse under warm water to release what you collected.
  5. To continue cleaning, dry with a lint free cloth and keep rolling. If not using right away, store for later and let it air dry.
  6. When not in use, fold in half to close and protect. The roller will be completely concealed inside the plastic cover.
  7. After several uses, the stickiness may diminish. If this should occur, simply wash with soap and water to eliminate any residues or fine particles and it will be rejuvenated.

This Mini Washable Lint Roller is the perfect travel companion, and a valuable asset when away from home. Stop wasting money on other options that are expensive, or those that force you to buy refills, but don't ruin a first impression due to fuzz or hair on your clothing. This amazing little tool will keep clothes and upholstery free of dust, lint and pet hair when you're on the go.

Use this travel size lint roller to quickly remove unsightly messes at a moments notice, and never be embarrassed by topical grime again. The integrated dust cover adds durability and protection during storage, so you won't have to worry when you toss it in a briefcase or desk drawer. Anyone could benefit from this tool, but folks that own pets shouldn't be without it. It's ideal for standard laundry lint, but it's also powerful enough to lift off cat and dog hair too. With such an affordable price tag, it's hard to pass up the convenience and cleaning power that it offers.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Mini Washable Lint Roller
Overall Dimensions 1" x 1" x 7.25"
Roller Dimensions 3" x 1"
Handle Color White
Roller Color Pink
Handle Material Plastic
Uses Clean lint and fur while on the go. It's the perfect travel lint roller. Use it for any cleaning job where you would normally use a regular lint roller: removing lint, dust, pet hair, etc.
Reusable Yes
Washable Yes
Storage Cover Included Yes. Integrated cover. Fold to close.
Hangs For Storage No
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Safe for any surface. A travel size washable lint roller. Easily remove lint and hair on the go. Great for clothing, furniture, your car and more. Just rinse with warm water and use it over and over. Stop using disposable rollers and wasting money on refills. Order Yours Today!

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